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Destiny 2 Boost & Carry Services

Buying Destiny 2 carry services is the fastest and the most reliable way to get your Guardian boosted. Always wanted to get an extremely rare exotic weapon or complete the challenging PvP Trial, but never got a chance to do it? Nothing to worry about as our professional Destiny 2 boosting is now for sale! Anything from Raids and Pinnacles to PvE and Power Level! You name it and our professional Destiny 2 carrying team will do it! 

D2 Carry Description

Our professional D2 Carry service can help you in boosting your character to a whole new level of expertise! Tired of looking for a group of professional players who can stay side by side with you and share your destiny to complete the most challenging Trials of Osiris? Or you are here to get your Destiny 2 boosting service and let us help you find the most exotic and cool looking weapons in the toughest D2 raids? Then you made the right choice! With Boosthive’s D2 carry and coaching services, your character is in the professional hands of hardcore gamers.

Our Destiny 2 Carries are popular because they help players to achieve their goals and get previously unreachable results. That leads to getting awesome rewards in bot PvP and PvE activities! Here are some common reasons to buy our cheaply priced Destiny 2 carry services:

  • D2 boost save your gaming time;
  • you can get the professional team you always dreamt of;
  • our D2 carries are fast and well-priced;
  • we do everything from D2 raids with exotics to Trials and glories;
  • we offer a 100% guarantee on your order  completion;
  • we can carry you in Destiny PvP is a self-play mode;
  • our service is safe and uses only time-proven D2 boosting methods;
  • we don’t use any D2 cheats, aim-bots, or hacks!

With all these useful and practical perks it is understandable why it is better to buy the required Destiny 2 carry rather than spend days or even weeks in unsuccessful attempts to farm something yourself. To understand our D2 powerleveling tactics better first of all you should understand what Destiny 2 boosting is.

What is D2 Boosting?

Boosthive’s started to offer Destiny 2 Boosting Services as a combination of assistance and guidance performed by professional players to help others achieve their in-game aims and objectives. Top-skilled players with lots of gaming experience will share their expertise with you and provide the best D2 carry experience in any of the offered services.

There are several different types of D2 boosts available for sale at our store.

  1. D2 PvP coaching and guidance;
  2. Destiny 2 “Play with a Pro” type of carries;
  3. PvE raids and activities grind;
  4. Power Level boosting and Exotic farm.

To get more detailed information of what D2 carries we offer you might want to go through the next section of this page. However, if you want something precise or a custom Destiny 2 boosting you can always contact our 24/7 available support managers and they will be glad to help you with anything! 

What Destiny 2 Carry Services do we offer?

Here you will find a more detailed description of our in-game services that we offer for every Guardian of Destiny universe. Keep in mind that more services can be found in our categories presented in the store which include hundreds of unique, fast, and cheap D2 boosting products.

Our main boosting areas of the D2 game include:

Custom services and rare boosts are also available from our pro boosting team. Please ask our managers for more details.

Who are our “Destiny Boosters”? 

We have a team of professional D2 players, who know every aspect of the game so well that can solo complete even the most challenging group encounters. Therefore they can assist you in your adventures in this futuristic FPS with the MMO elements. Whether you want help to complete a weekly challenge, D2 Raid, or just eager to get that unique, exotic weapon - our team is there to help you. Our Destiny 2 Boosting team can perform even the most challenging tasks, so if you have something special in mind, feel free to contact one of our managers for a custom-made order.

Choose Boosthive for your D2 carry service!

Selecting Boosthive as your Destiny 2 carry service provider is a great choice while we are a well-established, reputable Destiny 2 boosting shop with an outstanding 5-start rating on Trustpilot! Apart from that we also offer our clients some extra perks such as:

  • 100% Guarantee on every order completion;
  • 24/7 experience customer support team of pro D2 gamers;
  • fast boosting times with awesome results;
  • a large variety of cheap D2 carries;
  • dedicated client-oriented attitude;
  • possibility for VIP customer service.

 Whether you want a simple boost or just have a question about the class you are playing do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help! Remember Boosthive is always there for its customers!

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