Dragonriding is the new major expansion feature introduced with Dragonflight. At its core, it’s a new way of flying that is way more exciting and fast than the legacy flying system. Soar through the skies swiftly, quicker than ever before with dragonriding. However, it doesn’t just end here, as it can also be upgraded further with its own talent tree. Unlocking dragonriding is essential at the start of Dragonflight since legacy mounts won’t be able to fly in the Dragon Isles until way later into the expansion. However, dragonriding access will be important not just at the start of Dragonflight. Even after dragonflight flying unlocks for all mounts, dragonriding will still remain the fastest way to travel.

How to fly on Dragon Isles?

Unlike traditional flying, dragonriding incorporates more mechanics that make it more engaging and fun to traverse the skies. Players are given various abilities that allow them to speed up in short bursts, fly higher, or descend faster. Using said abilities requires vigor, which acts sort of like energy charges for your dragon. Vigor can be increased allowing players to use more fun dragonriding abilities and travel faster than ever before. Unlock dragonriding access and enjoy all of the benefits of this new and exciting system.

Dragonriding has its own unique abilities which can be upgraded in a specialized talent tree. Players can acquire dragonriding talent points by seeking out well-hidden glyphs scattered around the Dragon Isles. Each glyph grants one dragonriding talent point, as well as an achievement for finding it.

In order to better understand how dragonriding talents can improve your experience, it would be beneficial to know basic dragonriding abilities. They are:

Dragonriding Active Ability


Lift Off

The most basic ability allowing to start dragonriding

Surge Forward

Drastically increases speed for 3 seconds

Skyward Ascent

Grants height by sacrificing a bit of speed

Bronze Timelock

Leaves a checkpoint allowing you to return to it at any point. As long as you stay mounted it is possible to return to said checkpoint no matter the distance. It works even if you are in a completely different region of the Dragon Isles!

There are numerous other passive abilities that enhance the dragonriding experience. Some of them are unlocked from the get-go, some can be unlocked by increasing renown with various factions on Dragon Isles, and some are granted in a form of dragonriding talents.

Getting a dragonflight flying unlock with all the abilities will make traversing the Dragon Isles (and maybe even the rest of Azeroth in the future, who knows!) faster, saving you enormous amounts of time. We can take the effort of unlocking all of these talents for you with our dragonriding boost. No need to waste hours to make your experience the most comfortable it can be when you can just use our services!

Unlocking Dragonriding Ability and Mounts

Not every mount can benefit from dragonriding as of yet. There are currently 4 special dragonriding mounts, and each one of them can be acquired via questing in Dragon Isles. Four Dragonriding mounts are fearsome Renewed Proto-Drake, formidable Windborne Velocidrake, elegant Highland Drake, and rampant Cliffside Wyldrake. Each one of them can be obtained by completing questlines in specific zones of Dragon Isles. Same goes for unlocking dragonriding ability access itself. It can be acquired by completing an introductory questline in the Waking Shores, which culminates with a quest that has a very predictable name – Dragonriding.

On top of these mounts, a new playable race, Drakthyr, can also use dragonriding ability, even without a dragonriding mount. Unlike the mounts, Drakthyr won’t have an access to dragonriding talent tree for their racial flying ability. However, it doesn’t mean that collecting dragonriding glyphs is pointless for them. Collecting each glyph will greatly increase their flying speed within the Dragon Isles.

Buying Dragonriding Customization

You might be thinking that having only four dragonriding mounts would get really stale and boring, especially considering that every player would use them. But there is no need to worry, as it was taken care of by the developers. In order to ensure that new mounts always look fresh and exciting, a dragonriding mount customization system has been introduced. Players can unlock dragonriding cosmetics to completely change the feel and look of their flying companion.

Various parts of dragonriding customization can be unlocked via numerous means. Renown grinding, questing, achievement-hunting, raiding, participating in PvP, and even progressing dungeons can expand the collection of dragonriding mount cosmetics. Some of the more unique dragon riding cosmetics are locked behind tough challenges, such as getting a gladiator arena rank.

Gain Dragonflight flying access with our dragonriding boosts! With our help, you can unlock all dragonriding-related things in the shortest possible time. Be it dragonriding glyphs, cosmetics, or Dragon Isles flying access itself - we can do it quickly and efficiently. Dragonriding looks like the future of transportation in WoW and is probably here to stay for a long time. Who knows, maybe we’ll even witness dragonriding combat at some point! Don’t miss your chance to max out your new flying abilities with our dragonriding boosting services!

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