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Searching where to buy wow mounts? If you need specific, rare or just beautiful mount which does not sell vendors - Boosthive is your choice. We are ready to help with the coolest wow mounts which even have less than 1% of players. We make farm routine simple!

There are a lot of rare mounts that are very difficult to obtain. These beasts can highlight you from the crowd and show your achievements in Azeroth. You get mounts from millions of activities in the game: raid bosses in each expansion, rare spawns, rated arena and battlegrounds, meta achievements, quests, dungeons, and even professions.


The rarest mounts have a 1% drop or they are rewards from rare elites monsters that can spawn only once a week. A great example is an elusive Time-Lost Proto-Drake which appears in The Storms Peaks. It was added back in WotLK expansion, but since then only 5% of players have it. There are also prestigious WoW mounts gained for gladiator rank on rated arena or rbg. Raid mounts usually drop from the most difficult bosses only Mythic difficulty.


Players choose mounts they want according to their preferences: somebody wants it to match transmogrification, class fantasy or race. Others prefer only prestigious mounts that are hard to get. Part of gamers are gathering all mount collection and don't care about their style or color. They just want them all! Previously in WoW Classic, there were fewer variations of vehicles in the game, but it cost a lot of gold to teach riding skill. Nowadays riding isn't hard to get, but it is all about rarity, taste, and collecting.


We are ready to do mount farm for your character. Either it is a Vicious Saddle or raid drop or mount for reputation. All our services have unique pictures or link where you can see mount models. For your comfort, all services are divided into categories:


  • Batte for Azeroth mounts: here you can find our hottest offers from the latest expansion
  • Flying Access: here you can buy Pathfinder for BfA, Legion or Draenor. These meta achievements allow you to fly in these continents
  • Legion Mounts are available in previous WoW Addon
  • Rare drop Mounts: these are the most rares creatures in Azeroth
  • Reputation mounts that are bought for Exalted status with different factions
  • Event Mounts: rewards from special activities in games

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It is faster, easier and cooler. You receive your first mount on level 20 and then they will accompany you during your journeys in-game. There are hundreds of different vehicles in the game: horses, dragons, war bears, gnomish machines, dinosaurs, birds, kodoes, raptors, riding turtles and many more. Many of them are available in different colors or textures to meet your expectations.

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