Dragonflight BiS Gear Boost

WoW BiS Gear | Up to 480+ ilvl
$1 398$1 578

Gearing up at the start of the new patch is always a hard and time-consuming process, especially if you want to loot the BiS gear for your class and spec. That is why buying the full Dragonflight BiS gear set is the best option to get your character to its maximum potential.

With the top WoW BiS gear boost for sale, now you can easily select the best gear for your character. Our carry team will get the best items for your spec from Dragonflight M+ dungeons and raids.

Boost takes: ~8 weeks / Start time: 1-2 hours.

Dragonflight  BiS gear boosting service includes:

  1. Top WoW BiS lists for your spec completed:
    • 480+ ilvl PvE full BiS gear;
    • 489 ilvl PvP full BiS gear.
  2. All items from the selected BiS list looted;
  3. 4-piece tier set included;
  4. Professional advice and guidance on the BiS items.

The Dragonflight BiS gearing service is a VIP boost that is done specifically to suit your needs. Therefore before ordering please speak to one of our experienced managers so that they will give you more information about this offer.

Additionally please check the basic requirements you need to meet before purchasing the WoW BiS gear farming.


  • 70 level;
  • fresh Dragonflight raid cooldowns;
  • selected BiS gear list for your class and spec;

For more information about the BiS gear items in Dragonflight please check the information below, specialized services, or speak to our support manager for further assistance.

Dragonflight BiS Gear carry description

The BiS gear WoW boosting is a VIP carry service offered by Boosthive. It is tailored for the current class and the spec of your character. Each DF BiS gear carry is done only according to one particular BiS list previously agreed before the start of the boost.

Let us take Fire mage BiS gear carry as an example and see how this service will be accomplished.

  1. You select the BiS gear boosting product on our website and proceed to checkout.
  2. You have your BiS list in mind and speak to our Manager to re-confirm the availability.
  3. After everything is settled you proceed with the order of the BiS gear carry.
  4. Our boosting team will help your character to obtain all items from raids & dungeons..
  5. The process can take time but we will try to make it as soon as possible. Please note, that some desired items may not drop fo several weeks.
  6. After all Best in Slot items are looted the boost is considered complete.
  7. You enjoy playing the character with the top gear in the game.

What gear is BiS in Dragonflight?

Currently, in the World of Warcraft retail, the Best in Slot (BiS) gear is a very problematic thing to get. However, it is still possible. The main issue with obtaining the full BiS gear set in WoW is the drop chance of the particular armor, trinkets, or weapons. Additionally, if we look at the BiS gear from Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid there is also a time gate barrier by means of a weekly reset. 

Therefore we have designed the basic BiS gear sets of each class and divided them into several main categories:

  • Dragonflight PvE BiS gear set;
  • Dragonflight PvP BiS gear set.

Each of these sets includes the BiS items from the respective PvE or PvP content of the game. So whether you are looking for the BiS gear for your shaman or BiS trinkets for your mage all of them would be found in one of those sets.

Cloth, Mail, Plate or Leather BiS gear sets

You might wonder how we selected the BiS gear list for every class and spec? We will tell you, we got experienced players to share their in-game knowledge with us. We have gathered the most information about all 13 classes in WoW. Therefore Whether you are a mage or a dracthyr looking for BiS gear we can totally get it for you.

The bis lists differ in armor type,  stat priority, and gear-ability synergy. Therefore due to WoW BiS gear carry being a VIP service, please do consult with our managers to arrange the exact bis list for your class and spec before ordering.

WoW BiS Gear | Up to 480+ ilvl
$1 398$1 578