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Shadowlands Boosting Services

Shadowlands expansion is set to hit the live World of Warcraft servers on 23 November 2020 and bring a ton of new previously unseen content into the game. Buying boosting for your character in Shadowlands allows one to get new powerful gear, fast leveling, and unique mounts and titles. Order our most advanced and tailor-made PvP and PvE carry services in Shadowlands done by pro boosters now and enjoy your game.

What carry services can I order in Shadowlands?

Shadowlands offer a variety of novelty things to boost. That is why boosting in Shadowlands is essential for players who would like to get that competitive edge among the others. Would you like to get boosted in PvP and get the new cool looking glad mount? Or you are into PvE Shadowlands boost to kill Sire Denathrius in Castle Nathria mythic raid one of the first in the world? In either case, Boosthive is there to get you the best carry services in Shadowlands including:

  • Shadowlands leveling and character carry;
  • Shadowlands high-end PvE boost;
  • mythic plus dungeons and heroic raids boostings;
  • PvP carry in both rated and open-world Shadowlands event;
  • farming assist of anima, stygia and other rare Shadowlands currencies;
  • Great Vault for weekly cache;
  • rare SL mount carry services;
  • unique shadowlands legendary crafting;
  • covenant campaign assistance;
  • Torghas, Tower of the Damned runs and Soul Ash gathering;
  • Shadowlands pathfinder achievement completion;
  • any Shadowlands rep grinding services;
  • and many more professional fast SL boosts.

All of the above-mentioned offers can yield you unprecedented rewards and success, especially if ordered in the right time. The best time to boost your character in Shadowlands is at the very beginning of the expansion when everyone is just learning new features of the game.

What class to play in Shadowlands?

“Who to main in Shadowlands?” has been an open question since the announcement of the new expansion. Also, all the WoW players were wondering why is there no new class in Shadowlands? Left with all the developers has to give us our professional boosting testers went to beta servers and simcrafted every class right before the release of the pre-patch.

According to their judgment and their experience in mythic plus, the best classes to play in this sort of content are the following.

Shadowlands Class


Power Tier for Mythic+ Dungeons



S-Tier (Perfect DPS for M+)


Subtlety / Outlaw








Demon Hunter



Death Knight

Unholy / Frost

A-Tier (B)

This information is subject to change with every future update of the WoW Shadowlands build and hotfixes.

Those classes are best for mythic plus dungeons but the overall picture including the shadowlands raids mainly stays similar. Our shadowlands carry teams noticed that it is not the class that makes you powerful but the skill and the gear you’ve got. Therefore you can choose any class you like and know how to play and with our pro Shadowlands boosting services you can make it a dominator.

Our help can assist you in any kind of shadowlands carry regardless of your game preference and equipment. Speaking of which now not even heirloom items can make your leveling faster in Shadowlands while our booster’s experience can!

Did heirloom items change in Shadowlands?

Yes, they did! Now they grant some power-up bonuses for your alt character, especially if the full set is assembled, but have no effect on the percentage of experience gained during the leveling process.

Although the leveling became much faster it is still at times can be a pain to level through the same location you did for several times now. Get a boost in shadowlands to avoid the boring questing and get to the good part straight away! 

No skill plays out to be better than BiS gear in WoW, yet it is a controversial statement but it works 80% of the time therefore the time you get your boost in Shadowlands matters a lot.

When is the best time to get boosted in Shadowlands?

The early you buy Shadowlands boosting for your toon the faster you can start enjoying the high-end content of the game. We recommend starting with our powerleveling services and move up from there. Pre-ordering the Shadowlands boost allows you to skip the learning curve, and get the following benefits.

  1. Get to level sixty with the booster who knows the fastest leveling routes of Shadowlands.
  2. Get full high-level gear (226 ilvl) boost to dominate both PvP and PvE worlds.
  3. Complete the weekly Shadowlands quests to loot the Great Vault 226+ ilvl gear.
  4. Farm out mythic plus dungeons and raids to get full BiS gear for your class.
  5. Craft all the available shadowlands legendaries faster than your friends.
  6. Dominate arena and RBG to earn new PvP titles and mounts.
  7. Level-up your Covenant’s renown levels to get awesome rewards and transmogrification.

All those perks will definitely allow you to stand out of the crowd in Shadowlands while making your gameplay easy and stress-free.

WoW Shadowlands to-do list

What to do in Shadowlands? So much new content has been added for all types of players. New locations, new rare mobs, new leveling process, and of course new mythic plus dungeons and raids that have some BiS 226+ Shadowlands equipment for every class. But this is a blessing and a curse at the same time. PLayers may get overwhelmed by the amount of new content and things they have to complete daily.

Therefore we are here to help and here is the Shadowlands prime to-do list for the great start of the expansion.

  1. Level up your character using the faster route possible.
  2. Select your covenant and start doing as much campaign as possible.
  3. Start farming the Maw zone for Ve’nari rep and conduits.
  4. Gear yourself in Mythic 0 dungeons.
  5. Try your best in the Torghast Tower.
  6. Craft your Legendary on week 2-3.
  7. Start grinding mythic + and Raids in Season 1.
  8. Dominate arena and RBG.
  9. Collect all rare pets and mounts of Shadowlands.
  10. Enjoy your game together with Boosthive.

After completing this list yourself or with the help of the professional Shadowlands carry team you will definitely be one of the few players to reach top 1 standings in both PvP and PvE. Second might be more difficult in the beginning as the content is heavily time-gated. Let us now see what new features Shadowlands brought and how you can get the best of them.

 WoW Shadowlands new features

There are whole guides written about new features of Shadowlands expansion therefore we will be brief and short and only mention the ones that are essential for character development. Also, we can assist you in every one of the listed below items through the professional SL boosting services:

  • faster 1-50 leveling in any ex-expansion;
  • old talents for all classes revived;
  • covenant and conduit system;
  • Torghast Tower ever-changing dungeon;
  • customized craftable legendary items;
  • new mythic plus affixes;
  • all sorts of new mounts, pets, and achievements.

Shadowlands expansion is the new chapter in WoW history, it has a new world setting and some awesome mechanics to it. We will continue to offer top-notch quality boosting services in this expansion so that you can experience the game at a pace comfortable for you.

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