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Hidden Artifact Appearance

What will I get?

- Hidden artifact appearance  There're 36 different hidden shapes for each artifact weapon, choose appearance you want to unlock

- Death Knigt  Blood Twisting Anima of Souls | Frost Runes of the Darkening | Unholy The Bonereaper's Hook
- Warrior  Arms The Arcanite Bladebreaker | Fury The Dragonslayers | Protection Burning Plate of the Worldbreaker
- Paladin  Holy Lost Edicts of the Watcher  | Protection Spark of the Fallen Exarch | Retribution Heart of Corruption 

- Shaman  Elemental Lost Codex of the Amani | Enhancement The Warmace of Shirvallah | Restoration Coil of the Drowned Queen 
- Hunter  Beast Mastery Designs of the Grand Architect | Marksmanship Syriel Crescentfall's Notes: Ravenguard | Survival Last Breath of the Forest

- Demon Hunter  Havoc Guise of the Deathwalker | Vengeance Bulwark of the Iron Warden
- Druid  Balance The Sunbloom | Feral Feather of the Moonspirit | Guardian Mark of the Glade Guardian | Restoration Acorn of the Endless 
- Rogue  Assassination The Cypher of Broken Bone | Outlaw Emanation of the Winds | Subtlety Tome of Otherworldly Venoms
- Monk  Brewmaster Legend of the Monkey King | Mistweaver Breath of the Undying Serpent | Windwalker The Stormfist

- Priest  Discipline Writings of the End | Holy Staff of the Lightborn | Shadow Claw of N'Zoth 
- Mage  Arcane The Woolomancer's Charge | Fire The Stars' Design | Frost Everburning Crystal
- Warlock  Affliction Essence of the Executioner | Demonology Visage of the First Wakener | Destruction The Burning Jewel of Sargeras

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