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New Dragonflight Patch 10.0 Boost

Dragonflight is the new expansion for World of Warcraft that starts with patch 10.0. Being the most promising expansion in years, Dragonflight brings many new and exciting things to the table. Be it reworks of existing legacy systems, removing borrowed-power that plagued previous expansions, or adding completely new mechanics and content - everything seems to be steering the game in the right direction. Let’s take a look at what changes 10.0 brings, and which Dragonflight boost services you can get now.

Dragonflight Boosting Services in 10.0

The start of any new expansion is a busy time for every WoW player. This is especially true for 10.0, with reworked professions and reputation systems. So much to do, and so much to see on these beautiful uncharted islands, but so little time! Raid preparation is also a must, so players have to decide what is more important for them and focus on that. Or maybe not? With our services, you don’t have to pick and can enjoy everything the game has to offer.

Let’s take a look at some 10.0 services that might help you to stay on the edge of progression without stress and having to play for ridiculous hours each day.

  • Dragonflight boosting services for 10.0:
  • Mythic+ dungeon carries;
  • Vault of the Incarnates raid boosting;
  • PvP boosting on both arenas and BGs;
  • Dragon Isles renown grinding;
  • Dragonflight Mount farming;
  • upgrading dragonriding abilities by finding glyphs;
  • leveling Dragonflight professions;
  • finishing story and daily quests;
and a lot more!

We have various boosting teams that can tackle different aspects of the game. So no matter which Dragonflight service you need, be it a dungeon boost, or a raid carry - we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive deeper into new and exciting additions to WoW in this new expansion, and see which services will suit you the most.

Exploring the Dragon Isles

A massive part of the appeal of any MMO is to be able to explore an exciting, expansive world. Uncovering its secrets, taking in gorgeous views, and finding interesting characters - for many players that is the main attraction. WoW isn’t an exception, and new zones are added to the game with every expansion. This time, prepare to set foot on the Dragon Isles - a mysterious new zone that tells a story about dragons, and a new playable race - Dracthyr.

Dragon Isles are absolutely massive and are made this way to accommodate the new flying system. Each zone has its own main storyline, as well as a bunch of sidequest chains. Completing both main and side stories is not only interesting on its own but is also a good opportunity to make some gold and get multiple quests and exploration-related achievements. Get our WoW 10.0 boost and unlock all of the features that are locked behind questing, as well as achievements and well-hidden glyphs that grant special dragonriding talent points.

Along with Dracthyr, a new class was added to the game - Evoker. While it is exciting to start conquering dungeons and raids with a new class, it has to be fully leveled first. Not only is it a big time commitment, but can also be tedious and boring. Especially for veterans of the game who already leveled their characters countless times before. And here is where our dracthyr level boost will become handy. We will blaze through leveling for you as fast as possible, so you can enjoy raiding, PvP, and new dungeons without having to go through a slog of leveling up yourself.


Arguably, the biggest feature added to Dragonflight is the new transportation system - Dragonriding. Unlike legacy flying, dragonriding adds a lot more fun, and more importantly, speed to the traveling process. Dragonriding allows players to reach incredible speeds that just weren’t possible before. On top of it all, dragonriding is upgradeable, meaning that there is a potential to make it even faster.

Traveling around and exploring the world is a huge part of World of Warcraft (it’s in the name!), and being able to do it fast is incredibly important. Such massive speed-up has the potential to save hours upon hours for every player. Getting a dragonflight carry can help you with maxing out this new system, allowing you to soar the skies of the Dragon Isles on a mount that looks the way you want and moves at the absolute peak of its abilities.

New Reputation System with Renown

Another massive rework was done to the reputation system of the game. In Dragonflight, four major factions are progressed via the renown system, akin to the one from the previous expansion. Now players need to progress renown levels, and each new level grants some rewards. This is way more exciting and rewarding than the legacy reputation system, as it allows players to receive useful items and features faster than before.

Unlike the previous expansion, players are free to progress all of the Dragon Isles factions at once, without having to pick just one. This freedom of choice, however, comes at a cost. Leveling all Dragon Isles reputations at once is no easy task, and requires a lot of time each day for the completion of daily quests and world events. But do not worry, as our WoW DF services come to the rescue! No need to sink countless hours into the rep grind when we can do it for you. Not only can it relieve you of tedium, but it is also the fastest way to get all the renown goodies.

Leveling Professions in Dragonflight

A wave of massive reworks doesn’t stop here! The next one on the list of overhauled systems is crafting, and professions in general. Now crafters are able to increase item levels and accept orders from other players to create unique gear for them. Another big change is that now players have to follow specific crafting specializations. This will make the in-game market more diverse, and therefore more profitable than before.

It is a better time than ever to max out some professions if you want to make some gold or craft great stuff for yourself. The fastest way to do so would be to get a boost in Dragonflight. It is especially true at the start of the expansion when all of the resources will be more expensive than ever.

Mythic Plus Season 1 in Patch 10.0

One of the main pillars of the endgame has always been dungeons. Dragonflight expands the roster of available dungeons and adds a new affix to the mythic+ rotation. This new affix is called “Thundering” and will spawn thundering orbs. Players who step in them will get stunned for 1 second, and take some damage. However, it doesn’t end there.

Players can now be affected by a Mark of Wind and a Mark of Lightning. They increase both damage and healing done by affected players by 15% for 15 seconds. While it sounds great, there is a catch. Players have to get rid of their mark before their 15 seconds run out, otherwise, they will get stunned for a full 5 seconds and get hit by nature damage. To prevent this from happening players with opposite marks have to come into contact with each other. This opens an interesting risk/reward dynamic when it is beneficial to keep marks up as long as possible, but keep it for too long and it might cause a wipe. As a (not so) nice little bonus, all enemies will also have 5% more health than normal.

The dungeon list for the first mythic+ season of Dragonflight looks like this:

  1. The Azure Vault (Dragonflight).
  2. Halls of Valor (Legion).
  3. Ruby Life Pools (Dragonflight).
  4. Court of Stars (Legion).
  5. The Nokhud Offensive (Dragonflight).
  6. Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (Warlords of Draenor).
  7. Algeth’ar Academy (Dragonflight).
  8. Temple of the Jade Serpent (Mists of Pandaria).

As you can see, Dragonflight Season 1 rotation includes not only new dungeons but also some of the legacy ones to keep things fresh. However, Mythic0 will still include new Dragonflight dungeons only. While it is certainly a good addition, remembering how to perform well in old dungeons, while also learning new ones is not an easy task. If you want that sweet gear from m+, but aren’t interested in pushing high keys, we offer a good solution. Get a Dragonflight carry, and forget about the stress that comes with Mythic+. As icing on the cake, players who attain an M+ rating of 2000 and above in season 1, will also receive a striking Hailstorm Armoredon mount. Don’t miss out!

Crimson PvP season in Dragonflight

Become a Crimson Gladiator with the start of the first PvP season of Dragonflight. Not only can it net you this sleek title, but also a gorgerous dragonriding mount - Crimson Gladiator’s Drake.

While the Gladiator mount of this season looks absolutely fantastic, it is worth keeping in mind that pushing gladiator rank is one of the hardest things you can do in the entire game. But not with our help! Buy WoW Dragonflight boost and enjoy this gorgeous drake without having to sink your time into learning high-level PvP.

Another amazing reward that is coming with Crimson season is Vicious Sabertooth. While not as incredibly difficult to obtain as the gladiator drake, it is still no pushover. Rated PvP might be difficult without a good team, and this is exactly the problem that buying 10.0 carry can help with.

Dragonflight 10.0 Raid - Vault of the Incarnates

The biggest and most anticipated addition for many is, of course, a new raid tier. Dragonflight’s first raid is called Vault of the Incarnates. Face 8 vicious bosses and get amazing new gear. As usual, raids are what push Warcraft’s story forward, and Vault of the Incarnates is no exception. Learn about primalists who seek to destroy all dragonflights, their motives, and their leader - Raszageth the Storm-Eater.

We are offering Dragonflight boosting services for all modes of this raid, from normal all the way up to mythic. Get the best gear and rarest achievements with the professional team of players that will ensure smooth sailing throughout the raid.

Buying Dragonflight Boosting Services

If you are interested in purchasing a WoW DF boost, then you have come to the right place. We will ensure the safest, quickest, and most comfortable boosting experience possible. To top it all off we offer custom service creation, meaning that you can order Dragonflight carry that is not listed on our website. Just let our customer support know about a Dragonflight service that you would like to get and we will do our best to make it happen.

Customer support is available 24/7, meaning that you can get assistance at any time. Be it dracthyr leveling, pushing high M+ keys, or high-end raiding, we always got you covered. Get your Dragonsflight boosting needs fulfilled with Boosthive!

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