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WoW Transmog

Welcome to the Sanctum of Fashion - our WoW transmog boost! Relax on your chair, our professional stylists are always ready to help you with the farm of transmog gear for your character. Looking for an old tier set or some cool-looking weapon appearance? Here you can buy WoW transmog for any class and from any expansion, delivering a brand new look for your toon as fast as possible!

Buying WoW transmog runs

Transmogrification is a system first introduced in patch 4.3 of World of Warcraft. It allows players to fully customize the look of their characters. Previously players who wanted to look the way they liked had to change their equipment to something pretty, but oftentimes incredibly low level and weak, just for the looks. With the transmog system in place now they are able to pass the appearance of any piece of item on any other in the same armor type. This opens huge possibilities for self-expression and role-playing identity of players. World of Warcraft is an MMORPG, a massive part of which is social interaction. Everyone wants their character to look unique to stand out from the crowd. Having the character look just the way you like is also really important for immersion. However, many of the best-looking and most desirable pieces of gear are only obtainable via old content, such as raids or dungeons, sometimes with impossibly low chances of drop as well.

For many players, it means that they have to spend countless hours just to express themselves and that’s a big problem. To solve this problem we are offering our WoW transmog farming services. Our transmog runs are easily the best way to obtain any piece of equipment for your character’s aesthetic needs. Buy WoW transmog and make your character shine like never before.

WoW transmog sets you can buy

With our WoW transmog farming service, you can get pretty much any type of cosmetic set that you would like to acquire. Boosthive has a wide selection of choices that you can pick from, however, in case you need something specific that isn’t listed or just have an additional request - we are always happy to help! Just message our support team and they will sort everything out for you. With 24/7 support you can always be sure that your needs will be satisfied no matter what time of the day it is! On top of that if you wish to buy transmog sets in WoW we offer some benefits that stand out from the rest on the market. Let’s check some of them out:

  • experienced teams that will make sure your service is complete in a timely fashion;
  • any additional request will be met and completed;
  • a flexible schedule that will allow you to dictate when the booster can or cannot play;
  • security precautions for your account, such as the use of a VPN;
  • a friendly and polite support team that works all day every day.

As you can see transmogrification in WoW can be simple and hassle-free. Forget about the tedious grind of cosmetic items with our easy and convenient service.

How to transmog in WoW?

Let’s say you finally got the beautiful piece of gear that you want to transmog onto your character. But how do you actually do it? It is fairly simple, all you have to do is to find a transmogrification NPC in any major city (and there is even a mount that can do that!). After that, you can pick the item that you would like to “equip” and pay a small fee in gold. Ta-da! Now your character looks better than it did a minute ago. You can even save transmog appearances for the future, in case you want to change up your looks, but don’t want to customize it all over again if you wish to go back. Transmog in WoW is truly a great system for everyone that wishes to bring their own personality into the game.

Easy transmog sets in WoW

WoW transmogrification sets are a bit on the harder side to obtain. Most great-looking sets and items are locked behind raiding or grinding the old content. However, there are a couple of sets that are easier to obtain than the others. The most notable example would be PvP gear. Some of these items are relatively cheap which allows you to obtain them without having to spend too much time on battlegrounds or arenas. Some of the older tier sets are also purchasable with gold, which makes them a good pick for quick and easy transmog. Overall if you are interested in truly beautiful and inspiring outfits for your toons we would recommend checking out the transmog set selection on our website.

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