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WoW Professions Leveling

WoW Profession boost was made to combat the tedious, long process of getting your professions up to where you want them. There are many different ones in World of Warcraft and they are one of the core parts of the game. However, most of them require a great amount of time spent in order max them out. This is precisely the reason why so many players use our WoW Profession leveling. With Boosthive, you don't need to spend a ridiculous amount of time to get to the point of having a useable profession.

WoW Profession leveling service sounds good, but let's get into some details then and make it all clear to you. World of Warcraft has 2 main types of professions. Primary and Secondary. There are 11 primary professions, which can be further divided into Crafting and Gathering. Almost every crafting profession has a supporting, gathering profession. Whichever crafting profession you choose, you either spend a lot of time or a lot of gold. Here, Boosthive's comes into play. You can buy our WoW profession boost and simply enjoy the results.


These days, the amount of materials and time needed to bring a profession up sometimes feels astounding. This is exactly why so many players choose to boost professions in WoW. You get to spend your precious time in a more optimal manner, in-game or in real life. Either way, we carry your WoW professions to the point where your character becomes a true master of the craft.No more grinding every day, for hours, just to get 10 profession points. Why settle for such non-optimal gameplay?


Secondary professions aren't that much different, either. Be it Cooking, Fishing or First Aid, each can be equally important. That's why so many choose to buy profession leveling and never worry about such things ever again. Whether you need help for those last 50 points or you're interested in getting a completely new profession maxed out, our experienced members here at Boosthive will get the job done.


Think about it. Do you want to run around the zones, searching endlessly for rare materials while competing with dozens of other players? Or do you won't skip all that and get to the fun part?


Our suggestion is to check our offers and see why you should buy WoW Profession boost this very day.


Complete list of Primary and Secondary professions:



Crafting professions:

  • Alchemy (You get to make various potions, flasks, elixirs, trinkets and even transmute rare materials)
  • Blacksmithing (Craft new weapons and plate armor or modify and upgrade existing ones)
  • Enchanting (Magical enhancement of almost any type of equipment or any character attribute)
  • Engineering (Make all kinds of protection, utility or weapon like items that help you in various ways)
  • Inscription (Able to make glyphs, staves, and trinkets. Many cosmetic items possible, as well)
  • Jewelcrafting (Extracting raw precious metal from ore and using it to create gems for item sockets)
  • Leatherworking (Use leather and other materials to make or enhance leather and mail armor)
  • Tailoring (Make cloth armor, bags and many similar items. Many cosmetic items available)

Gathering professions:

  • Herbalism (Collecting plants and similar materials that grow throughout the world)
  • Mining (Mine and smelt ore and make bars which are needed for many professions)
  • Skinning (Almost any animal is able to be skinned. Collect them and make materials for Leatherworking

Just like Boosthive's services boost your professions, they complement each other too. Herbalism provides materials for Alchemy and Inscription. Mining brings ore and bars that are used for Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Engineering. Skinning is used along with Leatherworking, as one might think. Enchanting gets materials by disenchanting items (Green or better) and Tailoring uses various pieces of cloth that drop throughout the game.





  • Cooking (Cook all sorts of food, out of which many give bonuses to your start)
  • First Aid (Make bandages, a very useful tool for bringing your health up in a dangerous situation)
  • Fishing (Catch fish, but also many other, random items. You never know what you can get!)


As you might have guessed, Cooking uses all sorts of meat that drop from various, animal monsters.

First Aid uses pieces of cloth, similar to Tailoring, while a fishing rod and various baits are used for Fishing.

Word secondary isn't doing them a service, though. All of them proved to be useful and every guild will have more than one character with secondary professions maxed out.


You can clearly see why so many players choose to boost professions in WoW, considering how much work can it be.By now, you should be more familiar with professions and our WoW Profession leveling service. However, if there are any unknowns left, don't hesitate to contact us and ask.


Our live support is here for you, 24/7, ready to help with anything you need. Check us out, customize your order and see for yourself why Boosthive has one of the best WoW Profession boost services out there.

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