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Hello there, my dear little… Oh wait, you are not a pet! I guess you are here to buy some Battle pet service! Great idea, our experienced team is ready to powerlevel your Poke...battle pets, sure, pets! We also provide headhunting carry for battle pets in the game, just in case you need us to catch you some rare spawn! And for sure, our Professional Pet trainers are ready to help you complete some hard events as Battle pet dungeon boost or Celestial Pet tournament carry. Please contact our support manager to get your personal offer.

Why is it important to buy Battle pets boost service?

In previous expansion, we’ve been introduced to new game mechanics such as World Quests. As we can see, in BFA 5-10% of them are Battle pet quests, they reward Azerite power, gold, reputation, gear; but require you to have a variety of strong and rare level 25 creatures. To beat some pet trainers you need a special composition of Battle pets, and it’s not easy to catch them all. We also got a new game feature - Battle pet dungeons, like Wailing Caverns or Gnomeregan. There are also many hard achievements that reward cool Battle pets. And of course, it takes much time to level up your pets from level 1 to cap. Also pets are good to start collecting something cool in the game. Our Pet training team is ready to carry your Battle pet experience to the top 24/7.

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