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Destiny 2 PvP Competitive Carry

Buying Destiny 2’s competitive carry services will unlock the most interesting game modes, allowing you to learn new skills, practice Gambit tactics and improve your aiming and gear. The top D2 Players will use their skills to win Crucible PvP battles against other players so that you can gain a rating along with some great loot. The high-rank PvP requires unique skills that our boosters possess and will put to use in order to provide you with the best D2 competitive boost. Just pick an option from the wide assortment of boosts that we have and enjoy your rewards!

How can Destiny 2 PvP carry service help you?

PvP is one of the core game activities that Destiny 2 has to offer. These intense battles are tough but exciting, and more importantly - they are extremely rewarding. Defeating other players in open confrontation is always thrilling and gets you that burst of energy and adrenaline. If you are struggling with your Crucible progress or just simply want to get a high PvP rating for the great rewards and gear, Boosthive’s pro players can assist you in those tasks. We offer a wide variety of competitive legend carries in Destiny 2. You can browse through them and pick the one you would like. It is even possible to create a custom PvP service for you if something that you desire isn’t listed on the website. Each of our Destiny 2 PvP carries will surely get you something to show to other players and friends.

What сan you receive from the Destiny 2 PvP boosting service?

All our PvP carries are done by high-skilled teams of professional boosters. Therefore we can vouch for their reliability and efficiency, as well as the safety of your account. Our boosters always use all necessary precautions in order to ensure your account’s security. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits that Boosthive provides compared to most other Destiny 2 competitive rank boosters.

  • we guarantee a 100% completion of your Destiny 2 PvP carry service;
  • all loot obtained during the boost remains at your disposal;
  • we guarantee the most secure, manual completion. We don’t use any 3rd party cheating programs, bots, or anything of the sort;
  • VPN and other precautions are always used to ensure your account’s security.

We value your opinion and your privacy and strive to deliver our services at the highest possible level of quality. If you are interested in a specific Destiny 2 competitive carry service or a custom order, you can always message our managers in the support chat. They will be more than happy to help you at any time. And when we’re saying at any time - we mean it! Our support works 24/7, so you can ask your questions and customize your order at any time, even if it is 3 in the morning.

Destiny 2 Competitive Ranks

By participating in PvP you can earn ranks that unlock exclusive rewards at the special crucible vendor in the Tower Courtyard. All of these rewards are account-wide, meaning that you can access them even from your other characters, as long as they are on the same account. To earn these ranks, however, you will need to get points for participating in Crucible matches, and by winning consecutively you receive more and more points each time. Along with it, the reward also changes depending on how many matches have been played and won during the week. The ranking system works like this - you start off at a Guardian rank and can make your way all the way up to the most prestigious rank called a “Legend”. It doesn’t end there though. These ranks are also split into two categories - Glory and Valor ranks. Just to see the full scope of the ranking system that the game has, here’s the ranking list for Destiny 2’s crucible mode.

Destiny 2 Valor Rank Glory/Valor Requirement Glory/Valor Rank-Up Requirement
Guardian I 0 pts/0 pts 40 pts/50 pts
Guardian II 40 pts/50 pts 70 pts/75 pts
Guardian III 110 pts/125 pts 90 pts/125 pts
Brave I 200 pts/250 pts 170 pts/250 pts
Brave II 370 pts/500 pts 295 pts/450 pts
Brave III 665 pts/950 pts 385 pts/600 pts
Heroic I 1050 pts/1550 pts 210 pts/375 pts
Heroic II 1260 pts/1925 pts 365 pts/600 pts
Heroic III 1625 pts/2525 pts 457 pts/825 pts
Fabled I 2100 pts/3350 pts 280 pts/525 pts
Fabled II 2380 pts/3875 pts 490 pts/775 pts
Fabled III 2870 pts/4650 pts 630 pts/1050 pts
Mythic I 3500 pts/5700 pts 380 pts/750 pts
Mythic II 3880 pts/6450 pts 665 pts/1075 pts
Mythic III 4545 pts/7525 pts 950 pts/1475 pts
Legend 5450 pts/9000 pts 50 pts/1000 pts
Legend Max Rank 5500 pts/10000 pts 0 pts/0 pts

As you can see, there are many challenges that one must overcome in order to get to the highest rank. This requires big investments of both time and effort. With our professional Destiny 2 PvP carry service, you can achieve these ranks easily, without having to grind PvP games over and over again and stressing over them. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the game.

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