Riven's Lair Boost

Riven's Lair Farm

Riven's Lair boosting service in Destiny 2's Season of the Wish is your first step to new seasonal loot. Our fireteam is adept at overcoming these obstacles, ensuring you a smooth and successful journey through this three-player activity. Expert Riven's Lair carries will lead you through each stage, from avoiding environmental debuffs to facing intense enemy encounters, including the climactic boss fight.

Our Riven's Lair boosts guarantee that you'll collect all available loot, including exclusive seasonal gear or weapons, along with some amount of Glimmer. Don't let the complexity of Riven's Lair hold you back. Enhance your Destiny 2 experience with our Riven's Lair activity boost today and claim your rewards!

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: Flexible

Riven's Lair boost includes:

  1. Riven's Lair activity completion.
  2. New seasonal weapons and armor pieces.
  3. Seasonal Engrams.
  4. All additional drops that you obtain during this farm.
  5. Experience boost for your Artifact and Season Pass level.

Before purchasing, please check out our basic requirements for your order completion.


  • Destiny 2 account with Lightfall Deluxe or Season of the Wish purchased;
  • Riven's Lair activity unlocked;
  • 1800+ Light Level.

Rewards from Riven's Lair in Destiny 2's Season of the Wish

Defeating the final boss in Riven's Lair rewards players with Wish Engrams and seasonal gear. Possessing a Lair Key enhances this reward, often yielding an additional weapon or armor piece. Additionally, each run increases your Riven Reputation, unlocking the opportunity for extra rewards at the H.E.L.M.

Lair Keys, crucial for extra rewards in Riven's Lair and Coil runs, are single-use items obtained through various means. Players can earn these keys from non-seasonal activities, Riven's reward track, the Season Pass, and the "Wishing All The Best" quest. A maximum of five keys can be held at once, and they are accessible across all characters.

Focusing Wish Engrams for Specific Rewards

Wish Engrams from Riven's Lair can be focused to yield specific items, such as Season of the Wish weapons, Season of Undying weapons, and high-stat armor. While the focusing options are initially limited, completing Seasonal Challenges unlocks more potent focusing choices, enhancing your reward possibilities.

Riven's Lair Farm