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What is your Destiny in the new D 2 Season?

Destiny 2 season boost is a process that allows your character to skip the lengthy regular leveling and farm of new gear every new season. Every 3-4 months the new D2 season is coming out and all your previous achievements get neglected towards the search for new adventures. We have successfully performed D2 seasonal carry services in the Season of Arrivals, Season of Worthy, Season of Dawn, and Season of Undying and are going to continue offering the best support for players with the help of our professional boosting team. Whether you want a cool looking weapon or the best armor of the new season, Boosthive is the place you get it

What is the new Destiny 2 Season?

The new season is being released very soon and the name of it is still unknown. But we sure do know that it will introduce new pinnacles, fresh PvE and PvE content, and some unique weapons and armor. Several professional Boosthive teams have already prepared themselves to explore, investigate, and find the fastest and the most efficient ways to level and gear in the upcoming season. Therefore, as early as the release of the season you will be able to get the season pass boost from those professional players.


Why should I get D2 seasons carry?

To save you time and start taking part in the real action, instead of grinding the levels and searching for a good party to gear-up. That is the main reason why this Destiny 2 season boost is so popular. With contemporary busy lives, people require some gaming time that will bring them a relaxed joyful vent and not a disappointing experience. We at Boosthive understand that and ready to provide you with this opportunity together with our pro players!

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