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WoW Toys

There are many existing toys in World of Warcraft and you can collect them all using our services. With a few clicks, our team of experts will start their journey and get any toy you want. It doesn't matter which expansion it was added in, with Boosthive all World of Warcraft toys can be yours. Check our offers and increase your toy collection.

There are many useful toys in WoW and they come from all kinds of in-game places and sources. Some you can get by finishing quests, while others are more specific, such as the ones that are available only to a certain class. Let's take a look at the main categories the toys can belong to.


  • Achievement toys
  • Instance drop toys
  • Quest toys
  • World drops and treasures
  • Vendor toys
  • Warfronts toys
  • World event toys
  • Profession toys
  • Class-specific toys
  • Misc toys (Black market and unobtainable)


As we can see, many different types of toys exist in WoW and Boosthive can help you get them all. Maybe you're one of the players looking for something a bit older, like a Pandaria toy. Our team can get it for you, no problem. Draenor Toys are no different, with our game knowledge and expertise, Boosthive will acquire any toy you want.


It's not always easy to get what you want, as there may be many obstacles along the way. Aside from the time needed, the challenge can sometimes be too hard for a player. That's why you can buy WoW toys here, at Boosthive, and solve all of your problems. Instance drop toys, for example, require a player to have a group which isn't always possible. Sometimes it even involves certain skills not many have perfected. It can lead to frustration and giving up.


Legion toys, for example, represent a big chunk of what's available to the players. However, knowing the expansion is an older one, they have more pressing matters to attend to. Even BfA toys, which came later, are down on the list for most players, as they are focused on other parts of the game. That doesn't mean they wouldn't like to have them all, however. Every player knows it's hard to have time and the will to do everything you want in-game.


This was recognized by Boosthive and now you can buy all the World of Warcraft toys you want. As one of the more useful toys in the game, WoW mail toy seems to be the one that the majority of the players want to have.


One of the easiest ways of getting it is by using Boosthive's services, as it has been proved many times over. We are fast, efficient and we listen to your instructions. So check our offers and buy WoW toys easier than ever.




Can I choose any WoW toy, from any expansion?


If the toy is available, you can get it. Make sure you let our Live Support know about any specific wishes you might have. They will help you customize your order to the best of your liking.


Sweet. Can I order more of them?

Of course!

Please be aware this prolongs the timeframe needed for the order to be completed. Again, if you have any specific requests, make sure to talk to our Live Support team.


Are there any requirements for buying your services?

Only a few.

  • Active game subscription
  • An appropriate level of a character
  • Possible account sharing


You mentioned Account sharing. Is this safe?

It's as safe as it can be.

First, we NEVER use any 3rd party programs.

We also use custom, localized VPN to maximize security.

Lastly, even in a case of account sharing, we NEVER ask anything regarding your secret question.

This means the true control of your account remains in your hands only.

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