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WoW Legion Mounts

Developers added so many mounts in Legion, so it's no surprise players are lining up to get them. The collections have always been talked about and compared to each other. Now, with Boosthive 's Legion mounts boost, you too can own all the mounts you ever wanted to, without spending your precious, free time. Join our ever-increasing number of satisfied customers and buy your own Legion mounts this very day.

WoW Legion mounts always seem to be in demand. But they often require arduous and tenacious work before you can acquire them. Even if we're talking about Legion reputation mounts, it's no small feat doing everything needed for buying the mount. However, here at Boosthive, you can do all that with the minimal hassle involved.


Certain Legion dungeon mounts can be very alluring too. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means and thus a chance at earning them. This is why so many customers return to us, as our Legion mount boost services solve all their problems. They save time, eliminate boring gameplay and get what you always wanted in one swoop.


Reasons for collecting rare Legion mounts can vary from player to player. It can be the love for the aesthetics, the coolness factor, or simply the desire to collect something you like, but in the end, the result is the same. Players go for it. Sadly, many soon stop, as they realize the amount of work and time they need to put into it.


Luckily for you and all other players, here at Boosthive, it is very easy to get WoW Legion mounts, no matter how rare they might be. With only a few clicks, you can relax and live your life while our expert team of professionals does the work for you. All mounts from Legion can be yours, you only need to allow us to collect them for you.


You can admit, not having to do practically anything, while gaining everything you wanted, does sound good. No exhausting grinding and, most importantly, no time-wasting at all. Our Legion mounts boost services guarantee the results you want and need, thus allowing you to remain care-free.


Simply check our offers, see how easy is to get rare Legion mounts, and join our increasingly satisfied customers.




Can I really get ANY Legion mount I want?

Yes, you can!

Check our individual offers and contact our Live Support team for more details on any order you'd like.


How long does it take you to get a mount?

The timeframe depends on which mount you want.

Please refer to our Live Support team who will provide all the information you need.


How is this done, are you using some program to do it?

No, we NEVER use any 3rd party programs.

We are very keen on security and anonymity, therefore all Boosthive services are done manually, by hand.


Speaking of security, can you tell me more about that?


We use custom, localized VPN and play according to your desired schedule to maximize security. You can also receive screenshot and even potentially watch us play live (For more information, contact our Live Support)

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