Onslaught Carry


Buy the Onslaught farm and get Brave Arsenal weapons without hassle! Onslaught is a 3-player PvE mode introduced to Destiny 2 as part of the Into the Light. Guardians must endure up to 50 waves of enemies, building defenses and invading Witness’ Pyramid Ships. Completing waves in Onslaught takes a lot of time and requires solid strategy. Don’t waste your time searching for teammates in LFGs - get your Onslaught boost at Boosthive and let pro players farm for you!

Start time:

15 minutes | Boost takes: up to 2 hours

You will get:
  1. Desired number of waves in Onslaught completed.
  2. Brave Arsenal weapons.
  3. Lord Shaxx Hype Reputation points.
  4. All materials and currencies earned during the farm.
  5. EXP for the Battle Pass and the Artifact.

The Onslaught carry is available for all platforms including PC (Steam or Epic Games Store), PlayStation and Xbox.

  • 1800+ Power Level for Normal difficulty;
  • 1810+ Power Level for Legend difficulty.
This service has following additional options:
  • Selfplay - join our pros for the farm;
  • Stream - we will stream your order for you.

Destiny Onslaught Farm

Onslaught is a 3-player PvE horde-mode, where Guardians defend the Last City against Witness’ forces. The goal of Onslaught is to defend the Advanced Defense Unit (ADU). If at any point the ADU is destroyed the run ends. By killing enemies players will gather Scrap, which can be spent on building and upgrading various defensive structures, such as turrets, trip mines and decoys.

Every ten waves, players will be transported to a Pyramid Ship to take on a boss. Once the boss is defeated, a chest will appear and players will claim their rewards. When playing on challenge mode, Guardians may continue the activity to clear more waves with escalating difficulty to try and get even more rewards.

Completing 50 waves of Onslaught takes a lot of time and effort, so we recommend getting the Onslaught boost here at Boosthive. Save time and nerves by letting our pro players farm the activity for you, while you enjoy the rewards.

How it Works

Want to buy the Onslaught farming service, but are unsure of the process? Don’t worry, as we have prepared a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process:

  1. Select the difficulty and the number of Onslaugh waves and place and order.
  2. Chat with support, tell all your needs.
  3. Start and complete order at chosen time
  4. Watch the run at livestream for piloted option.
  5. Enjoy the Onslaught rewards!