Mythic Fyrakk Mount

Fyrakk Mythic Mount | Anu'relos

Becoming a proudful owner of one the dragonriding mount is easier with a Mythic Fyrakk mount boost. Unique mount that is not actually a dragon, fire Owl - Anu'relos Flame's Guidance has a 100% chance to drop from the last boss of Amirdrassil raid in mythic difficulty until War Within prepatch . So getting it until the prepatch is a way to save hundreed hours of time testing luck when drop chance will be lowered. Purchasing mythic Fyrakk mount you get a quick and secure run at agreed time.

Note: To know exact time of the run please check the availability of the raid slots before buying Fyrakk mythic mount.

Start time:

Flexible schedule / Boost takes: ~1 hour.

You will get:
  1. Fyrakk mythic mount – Anu'relos, Flame's Guidance.
  2. Druid travel flying form.
  3. Mythic: Fyrakk the Blazing achievement.
  4. A chance to get 528 ilvl loot.
  5. Title - the Blazing
Additional option:
  • Fyr'alath guaranteed - we will farm heroic Fyrakk until you get Fyr'alath quest item.
  • level 70;
  • fresh Amirdrassil mythic cooldown;

Mythic Fyrakk Mount

Just like in the previous expansions, Amirdrassil being the last raid tier of Dragonflight, rewards the brave souls who defeat Fyrakk on Mythic difficulty with a majestic blazing owl, which drops as personal loot (i.e. straight into your inventory) to two raid members. Not only is this one of the dragonriding mounts that is not a dragon, the Fyrakk mount has a couple of bonuses for Druid and Hunters:

These unlocks are account wide and you will get them regardless of the class you obtain this mount on.

How to buy the Mythic Fyrakk Mount

If you would like to buy the Fyrakk mount, but are unsure of the process, we have made an easy to follow step-by-step guide, to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  1. Set up the run with manager after purchase.
  2. Get on time to the run.
  3. Hit the boss at least once.
  4. Get mount after boss defeated.
  5. Enjoy the fire owl and leave review.

When you buy the Fyrakk mount a raid team consisting of professional PvE players will defeat all 8 bosses before inviting you straight to the final encounter so you can enjoy the flawless boss execution. The pro players will kill the boss and trade you the mount once Fyrakk has been defeated. In addition, you will also get rare PvE achievements and a title on top of having a chance to loot amazing mythic gear. Buy the mythic Fyrakk mount boost from Boosthive today!

Fyrakk Mythic Mount | Anu'relos