Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker


Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker is one of the first legendaries added to World of Warcraft. Its iconic status and the longest name in WoW made it the most desirable Legendary by lots of players. It is hard to acquire therefore we offer you to buy Thunderfury farming service and experience the fastest Thunderfury boost in-game.

The booster will farm Bindings of the Windseeker (1% drop chance Garr and Baron Geddon booses).

Thunderfury carry includes:

Boost ETA: 3-5 months (average).

Please note: the drop chance of Bindings of the Windseeker is around 4%, so the duration of the service can vary depending on our luck. We will be clearing Garr and Baron Geddon bosses every week until both Bindings drop.

You must be hunter, rogue, warrior, death knight, paladin, monk, or demon hunter to be able to equip Thunderfury and get the transmogrification appearance and Feat of Strength.


  • 45+ level character that can equip one-handed swords.

How to get Thunderfury in retail WoW?

Thunderfury is rewarded after completing a special questline that starts after you loot one of the Binding of the Windseeker from Molten Core. You must head to the old version of Silithus and speak with Highlord Demitrian, located at 29.30 coordinates.

He will ask you to bring both Bindings of the Windseeker (drop from Garr and Baron Geddon in Molten Core), the Essence of the Firelord from old Ragnaros, and x10 Enchanted Elementium Bar, that can be bought from the auction house. (~7000 gold per bar).

After you hand over all materials to Highlord Demitrian, he will summon Thunderaan, the son of Al'Akir. Defeat the boss and loot the final item for the quest Rise, Thunderfury!. You are now the wielder of Thunderfury legendary weapon.