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Season of the Chosen Services

Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion has introduced a lot of exciting features and with every new season, this number is growing even further. Season of the Chosen is the latest update of Destiny 2 with lots of new exotic weapons, interesting catalyst perks, dungeons, and raids. That is why our professional team has prepared itself to offer the fastest Season of the Chosen Carries for sale to boost the power of your D2 Guardians.

Season of the Chosen Carries

With so much content added to Destiny 2 every new expansion, it is no chance that ordinary play-for-fun guardians would have enough dedicated time to farm out every exotic they need and unlock every required catalyst. That is why Boosthive ios offering you to buy Season of the Chosen boosts and save a lot of time raising the power of your character.

With Season of the Chosen carries players can get the following:

  • fast and cheap SotC boosts and carry services;
  • professional Season of the Chosen exotic farming;
  • new Season of the Chosen weapons and catalysts;
  • Season of the Chosen Vanguard mission and bounties;
  • SotC PvP boosting by a pro fireteam.

Our professional team of veteran players can assist you in all sorts of newly added activities. Whether you want to excel in PvP or farm out new Season of the Chosen exotic weapons from raid dungeons - our boosts will deliver you the exact rewards you wanted. With one of the cheapest prices on the market and outstanding carry quality Boosthive can 100% guarantee clients satisfaction.

What was added in Season of the Chosen?

Apart from various activities available for boosting in Season of the Chosen, lots of other exciting stuff has been added in this massives content-packed update. Here is the shortlist of both SotC carries and other interesting additions that await guarding in-game.

Season of the Chosen has the following novelties and boosting opportunities.

  1. Storyline update with a new part of the Beyond Light campaign.
  2. New H.E.L.M mission hub with the war table.
  3. New PvE Battlegrounds are available for boosting.
  4. Awesome Vanguard Strikes carries with new loot.
  5. Cool powerful exotic weapons like Dead Man’s Tale and Ticuu’s Divination.
  6. Season of the Chosen exotics and catalysts to boost your powerlevel.
  7. New ornaments and engrams for farming.
  8. Season Pass activities.
  9. Trials, Triumphs, and Seal carries for the new season.
  10. And much more exciting content available for purchase at our store.

All the above-mentioned Season of the Chosen activities are available for boosting by our professional carry team. Buying any SotC carries will surely save you an immense amount of time and allow you to enjoy the top gaming experience without the need for boring grinding.

Browse through all our Season of the Chosen carries and pick the ones you like the mosts and we can help you to unlock any requirements to get them as fast as possible. If by any chance you won’t find the item you are looking to buy in this new Destiny 2 season, please contact our 24/7 available managers and we assure you we can get you a custom boosting offer.

New Season of the Chosen Boostings

In every new season, Guardians have to powerlevel further and get new exotic weapons and armor to slay even stronger enemies in both PvE and PvP activities. We at Boosthive know exactly how annoying the grinding start of the season can and how exciting the play is at the end-game activities.

That is why we have prepared a full range of Season of the Chosen boosting services to assist Guardians in the begging of their Destiny 2 journey and allow everyone to play the game in the pace they wish to.

With Boosthive D2 SotC carries you can do the following:

  • powerlevel your guardian in Season of the Chosen;
  • farm new Seasonal Exotics with awesome perks and firepowers;
  • unlock new trials and missions;
  • complete Secret Season of the Chosen questlines;
  • get the SotC RAid and Dungeon Carries;
  • complete grinding mission to acquire new exotic catalysts;
  • boost your exotic weapons and armor collection.

In general new Destiny 2 seasons have the common boosting routine. First players have to powerlevel, later gear-up with new exotic weapons and stat-packed armor, and only then they can have a fun time doing various rare missions, secret quests, hardcore raids, and PvP activities.

We are offering you to skip the first boring part of this routing by purchasing the fast and cheap Season of the Chosen carries and get straight to the fun Destiny 2 gameplay.

How to buy Season of the Chosen Boosts?

Purchasing any Season of the Chosen carries from our boosting store is as straightforward as usual. All you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step process and place the boosting order. Here is how it is done.

Boosthive’s fast SotC carry purchase guide.

  1. Pick the Season of the Chosen boost or coaching product.
  2. Select the required carry options.
  3. Proceed to the checkout page to place the order.
  4. Our manager will immediately contact you to organize the boost.
  5. Enjoy your relaxed and quick SotC carries by our pro fireteam.
  6. Get rewards and play Destiny 2 as you always wanted to.

In case you encounter any difficulties with purchasing the Destiny 2 carries, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We are a client-oriented business and will do our best to help you achieve your goals in any game of your liking.

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