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Vault of Glass Raid

Vault of Glass is a new D2 raid added in Season 14 with powerful rewards and 2 difficulties. VoG Raid is the most beloved raid from the original game and yet it is being revived with updated graphics and some powerful loot! Clearing a raid is a difficult task for single players, requires finding 3-5 guardians. You can skip all parts and get a result purchasing Vault of Glass raid boost. A team of high-experienced guardians will finish it in an easy-breezy mode.

The Vault of Glass carry is a single run through the new D2 raid added in Season 14 that includes a full clear of all VoG bosses in the shortest time with all related rewards. Secret chests are an additional option.

Vault of Glass raid carry rewards:

  1. Full Vault of Glass raid completion.
  2. Legendary raid gear.
  3. New Emblem.
  4. a chance to get a new raid-related Exotics.

Additional options for Vault of Glass carry:

  1. Open chests - the team will open hidden chests with the keys from the raid run.
  2. With a challenge - we will complete the weekly challenge (chance for bonus loot).
  3. Flawless run - raid completion without any player dying in the process (requires account sharing option).
  4. All raid challenges - this option is only available once the raid is in the weekly rotation.

Boost takes: 1 day.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

Important: We highly recommend doing challenges on the Master difficulty for Timelost weapons guaranteed.


  • 1350+ power level for normal mode
  • 1575+ power level for master mode;
  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • Season 14 Season Pass;
  • Season 14 Campaign completed.

Vault of Glass Raid Carries Explained

The VoG raid is being reprised from the first game of the series and would serve as the main raid of Season 14! Players are happy to welcome such a decision and get ready to rush into this cool-looking mirror-like dungeon filled with new puzzles and some intriguing content. While veteran players can imagine what the Vault of Glass raid looks like the new Guardians are yet to discover it!

What do we know about the new raid?

  1. VoG will be launched in Season 14.
  2. The raid will have a 24-hour World’s First race.
  3. Vault of Glass would have a Master version with some Adept gear!

However, every Master mode running into the VoG will not be an easy thing to accomplish. Based on the memories from the past this can take hours to complete and numerous wipes to get to the end of this dungeon. That is why we are offering to save your time and let our well-geared fireteam carry you right into the glass surroundings of this ancient vault.

Vault of Glass