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Season of Discovery is a new way to experience the game, and our SoD boosts are here to make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. This intriguing twist on the Vanilla formula will present players with new content, class gameplay, and more. However, this being an old version of the game in its heart, SoD is still grindy and lacks many quality-of-life features introduced later down the line. Get WoW Season of Discovery carry services to skip the annoying grind and make this version of the game feel more fresh and exciting than ever before.

Season of Discovery Boosting Explained

There are a lot of new and exciting features added in this iteration of Warcraft. We will be offering Season of Discovery carry services for nearly all aspects of the game. Let’s go over them one by one.

  1. Level progression will be locked, the level cap being 25 in Season 1.
  2. Rune Engraving System will allow you to change your class gameplay completely.
  3. New items and gear.
  4. Completely new, never-before-seen 10-man raids designed from the ground up based on dungeons and unreleased content:
    • Blackfathom Deeps;
    • Scarlet Monastery;
    • Karazhan Crypts.
  5. …and a lot more!

Advantages of SoD Boosting

While Season of Discovery offers a ton of new content, it will still be plagued by all the negative aspects of the game that we came to expect from older versions of the game, such as slow leveling, currency grinding, and more. We will help you with alleviating any and all of your gameplay problems with our Season of Discovery boosting services. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages you can receive by using them.

  • enjoy the SoD experience without having to constantly grind;
  • get ready for new raids and end-game faster;
  • catch up to your friends and guildies;
  • skip parts of the game that you don’t enjoy.

In short, our Season of Discovery boosts are a great way to play the game with limited time or without having to do boring things.

Who Should Use SoD Boosts?

Our team of professional boosters follows every SoD PTR test and reads all the patch notes preparing to offer the fastest and most efficient services. There are a lot of changes coming, especially considering completely new raid encounters. There are several groups of players who will benefit the most from buying our carry services in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery. They are:

  1. People with a lack of free time, who are struggling to spend weeks leveling;
  2. People with multiple characters who don’t want to level them all;
  3. People seeking an escape from the monotonous grind.;
  4. People who need specific carry services getting to achieve the pinnacle of success in SoD.

These players, as well as many others, will greatly benefit from Season of Discovery carries. 

Season of Discovery Gold

Season of Discovery gold is the most important currency in the game. This is especially true considering just how much more valuable items from the AH are in the classic version of the game, SoD not being an exception. Grinding gold is tedious, especially if you have already completed all of the quests available in the current SoD Phase.

We offer SoD Gold for sale here at Boosthive, which is a great way to be able to afford more in-game items without having to lose hours upon hours of your life on a monotonous grind. Let our players handle the boring stuff while you enjoy parts of the game that you actually like!

Why Choose Us for WoW SoD Boosts?

We set ourselves apart from many other Season of Discovery boost providers by offering a range of customer-focused advantages:

  1. Customer-centric approach: We prioritize your needs and concerns, ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority.
  2. Customization: We're ready to accommodate custom Season of Discovery boosting requests, tailoring our services to your specific requirements.
  3. Safety: At Boosthive, we employ only safe and time-tested boosting methods to protect your account, such as the usage of VPN services.
  4. Manual service completion: All our carry services in Season of Discovery are performed manually, without the use of bots or cheats ensuring a genuine and secure experience.
  5. Fair prices and lots of choices: Explore our comprehensive range of offers on our website and read reviews from our customers on various websites to get a clear picture of our services.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team to ask questions, discuss our offers, or ask for custom requests. You can do so via Discord or online chat, at any time, as we are available 24/7! Secure your Season of Discovery characters' journey to the endgame with Boosthive today!

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