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Glory of the Shadowlands Hero Boost

The Glory of the Shadowlands Hero boost is a full run through 8 Shadowlands (SL) dungeons in a mythic difficulty with completion of 16 achievements that are required for Glory of Shadowlands Hero meta-achievement.

Boost takes 1-2 days.

All achievements of the Shadowlands mythic dungeons require high skill levels and concentration.

WoW Glory of the Shadowlands Hero carry includes:

Important: Kaal-ed Shot achievement can be completed in piloted mode only and it is an additional option.

The list of achievements that are included in the Glory of the Shadowlands Hero: Bountiful Harvest, Ready for Raiding VII, Going Viral, Someone Could Trip on These!, Nobody Puts Denathrius in a Corner, I Can See My House From Here, I Only Have Eyes For You, Highly Communicable, Surgeon's Supplies, Full Gores Meal, Riding with my Slimes, Breaking Bad, ExSPEARiential, Residue Evil, Three Choose One, Kaal-ed Shot.


  • 60 level;
  • following some guidance from the GotSH boosting team.

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Glory of the Shadowlands Hero