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What is Crucible?

Players can engage in Crucible matches to test their skills against other players, earn rewards, and participate in events like Trials of Osiris or Iron Banner. The Crucible features a variety of game modes, each with its own objectives and mechanics, providing diverse experiences for players who enjoy PvP combat.

What Crucible Modes Are Available?

Control: Teams compete to capture and hold three control zones on the map to earn points. Holding zones also increases the points earned from defeating opponents.

Clash: A traditional team deathmatch mode where teams strive to accumulate points by eliminating opponents. The sole objective is to outlast and defeat the enemy team.

Elimination: A round-based mode where teams engage in combat with restricted respawns. The objective is to vanquish the opposing team before they eliminate yours.

Survival: Similar to Elimination but with shared lives for the team. The objective is to deplete the enemy team's shared pool of lives before they deplete yours.

Rumble: A free-for-all mode where individual players compete against each other to earn the most points by defeating opponents.

Control: Classic Control mode where players capture and hold three zones on the map to earn points. The team with the most points wins.

Mayhem: A chaotic mode where players' abilities recharge much faster, and heavy ammo spawns more frequently, allowing for intense and action-packed gameplay.

Showdown: A round-based mode similar to Clash, where teams compete to earn points by defeating opponents. The first team to win a set number of rounds wins the match.

Supremacy: Teams compete to collect crests dropped by defeated opponents. Collecting crests earns points, and denying crests to the enemy team prevents them from scoring.

Countdown: A round-based mode where one team must plant a bomb at designated sites while the other team defends. Teams switch roles after each round.

Lockdown: A modified version of Control where teams must control three zones simultaneously to earn points. The team with the most points wins.

Breakthrough: Teams take turns attacking and defending a central zone, with the attacking team attempting to capture it while the defending team tries to prevent them.

Scorched: Players use Scorch Cannons to eliminate opponents in this fast-paced variant of Clash.

What are Crucible Ranks

PvP mode includes a ranking system, allowing players interacting with you to have a better understanding of how good you are in PvP. These ranks include:

  • Copper III-I
  • Bronze III-I
  • Silver III-I
  • Gold III-I
  • Platinum III-I
  • Adept III-I
  • Ascendant III-I

Of course, we are ready to help you level up to any rank on the list through Destiny 2 PvP carries so that no player in the lobby would question who's the boss.

What PvP Events are Available

Trials of Osiris

A highly competitive weekend event where teams of three players compete in an elimination-style tournament on a special Crucible playlist. Players aim to achieve a flawless passage by winning seven matches without any losses to earn exclusive rewards.

Iron Banner

A week-long event where players engage in Control matches with special Iron Banner rules and themed gear. Players earn reputation and exclusive rewards by participating and winning matches.

Faction Rallies

While not exclusively PvP-focused, Faction Rallies feature a Crucible component where players can earn reputation for their chosen faction by completing specific challenges and objectives in PvP matches.

Seasonal Events

Occasionally, Destiny 2 hosts seasonal events such as the Guardian Games, Festival of the Lost, and Crimson Days, which may include PvP activities, quests, or game modes with unique rewards and cosmetics.

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