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WoW Mythic Dungeons Carry

The most popular content in World of Warcraft are mythic dungeons. However, random groups demand experience or gear to get invite. But you gain these only doing dungeons. Boosthive will help you break this vicious circle - get mythic dungeons boost with always ready group. We don’t look at your item level or Rio score - simply buy wow mythic dungeons and get invited.

Why mythic+ boost is so popular nowadays? 5 people instances are perfectly balanced around time spend and reward. You get the same trophies from raid but it takes more time to organize and run. On the other hand, WQ’s are more suitable for azerite power farm, but item rewards are worse.


Advantages of mythic plus carry:


  1. Takes 30 minutes to complete and you instantly get the loot. 
  2. Loot is the same quality as from the heroic raid
  3. You can spam them all day since keystones don’t have a lockout
  4. 440+ item level item from the weekly chest


As a result, you can get perfect gear score to join a raiding guild or start organizing runs yourself.


Why should you choose us? Boosthive has fine-tuning to support your needs:


  • We treat our customer’s characters as our own
  • You decide when we make wow mythic boost run
  • We make even 4 same class traders maximize the chance for getting more loot (except 5 mages of course )
  • Available all day and night and even on holidays
  • Use your own keystone or we will bring ours
  • All BFA mythic keystones from Shrine of Storms to Atal'dazar in stock almost all the time - you don’t need to wait to go in the specific instance
  • You don’t have to play at max and do damage, our team will kill the most difficult bosses and complete mythic+ boost on time
  • Affixes are no matter for us - we know how to deal with them


What kind of BFA mythic dungeons carry services we do? Heroic and Mythic dungeons boost, Mythic 10, mythic 15 or even +20 runs, the glory of wartorn hero meta-achievement with mount, carry Rio score up to 2000, and new mega-dungeon - Operation: Mechagon in mythic and hard mode, BFA keystone conqueror and BFA keystone master feats of strength.


Well, I still don’t understand what mythic+ is all about. Mythic Plus is an endlessly scaling challenge with increased difficulty and rewards. There are different levels of BFA Mythic+ dungeons boost. For example, a level 10 will be more difficult than level 3 dungeon. Item level of gear rewards is increasing proportionally with 380 gear at Mythic +3 level and 400 ilvl in Mythic +10 level. Each week has a specific set of affixes that change the way enemies act and add complexity to the dungeon.


To start a Mythic Keystone challenge one of our players will bring special Mythic Keystone with difficulty level you choose. After the end of the dungeon, there will be a treasure chest that contains loot depending on the key level you completed. If you finish run in timer there will be more loot in the final treasure chest. These pieces of loot will be spread randomly between all party members. Each week players will receive weekly chest in their main city (Dazar'alor for Horde and Boralus for Alliance) with 1 guaranteed gear item. Ilvl of this item depends on the highest key you completed within the week. (with highest ilvl 440 for completing at least one Mythic 10+ dungeon).


What can I get for completing wow BFA mythic boost:


  1. 400-430 level loot and 440+ weekly chest
  2. Azerite power and titan residuum drops from weekly cache for azerite armor
  3. Achievement Battle for Azeroth Dungeon Hero for finishing all 8 heroic dungeons
  4. Achievement Keystone Conqueror for completing Mythic 10+ dungeon within the time limit
  5. Battle for Azeroth Keymaster for completing all Mythic Plus dungeons
  6. Keystone master achievement for Mythic 15+ done in timer
  7. Mount Reins of the Obsidian Krolusk for Glory of Wartorn hero meta achievement
  8. Underrot Crawg Hawness mount which drops with 1% chance from the last boss in The Underrot
  9. Sharkbait's Favorite Crackers mount with a 1% drop chance from Harlan Sweety boss
  10. Mummified Raptor Skull mount that drops with 1% in King’s Rest dungeon.


Fair and cheap prices, friendly support, tons of loot, rare mount, and our team already prepared mythic key, what more could you want from purchasing BFA mythic instances?

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