Destiny 2 Boost & Carry Services

Buy Destiny 2 carry services if you want to quickly and efficiently level up your character in the Final Shape DLC. We'll help you obtain incredibly rare exotic weapons and assist you in tackling challenging PvP Trials. Simply order Destiny 2 boosting, and we'll handle all the complex tasks for you – from raising Power Level and completing raids to farming rare items and overcoming obstacles in intense PvP encounters. We're ready to do it all, allowing you to just enjoy your favorite game.

Destiny 2 Carry Description

Destiny 2 Carry service offers you a fast and high-quality solution, eliminating time constraints for you. We can ensure you don't exert effort in completing PvP trials, including Trials of Osiris. Whether you're a PvE enthusiast, our Destiny 2 boosting service includes raid content completion, rare weapon acquisition, and gear farming. Just order Destiny 2 carry and coaching services and forget about anything being out of reach for you.

With us, you can reach unprecedented heights in Destiny 2 and become one of the best players, acquiring everything you need for both PvE and PvP aspects of the game. Here are just a few reasons to order Destiny 2 carry from us:

  • Destiny 2 boost saves you a lot of time.
  • Play with a team of professionals.
  • We offer Destiny 2 carries at affordable prices.
  • We can handle any task in both PvE and PvP directions.
  • 100% guarantee on order completion.
  • Can perform Destiny 2 PvP service in self-play mode.
  • We adhere to all safety rules in our Destiny 2 boosting methods.
  • We do not use Destiny 2 cheats, bots, or exploits!

We can fulfill any service in Destiny 2 for you – why spend hours and days farming what will make you better but consume too many resources? We are ready to cover all your needs in terms of Destiny 2 power leveling and much more. Thus, our capabilities to delight you with our Destiny 2 boosting services are truly limitless.

Destiny 2 Final Shape Boost Services

Final Shape is the current DLC in Destiny 2, released on June 4. Here is a list of updates and activities we can assist you with in Destiny 2:

  • Achieving the power level cap of 2000.
  • Completing the DLC storyline, as well as subsequent seasons, including Episode: Echoes.
  • Becoming Legend by completing story quests on legendary difficulty.
  • Obtaining new exotic weapons, such as recently added Still Hunt exclusive Golden Gun weapon.
  • Boosting the weapon crafting system to create powerful guns.
  • Completing the new Salvation's Edge Raid.
  • Getting rewards for PvE and PvP content.
  • And much more.

Our professional Destiny 2 players will assist you with any request regarding your favorite game. This is especially relevant now, as the Final Shape DLC has fully revealed its potential, and today you can get absolutely all the new features that Destiny 2 has to offer.

Please check our catalog of Destiny 2 services, and if you have any questions, feel free to write to our operator in the website chat or contact support on Discord 2. Become the best Destiny 2 guardian today.

What is Destiny 2 Boosting?

Boosthive’s started to offer D2 Boosting Services as a combination of assistance and guidance performed by professional players to help others achieve their in-game aims and objectives. Top-skilled players with lots of gaming experience will share their expertise with you and provide the best D2 carry experience in any of the offered services.

There are several different types of Destiny 2 boosts available for sale at our store.

  1. Destiny 2 PvP coaching and guidance;

  2. D2 “Play with a Pro” type of carries;

  3. PvE raids and activities grind;

  4. Power Level boosting and Exotic farm.

To get more detailed information about what D2 carries we offer you might want to go through the next section of this page. However, if you want something precise or a custom D2 boosting you can always contact our 24/7 available support managers and they will be glad to help you with anything! 

What Destiny 2 Carry Services do we offer?

Boosthive positions its Destiny 2 Boosting Services as assistance and mentoring from experienced Destiny 2 players for any player who turns to us. Destiny 2 carry services are often called sherpa – and we fully support the idea of experienced players helping newcomers. Accordingly, we offer the following types of Destiny 2 boosts:

  • Destiny 2 PvP game training and team play.
  • Destiny 2 "Play with a Pro" service, which will be useful to many new players.
  • Destiny 2 PvE activities and participation in raids.
  • Power Level boosting and Exotic farm.

Want to learn more about the services we provide? We'll tell you about it in the next paragraph. If you already know what you need, you can write directly to the website chat or ask in Discord. We work 24/7 and are ready to solve any in-game problem.

What Destiny 2 Carry Services do we offer?

We have tried to provide you with the most complete list of services that we offer to the Guardians of Destiny 2. You can learn more about the availability of a particular service by checking the relevant section on this page. Here are the Destiny 2 boosting services that we offer:

  • Destiny 2 Raids - We will quickly and efficiently complete raids for you.
  • Destiny 2 Seasonal Events - We will provide support during Seasonal Events.
  • Destiny 2 Farm of Weapons and Armor - We will obtain rare weapons or equipment for you.
  • Destiny 2 PvP and Gambit - We will take you to the peaks of PvP content.
  • Destiny 2 PvE Boost and power leveling service - Any content related to the PvE component of the game, including leveling up.
  • Destiny 2 Triumphs and Titles - We will easily fulfill all requirements for Triumphs and obtain the long-awaited Title for you.
  • Destiny 2 Weekly Challenges - In a short time, we will free you from the weekly monotonous tasks in the game.

Want to know about a specific Destiny 2 boost? Contact us in support! We will answer any of your questions in the website chat or in Discord.

Who Are Our “Destiny 2 Boosters”? 

We collaborate with the most experienced Destiny 2 experts, with years of achieving the highest results in both the second part and the first Destiny. By selecting the best performers for our clients, we can guarantee that no request will remain unfulfilled. Need to complete a raid? Tackle a challenging activity? Reach heights in PvP? These people know the game perfectly and are ready to help you with any request. Just place an order and become one of the best Destiny 2 players without difficulties and time constraints.

Choose Boosthive For Your Destiny 2 Carry Service!

Boosthive is a Destiny 2 carry service with many years of experience, and the best way to learn about us is through the reviews of thousands of satisfied users on Trustpilot. Our Destiny 2 boosting services are not only high-quality and fast but also performed at very reasonable prices. Here is just a small list of what awaits you when ordering a service from us:

  • Every order will be completed 100% and on time.
  • Our support works 24/7 to help you at any time.
  • Fast boosting times and awesome results.
  • A wide selection of Destiny 2 carries services.
  • Our main priority is a satisfied customer.
  • We also offer VIP customer service.

Do you have any questions, or do you want to clarify options when placing an order? Feel free to write to us in the website chat or contact us on Discord, and we will definitely answer all your questions. We work 24/7, so you can write right now!

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