Inscription Profession Leveling


The inscription is a unique WoW crafting profession that unlocks lots of benefits for players. Apart from crafting off hands and Darkmoon card trinkets, it allows creating some decent temporary booster that can be sold at the AH. Buying the inscription boost will help you to level this profession fast and unlock the key recipes in Dragonflight or other expansions

Inscription carry rewards:

  1. Inscription skill leveled up in the picked expansions.
  2. Inscription weapons and offhands.
  3. Recipes to craft Darkmoon Decks trinkets for tanks, DPS, and healers.
  4. Vantus Runes for Dragonflight raid bosses.
  5. Crafted items to change talents (for example, Tome of the Still Mind).
  6. Ability to create contracts with all factions, speeding up your reputation gains.

Boost takes: 1-6 days.

Important: Draenor and Legion Inscription take longer. We will need additional 1-2 days to finish all necessary questline to level up this profession to the maximum for you.


  • 70 level;
  • access to the chosen expansion;
  • garrison unlocked for Draenor Inscription.

WoW Inscription Boost Explained

Buying the Inscription profession leveling opes some unique opportunities for you as a WoW player. First of all the Inscription Vantus Runes for raid bosses are selling like hot pies on the AH and will definitely make you some gold. Other crafts will boost your character’s power and allow you to perform better in both PvP and PvE battles.

Our boosters know the top, most efficient, and fast guides to level Inscription in WoW at the moment. This means that you will get your investment back in no time. From classic Inscription through all expansions right to the Dragonflight Inscription boost, our team will raise your skill as fast as possible. If you have any questions you can always get in touch with our boosting managers via the online support chat.