Shadowlands Covenants

The new World of Warcraft expansion has introduced the players to 4 major Shadowlands factions that they can swear allegiance to. Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolord, and Night Fae Covenants are the key to successful character development in WoW now as they offer unique abilities to boost your character.

Boosthive has prepared the full list of various Covenant related carry services. From simple covenant questline completion to a more sophisticated Covenant renown farming and Soulbind collection. Buying any of Covenant boosts will allow you to save your gaming time and use it for something you enjoy doing rather than for some boring questing or grinding.

What Covenant to choose for my class?

It all depends on your spec and the content you are planning to do most. Every covenant offers you 2 additional skills that can possibly change or alter your gameplay. Some offer protective abilities such as Necrolord shield - Fleshcraft that is good for tanks. Others offer more support oriented perks.

Here is the full list of Covenant SIgnature abilities that are given to every one of 12 World of Warcraft classes:


Signature Ability

Brief Description


Summon Steward

The supportive skill that can heal you, remove curse, disease, poison, and bleed and open some cool perks like access to the traveling system or vendors.


Door of Shadows

Teleport to a 35-yard range. Good for slow classes & specs such as a blood DK.

Night Fae


Movement buff and teleport, also a shapeshift to a spectral vulpine. Great for a speed boost.



A shield to protect you from damage. Great ability for a tank but can be too hard to use in combat.

Therefore a choice of Covenant in shadowlands is a tricky and at times difficult process. However it doesn’t matter which covenant you will decide to pledge to, Boosthive got you covered and offers you top-notch Covenant boosting services available for order right now.

What Covenant carries do you offer?

You name it! We can do any Covenant boost you want us to do. If you want some specific VIP shadowlands covenants carry service, please speak to one of our managers and they will be glad to assist you in creating a custom order. Otherwise, we are focusing out Covenant boosts on these three main areas:

  • Covenant main campaign help & questing;
  • Covenant Renown farming assistance;
  • Covenant Soulbinds unlock and Stygia grind;
  • Covenant Assaults completion;
  • New zones unlocks;
  • Chains of Domination campaign.

With these 3 Covenant support products, you will forget about the radius farm and boring questing. We will professionally take care of that by taking your character to the top with completely no effort from your side. Enjoy your favorite World of Warcraft activities and leave the grind to us!

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