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New Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Boosts

Chains of Domination is the Patch 9.1 of the retail Shadowlands World of Warcraft and it is now going live to bring lots of interesting content! It is about time as the first major content patch of Shadowlands has been around for a while and players are getting bored with a continuous farm of Stygia and weekly mythic dungeon clears. So what CoD will bring us and what 9.1 boosts can you buy now? Let’s dive deep and find it out!

Chains of Domination Boosting Service

As always, the beginning of a new World of Warcraft patch is the most stressful time for players all around the globe. New PvE and PvP content is being released filled with grinding, daily and weekly quests, new dungeons, and even raids. Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination is not different. It has an overwhelming amount of new content for all types of players. So whether you are a pet collector or a professional hardcore raider, there would be definitely something for you to enjoy.

But what to do if you want it all but have only a limited amount of playing time. Or what if you don’t enjoy weeks of grinding reputation just to get a new mount to your collection? Who would enjoy that, right? Then we have a solution for you! Chains of Domanmiation carry services that we offer for sale are a great tool to boost your WoW character in patch 9.1 while enjoying only your favorite activities.

So what new boosts do we offer for our clients to buy in Patch 9.1?

  1.  New upgraded high-key 9.1 Mythic + Dungeon services.
  2. Sanctum of Domination PvE Raiding Services.
  3. Professional 9.1 PvP carries and rank boosting.
  4. Chains of Domination PvE and PvP gearing for sale.
  5. PvP and PvE mount collection boosting.
  6. Collectibles farm including new pets, transmog, and toys.
  7. Patch 9.1 Reputation farming and grinding services.
  8. Questing and new Covenant campaign completion.
  9. Anm many more fast and cheap Shadowlands 9.1 carries!

As you can see our experience boosting team is ready to help you with almost any new activity added in the Chains of Domination content patch. From Covenant Assaults to defeating SYlvanas Windrunner in mythic difficulty. If you have something to delegate to us, we will complete it as fast as possible and with the highest quality standards.

Since we have covered all types of carries we offer for the new Shadowlands patch, let us now discover what are those new interesting features that developers have added into the game.

Korthia, the City of Secrets the New Zone of 9.1

The major addition to the Shadowlands world is the new zone located in Maw. Korthia is the most secret and ancient part of this realm of death where true mysteries happen. It is here brave heroes of Azeroth will meet 2 new factions, progress their SHadowlands campaign and earn new levels of Renown with their chosen covenant.

What awaits players in the heart of Korthia?

  1. New quests and storyline to progress into the second chapter of Shadowlands lore.
  2. New factious to grind your reputation with and get awesome rewards.
  3. New World Boss: Mor'geth, Tormentor of the Damned.
  4. New Legendary upgrade recipes.
  5. New events, world quest, and other solo content.

With so much new content it is no wonder that players are taking pre-orders for some boring reputation grind or daily questing routines. This sort of character boost would make your life so much easier in patch 9.1. Apart from saving lots of playing time and delegating boring weekly activities to our team of experienced boosters, you will also get a chance to stay on the same level with the top players in your realm while making a tiny part of their effort.

Get the Korthia carries or make a pre-order for the upcoming weeks of the new patch as the earlier you start the better chances you have for an ultimately fun gaming experience! Moreover, there is something else added in patch 9.1, that will require your attention.

New Parts of Covenant Campaigns

Same as the release of Shadowlands, a Chains of Domination patch will introduce new lore in the World of Warcraft. Players will have a chance to continue their adventure with the main story characters led by the Bolvar himself.

This of course means lots of new time-gated quests, covenant Renown grinding, and other time-consuming activities. Forty new Renown Levels are added and they unlock Flying in Shadowlands, which is essential for every player! As always, if you wish to skip the lengthy farming you can always opt to buy Covenant Campaign carry services from Boosthive and we will take care of it.

The Sanctum of Domination 10 Boss Raid

The most exciting part of the new content patch is obviously The Sanctum of Domination raiding instance. Where brave heroes will face one of the most controversial characters of WoW - Sylvanas Windrunner. Apart from battling the most hated NPC in the whole Azeroth, players will get a chance to unlock new achievements, collectible and awesome gear from the SoD.

Here are some of the services that our team is caple of delivering:

  • SoD Normal Raid clears and gearing;
  • SoD Fast Heroic Raid Lootruns;
  • later in the patch, you can buy mythic SoD clears;
  • the glory of the DOminant Raider achievement;
  • SoD BiS gear farming;
  • and any other raid-related activity!

Apart from that, the new Season Raid comes into the Shadowlands leading to more rewards and unique collectibles! If you are tired to look for Sanctum of Domination Raid Guides and wiping on the first boss in LFG difficulty, then Boosthive should be your best choice!

Shadowlands New PvP Season 2

New PvP Season brings some new exciting changes! Apart from the new Seasonal mount Vicious War Gorm and Season 2 Glad dragon - Unchained Gladiator's Soul Eater, a change version of adaptable PvP gear is added.

So let’s sum up all the changes to PvP in the Chains of Domination patch 9.1:

  1. New Seasonal mounts are available for boosting.
  2. New gladiator mount for the top PvP players.
  3. Full PvP Gear (that gains +13 item levels in PvP mode).
  4. And of course the cool-looking legendary PvP set!

PvP rewards are great, however, let’s not forget about the new season in Mythic Plus dungeons where you can get some pretty awesome loot through our 9.1 M+ boosting services.

Mythic Plus Season 2 in Chains of Domination

The New M+ season brings bran new affix to every dungeon of Shadowlands. Tormented mobs will grant some cool buffs to players once defeated or boost the final boss if not dealt with during the run.

Other than that there are only a few changes that can be presented in a form of a list:

All these items can be ordered now at our store while the professional boosting team will take care of the runs, loot, and achievements. Feel free to contact us if you require something specific as we are always here for you.

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market - 8 Boss Megadungeon

Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination will unlock the new Megadungeon for players to conquer! Tazavesh, the Veiled Market is the new 8-boss Broker Trading City instance similar to the Operation: Mechagon in BFA. It will start as a mythic-only dungeon without the M+ version and will include various powerful weapons, collectibles, and transmog items. The boosting services for Tazavesh will start straight with the first-day instance access.

Purchasing Chains of Domination Carry Services

That sums up the new content added to the WoW Shadowlands with the release of 9.1 Patch and clearly shows what carries we now offer for sale for our loyal customers. Browse through the boosting products, explore various combinations and options and select the ones suitable for you. All our services are fast and reasonably priced, however, if you are interested in something unique or VIP boosting do not hesitate to contact our managers and we will definitely find a way to help you.

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