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WoW Discounted Bundles

Have you ever wanted to get something really particular in World of Warcraft but could not find the place to get it? Or you want some extreme boost that regular carry teams scared to offer because they lack experience or skill? Then you have arrived at the right section as our WoW VIP Boosting services can get you everything you ever wanted! And don’t miss out on our discounted WoW bundle special offers, they are totally worth your attention.

World of Warcraft Bundles

Our team at Boosthive is constantly working to offer the best services in World of Warcraft and creates unique bundles that can make the life of every player in WoW easier. Start your journey with a perfect boost to rush towards the top places in the ladder while others are just figuring out how to do it. 

Every bundle we offer for sale is tested and combined to suit a particular part of your gameplay. Mainly you will find most of the top-selling services grouped by activity and discounted to the maximum user satisfaction.

Boosthive WoW Bundles types:

  • Starting Bundles (For returning players or start-of-the-patch activities);
  • Daily Bundles (For those who hate farming daily quests but still want to get rewards);
  • Weekly Bundles (Get a couple of weeks vacation without losing the progress);
  • Mythic + Bundles (Get fastest runs at the lowest price);
  • Raiding Bundles (Clear all the bosses for any amount of characters);
  • Gearing Bundles (Get any set you want, works both for PvE and PvP activities);
  • Special Offers (The cheapest boosting service of exquisite quality).

It doesn’t matter what bundle you chose to buy we can 100% guarantee the order completion. And if you can find the right boosting pack for your needs, then talk to one of our 24/7 available support managers and they can help you create a VIP boosting custom offer.

WoW VIP Carries & Custom Offers

Our team has over 500+ boosters enrolled and ready to tackle any task related to World of Warcraft. From farming reputation to hardcore mythic raiding, we can do them all with intact confidence. Therefore if you have an idea of something you want us to deliver share it with us via online chat and we will find the right person to execute the desired service. 

Such VIP boosts are an awesome way to get the exact services from trustworthy and experienced pro-gaming teams.

WoW VIP Carries offer you some extraordinary advantages.

  1. VIP Boosts are custom-made to suit your needs.
  2. Players get a dedicated boosting team and 24/7 support.
  3. Private streaming available upon request.
  4. A vast variety of exclusive services.
  5. Possibility to assemble a custom VIP bundle.
  6. Additional discounts based on the order items.

As you can see VIP carry is one of the fastest and most reliable services to develop your character in World of Warcraft. If you have limited playing time it would be wise to spend it on the content you like and leave the boring grind and pointless farm to our professional players.

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