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The Deaths of Chromie

Here you can make a purchase The Deaths of Chromie scenario for WoW character. You will earn unique transmogrification set, achievement, badges, title and two battle pats and completition Deaths of Chromie scenario.

Boost takes 5-8 hours.

The Chromie boost includes:

  • The Deaths of Chromie scenario completion;
  • Achievement Chromie Homie;
  • Character title Timelord;
  • 2 battle pets: Bronze Proto-Whelp and Ageless Bronze Drake;
  • 1 of 4 unique transmog sets: Ensemble: Chronoscryer's Finery, Ensemble: Epoch Sentinel's Mail, Ensemble: Riftscarred Vestments, Ensemble: Timewarden's Plate depends on armor type of you class;
  • Timewarped Badge currency.


  • 110 or higher level character;
  • No gear requirements;

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The Deaths of Chromie