WoW TCG Loot

Buy WoW TCG loot to receive extremely rare rewards that can be obtained via codes from the WoW Trading Card Game. We offer WoW Trading Card Game goodies and mounts for sale to all players who want to make their collections more prestigious with these unique items.

TCG loot for sale 

We will obtain your desired TCG items without requiring any of your gold. Our team will use all possible ways of obtaining TCG loot you wish to buy and make sure you get it in the shortest time possible. By purchasing WoW TCG mounts from us, you can expand your collection quickly and effortlessly.

Reasons to buy WoW TCG loot?

Opting for our TCG mounts boost presents the perfect opportunity to save your time and money while obtaining coveted mounts like the Swift Spectral Tiger that you've always dreamed of. Here are the advantages of using our TCG loot services:

  1. Guaranteed delivery: We provide a 100% guarantee that you will receive the purchased goods with the assistance of our boosters.
  2. Stress-Free acquisition: Obtain rare items for your collection without the stress or wastage of gold.
  3. Low waiting time: Once purchased, we will provide digital TCG code in the shortest time possible.
  4. No gold usage: We won't buy TCG items from Auction House and we won't touch your gold.
  5. Available on all EU realms.
  6. The rarest and most prestigious mounts, toys, and other collectibles are available here.

Regular in-game activities can become monotonous during long patches, but the WoW community always finds engaging ways to occupy themselves. The Trading Card goodies serve as an excellent source for acquiring prestigious mounts and items. Now, let's compile a list of fan-favorite TCG mounts available for purchase.

Buy most notable TCG loot

You might be wondering what mounts are the most exquisite and notable among the playerbase. Here we have compiled a short list of TCG mounts to buy if you want to receive the best and most prestigious ones in the game.

Notable TCG mounts for sale are:

  1. Spectral Tiger.
  2. Swift Spectral Tiger.
  3. Magic Rooster Egg.
  4. Murloc Costume.
  5. Big Blizzard Bear.

There are many more mounts than presented here on the list, however these present especially high levels of prestige amongst the playerbase. Simply buy TCG mount of your liking and enjoy being among the elite mount collectors in World of Warcraft.

What does TCG loot include?

WoW TCG Loot cards offer a wide range of rewards, including cosmetic items, pets, and even mounts. Many of these items were often exclusive or had limited availability, making them highly sought after by collectors and players looking for unique in-game content.

Examples of loot card rewards include:

  1. Rare Mounts: Get access to extremely rare and exclusive mounts, such as the "Spectral Tiger" or the "Swift Spectral Tiger." These mounts have beautiful, unique appearances and are sought after by many collectors.
  2. Pets: Special companions will stay by your side and show everyone around their unique TCG nature. Pets such as the "Goblin Weather Machine" or the "Banana Charm" are only available via TCG loot and thus extremely rare.
  3. Cosmetic Items: TCG loot also offers cosmetic items that allow players to customize their characters' appearance.

As you can see, there is a lot to love about rare TCG loot that you can buy here at Boosthive. If you don’t see the item that you would like to purchase, you can simply contact us, and we will do everything possible to obtain it for you.

What is TCG loot in WoW? 

WoW TCG is a Trading Card Game based on the universe of Azeroth. This game offers numerous items that players can transfer into World of Warcraft by using codes found on TCG cards. Tracking down TCG loot can be incredibly challenging, as they are often only available via the code on the card itself.

What makes obtaining these codes more challenging is the fact that the game was discontinued back in 2013, 10 years ago. However, codes that were printed back then still function if redeemed in World of Warcraft. We scour all possible sources for TCG loot and offer it for sale here at Boosthive. Forget about wasting countless hours looking for something you need and simply buy it here!

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