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Rare Mounts

There are more than 500 mounts added in the game since its release. They are different in colors, forms. Mounts do different running or flying animations, there are also some underwater mounts that increase your swimming speed. Some of these vehicles are very easy to obtain – you can buy them from the vendor for several golds. These mounts are common and players usually get them only for collection and not regular use. If you want something special, a rare wow mounts section is just for you!

What this catalog is about? We collected on this page the rarest mounts in wow. These unique mounts will help you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, they look much cooler and prestigious than regular ones. But these vehicles are not an easy task to obtain: you need to try hard to get them.


There are several sources where you can get rare mounts. In most cases, you receive them from last bosses in many different raids. A good and well-know example is Reins of Invincible that drops from the Lich King in heroic mode with a 1% chance. Sometimes you need to do more than 400 kills on different characters to get this mount finally dropped for you. It is not difficult to do mount run in the old raids and dungeons, but it is a long and boring routine.


On the other side, there are mounts that drop from rare NPCs (Non-Player Character). These monsters only spawn 1-2 times per week in the open world. It makes them very special because of the open-world competition. There may be even 20+ other rare mount hunters in the same zone camping spawn spots day and night. The rarest and awesome looking is considered Voidtalon of the Dark Star mount. It has more than 20 spawns spots across all Draenor locations and disappears within 5 minutes if nobody finds him. But even if you fly in Draenor locations at night, you will notice a lot of players flying around and looking for this mount too.


There are also farm mounts which you can get from archeology. You can fly across Azeroth and do digging. And if you are lucky enough you will dig Scepter of Azj'Aqir which summons Qiraji Battle Tank. This is an honorable mention because this mount has a similar model as the mount that was rewarded for Opening Gates of Ahn’Qiraj event in WoW Classic.


Can I get this mounts on my own? Yes, you definitely can! But it may take weeks of sleepless nights before you will be able to catch Time-Lost Proto-Drake in Storms Peaks. Or you can kill Yogg-Saron 300 times and don’t see Mimiron’s Head finally drop. This can be annoying and frustrating. That is why we created this page where you can buy rare mounts from Boosthive!


Our experienced mount hunters know how to farm mounts fast and easy. We know all spawns spots of rare NPCs and we know their approximate spawn timers. We farm 24/7 and know how to get ahead of competitors in the open world. Our team has saved cooldowns on last bosses in every raid, so your character won’t need to kill 11 bosses again in Ulduar just to get to Yogg-Saron for another try.


If you want an epic mount that will shine in the center of Stormwind or match your newest raid transmogrification, this rare mount carry service will help you to reach your goal. Your friends will definitely be jealous when you next summon your newest mount. Contact us anytime to get started farming today!

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