Crimson Water Strider

Crimson Water Strider

Crimson Water Strider is a ground mount that can be purchased from Nat Pagle in Garrison Fishing Shack at level 3. There is a lot of grinding and Draenor fishing to do before you can get this mount. Howerver, it is much easier to do with our Reins of the Crimson Water Strider mount boosting service.

We offer Crimson Water for sale for players who want to get this Water Strider but don't want to spend hours doing boring Draenor fishing. Our carry team will get a Crimson Water Strider mount in no time and with a 100% guarantee while you enjoy more interesting things in the game.

WoW Water Strider mount carry includes: 

  1. Ground mount - Reins of the Crimson Water Strider.
  2. Best Friends with Nat Pagle
  3. Draenor Angler meta-achievement with 35 points. 
  4. Fishing Shack Level 3 in your Garrison.
  5. x100 Nat's Lucky Coin collected. 
  6. 100% done by hands without any bots.

Boost takes: 2-3 days.

Important: if you don't have Garrison level 3 on Draenor, please pick up the additional option. It will increase the duration of the service a bit.


  • 50+ level;
  • garrison level 3 on Draenor;
  • no gear requirements.

Buy Crimson Water Strider Mount

This is an updated version of the Azure Water Strider from Pandaria, but it has a red glowing body. However, Crimson Water Strider requires doing a lot of fishing before you can get this mount. Firstly, you need to build Garrison Level 3 on Draenor.

After Garrison is set, players need to complete Draenor Angler meta-achievement, which requires catching x700 different fishes across Draenor zones. It takes more than 10 hours to get there. 

You get Fishing Shack level 3 for completing Draenor Angler achievement. But you are still not done yet. After you build your fishing hub in Garrison, you must invite Nat Pagle and complete a short questline with him. It is quite fast and doesn't require a lot of time. 

How to get Crimson Water Strider from Nat Pagle?

After players build everything, they must become Best Friends with Nat Pagle by handing in tons of Lunkers that you catch in Draenor waters. You also can get rare fish in Pandaria and level reputation with both MoP & Draenor versions of Nat Pagle at the same time.

That's a lot of grinding, but even after you reach Best Friends, you still have hours of farming before you. Crimson Water Strider costs 100 Nat's Lucky Coins, which you will get from quests. After getting 100 Coins, you finally can buy the Nat Pagle mount. 

As you can see, the whole process takes more than 20 hours of fishing. That can be very boring for the majority of players. That's why buying Crimson Water Strider boost seems like a good option.

Crimson Water Strider