Eternal Palace Transmog Sets

Eternal Palace Transmog

The Eternal Palace transmog set boost will make collecting all the pieces of armor from this raid extremely easy and quick. Transmog from the Eternal palace is quite fashionable, designed around Naga’s appearance with scales and fins embedded into the look of the armor. Such a well-designed image makes this armor set a desirable fashion piece for any collector, but actually getting the pieces is the hard part that requires a lot of effort. Buying the Eternal Palace transmog run is a much better choice for obtaining all the gear, since the difficulty scaling of Battle for Azeroth raids still makes it difficult, even with gear from the current expansion.

The fastest and most convenient way to get the transmog from this raid is our Eternal palace transmog boost service. We offer to pick tmog from any difficulty from LFR to Mythic and enjoy your new look without having to spend an obscene amount of time on getting the pieces.

EP transmog boost includes:

  1. All transmog pieces for your class from the Eternal Palace raid.
  2. Achievement Under the Seams.
  3. Achievements for clearing the raid on the chosen difficulty.
  4. All the loot that has been dropped during the service completion.

Boost takes ~2-6 weeks.

The reason why it takes multiple weeks is the reset system. It is impossible to get all the desirable items in one go, which means that the team has to wait until the server resets each week. However, we will run the raid until we get all the EP transmog available for your character.

Before purchasing the Eternal Palace Tmog run please take a look at the requirements for the service.


  • level 70;
  • no specific gear requirements;
  • piloted only type of service completion.

Buying Eternal Palace transmog sets

The process of purchasing tmog runs for the Eternal Palace is rather straightforward. The whole procedure is extremely simple, all you need to do is place your order, after which our support team will contact you within minutes to specify all the order details and additional requirements, as well as answer any of your questions. EP tmog runs will be scheduled to be performed at a convenient time for you, in order to ensure the smoothest transmog farming process.

Do not worry if your character is not geared well enough. Our professional team will take care of it with their toons. Said toons will be of the same class as your character, to maximize the transmog drop and speed up the farming process.

The Eternal Palace transmogrification boost advantages

The Eternal Palace transmog runs can be easily found via the in-game group finder, but does it make it the better choice for acquiring the set? Definitely not, and we will explain why. There are multiple reasons, the biggest one being the fact that bosses only drop 5 pieces of gear. Chances of you getting the item that you want are going down exponentially with a higher number of people in the group. With our boost, however, you will be traded all the pieces of gear from the team that will run the same character class, meaning that the process of transmog acquisition is shortened significantly.

The Eternal Palace transmog sets available for sale

Here you can check out tmog sets from the eternal palace available for sale on Boosthive:


Armor Set

Mage, Priest, Warlock

Cloth armor set

Demon Hunter, Druid, Rogue, Monk

Leather armor set

Hunter, Shaman

Mail armor set

Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior

Plate armor set

The Eternal Palace transmog set will be a fine addition to your cosmetic collection in World of Warcraft. If you still have any questions about the service or want to add some additional requirements - feel free to message our support team. They work 24/7, meaning that you will be provided with high-quality customer service at any time.

Eternal Palace Transmog