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Our WoW gear boost service is for everyone who loves World of Warcraft but has no time to grind the gear they want. No more worries about this or that item, about the time you have to spend just to get to the point where you enjoy the game. It's time to elevate your gameplay and to new heights, it's time to buy WoW gear boost. Choose the items you want to get, name any specific requests and our highly experienced team members will do the rest. Dailies, dungeon items or anything else you might need, our WoW Gear store has it all!

Games should be fun. But sometimes, for one reason or another, it's hard to get the wanted gear levels in WoW. And by failing to do so, you get denied the entrance to the groups and places that you would like to visit and experience. Getting good BfA gear in WoW is a number one priority for most players. That's why we feel everyone should be able to get the upgrades they want in order to fully enjoy the game.


Choosing Boosthive and buying our WoW Gear services will allow you to skip the hard and tedious parts of the game that would otherwise make you wait a long time before getting the items you want. By the time you do it yourself, your friends might have already moved on to something else, which means back to square one for you.


Everyone knows upgrading gear in WoW BfA is the first and most important thing we strive for as players because having the gear we want makes us enjoy the game that much more. So don't limit yourself and play it smart.


So check the reviews of our satisfied customers, take a look at our WoW Gear store and buy yourself some new gear. More importantly, buy a new and better way of having fun!




What kind of gear can I buy at Boosthive and how long does it take?

Most players know what kind of gear they want. That's why we allow our customers to choose the gear ilvl that they want to receive.

As you already know, different ilvl gear drops in different kinds of dungeons and/or raids. This means that the higher the wanted ilvl is, the longer it will take for our team members to get it for you.


Please note that the gear ilvl you select as an order is the average of the items received.

For example, if you select 410 ilvl, you may get some gear that's 405 ilvl and some that's 415 ilvl.


Is Boosthive's WoW Gear Boost safe to use?

  • Yes, in fact, account boosting such as we do is the ONLY safe way of boosting your way to better WoW gear
  • We use VPN software, customized for your location, so that it seems like you are playing
  • We NEVER ask for your security question, leaving total account security in your hands
  • Contact us regarding watching your boost on live stream (Please request this during the order)
  • All WoW boost services are done manually, by our highly experienced team members.
  • We do NOT use any 3rd party programs

Do I get to keep any gold or anything else that might drop during the boost? Yes, you keep all the gold, all loot and all achievements from the boost


Any specific requirements to be able to order anything from your WoW Gear store?

You must have a lvl 120 characterm though the ilvl of your current gear does not matter.

World Quests need to be unlocked and of course you will need to provide us with your account's information.


Login and password only. NEVER give anyone your security question or anything related to it

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