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Hidden Artifact Skin

Here you can make a purchase Hidden Artifact skin in WoW for the artifact weapon. Every artifact weapon has unique hidden artifact skin and 3 additional colors. 

Boost ETA: ~1-12 days (depends on class and specialization).

Default Hidden Artifact Appearance boost includes:

  • 1 Hidden Artifact skin for the chosen specialization
  • Start within 30 minutes
  • Fighting with Style: Hidden Feats of Strength for unlocking 4 hidden artifact skins
  • Hidden Livestream (please ask beforehand)

Remember that artifact skins change druid forms instead of changing weapon look.

Additional options:

  • Add Artifact Color Tint (WQ) - 200 world quests with using hidden artifact skin
  • Add Artifact Color Tint (Dungeons) - 30 dungeons with using hidden artifact skin
  • Add Artifact Color Tint (Kills) - 1000 kills with using hidden artifact skin


  • 120 level character
  • No gear requirements

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Hidden Artifact Appearance
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