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Destiny 2 Raid Carries

Buying Destiny 2 Raid boosting services now became the most efficient way to clear challenging encounters of the game while saving incredible amounts of time. Our D2 raid carries and sellruns targeted at the flawless fast completion of every raid objective while still obtaining the best raiding rewards and powerful loot for your character. Check out the top Destiny 2 raid carry service that we offer for sale and get all the information you need before the purchase.

Why is buying Destiny 2 Raids so popular?

It is well known that each of the newly added D2 raids requires a well-geared, cooperative team of guardians with the knowledge of tactics and great communication. Unfortunately, it is quite a rare find nowadays. Additionally, to clear any Destiny 2 Raiding encounter you will need a substantial amount of time from 4-12 hours depending on the challenge you decide to complete.

Some challenges of Destiny 2 Raiding:

  • raids in Destiny 2 require a lot of playing time to be completed;
  • D2 Raid mission are tricky and can be failed easily;
  • each Destiny 2 Raid mission has its own characteristics and stats;
  • D2 Raids require a specific power level to attempt them;
  • some encounters can’t be completed without a proper Fire Team;
  • special equipment and exotic weapons required on some Bosses.

All that adds up to a pretty hard PvE content which, however, offers one of the best rewards in the game. Exotic weapons and armor with various modifications can boost your character's power level instantly, and that goes without mentioning some valuable resources found in D2 raids.

All that difficulty with the awesome rewards could not let people just miss out on such awesome activities. People started to search for help and, oh boy, they have found it. Our professional D2 players now offer to assist in your D2 rad clearing and help you get the best items from the top raid encounters.

Top 5 reasons to buy Destiny 2 raid carry.

  1. Fast raid boosting service available 24/7.
  2. Continues customer support throughout the raid.
  3. Only verified professional D2 player on your fireteam.
  4. Possibility to order the exact God Roll loot you need.
  5. Other options and customization of your D2 raid run.

Our fast and cheap D2 raid carries will leave you impressed and fully loaded with gear, weapons, and other loot. Check out our reviews or purchase a trial run and see for yourself. If you are still in doubt let us make the whole Destiny 2 Raid boosting concept a bit more clearer for you.

Destiny 2 Raid Boost Description

If you are browning through our web boosting store that you are probably familiar with the concert of Destiny 2 raid carries. Such service includes a professional carry team that helps you complete the raid encounters in the most efficient manner while playing alongside your character. There are several additional options that are particular for some products that you can select before going for the checkout.

So, how does the Raid carrying work for your Destiny 2 clients? Here we will answer that in a form of a bris step-by-step guide.

  1. Choose the D2 raid you wish to clear.
  2. Read the product description and requirements.
  3. Select any additional options and play modes.
  4. Proceed to checkout and finish the order.
  5. Our manager will contact you instantly to clarify the details.
  6. Your boost will start and the agreed time.
  7. Upon completion, you will be notified.
  8. Get your loot from the D2 raid boost and enjoy your gameplay.

Yes, it is that simple. While doing the whole 8 steps takes not longer than 10-15 minutes you will benefit from the carry run that can get you the most powerful loot in the game. In addition to the speed of the run and all god roll you may get from the Destiny 2 raids Boost Hive can guarantee that we have one of the most competitive D2 raid selling prices.

Now when it is known why one needs to buy Destiny 2 raid boosting and how to do that, you might be wondering what Destiny 2 raids are available for sale on our website.

Raids available in Destiny 2

We can officially say that we have all Destiny 2 raids for sale! We boost everything from Garden of Salvation to the most novel Deep Stone Crypt! Here is a brief description of what players can expect in each of these challenging raid encounters. Here are the current raids that available for boosting in-game.

Garden of Salvation Raid – the exciting activity located upon the moon that will keep you entertained with lots of challenging jumping puzzles, boss encounters, and some valuable gear to grab. 

Last Wish Raid Carry – of the most iconic and prestigious encounters of the game. Awoken Queen has kept her secrets in the Dreaming City for generations but yet they are to be revealed. Riven of a Thousand Voices, the last survivor of the Ahamkara is the main boss of this Raid which will get you some cool loot.

Deep Stone Crypt Raid carry - the latest addition to the D2 reading family and one of the most fun-centered challenging activities of the game. Apart from the high powerlevel guardians will need some skill to drag out some loot from this crypt.

We used to also boost the below-listed Destiny 2 raiding activities but unfortunately, they have been removed from the game. These, however, was one of kind adventures that also deserve to be mentioned here.

Leviathan Raid Carry –  Destiny 2 first raid to be released and one of the first eng-game activities each guardian gets to try out. Located on an enormous battleship that can destroy the entire planet! This raid features the main antagonist of the first D2 patch Emperor Calus. Defeating him will get you lots of exotic loot and awesome God Roll weapons.

Crown of Sorrow Raid – Right through the Leviathan's heart Guardians get access to the cabal hybrid created by Calus himself. Defeating this monstrosity won’t be easy but definitely be a very rewarding activity.

Scourge of The Past Raid – Located within the famous Black City this encounter tells the story of the Kell’s Scourge syndicate. Defeat them all to get some exclusive Black Armory loot which is included in the boosting.

Eater of Worlds Raid – Emperor Calus forces are pretty active even after loo=sing the high commander. Defeat them all to get the Emperor's Envy emblem, unique powerful gear, and godroll weapons.

Spire of Stars Raid – Fight the Red Legion forces and banish them out of the Spire chambers to clear the raid and boost your power level.

D2 Raid carries by Boosthive

With over 10 years in game boosting we can guarantee you the flawless and the most efficient completion of all Destiny 2 raids. Our professional boosting teams got hours of gameplay behind them. They know exactly how to tackle the challenges and can deliver the best result and the best prices.

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