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Covenant Assaults
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Covenant Assaults is the new type of story-based Maw event that happens on a rotation in patch 9.1 Chains of Domination. It is one of the key elements of the new PvE content as it rewards players with plenty of reputation points, unique crafting materials, and top WQ gear. Buying the Covenant Assaults farming service will free you from the need to camp and time the assaults and simply enjoy the rewards our boosters get you.

What will you get from purchasing x1 Covenant Assault completion?

  1. 200 Stygia and 50 Soul Cinders to upgrade your legendary.
  2. 1 x Korthite Crystal crafting material.
  3. 800 reputation with 9.1 faction - Death's Advance.
  4. 500 and 200 reputation with the attacking and assisting covenants.
  5. Chance to loot Maw-Touched gear equivalent to your best WQ rewards.

With a bit of luck, you also can get the following rare mounts and pets:

Kyrian  Copperback Etherwyrm
Necrolords Undying Darkhound's Harness and Fodder
Venthyr Harvester's Dredwing Saddle
Night fae Legsplitter War Harness

Covenant Assaults Boost ETA: 2 assaults/week.

Please take a look at the basic requirements before purchasing Covenant assault boost. If you miss any of these - feel free to contact our managers via online chat and we will gladly help.


  • WoW Shadowlands account;
  • 60 lvl character;
  • Covenant assaults access (if you don't have it, feel free to pick the following option).

Each covenant assault lasts for half a week in a certain zone in the Maw, and after that, another covenant starts its attack. Full rotation happens within 2 weeks.

Covenant assaults quick guide

Covenant assaults happen in the Maw and involve covenants attacking a particular zone of this hostile location. Players can join the attacks of ANY covenants and not necessarily be of the same one with the attacking forces. Covenants usually join forces and attack zones by two.

While it is quite an interesting event to take part in, later in the game, it will become a time-consuming burden which is best to be delegated to one of our professional boosters. If you feel a little overwhelmed with all the new features in Patch 9.1, here are the main steps on how to complete and farm Covenant assaults:

  1. First of all, you need to complete 2/9 chapters of the Chains of Domination storyline (it starts with Bolvar in Oribos).
  2. You will see the covenant symbol appeared on the map in the Maw - head to that location.
  3. There will be 4 quests around the area that you need to complete.
  4. A large boss will appear and you will help your covenant to defeat it.
  5. Grab the rewards!

With this quick guide, you can easily start your journey on the main character and buy the fast Covenant Assaults farming service for any of your alts. In case you have a special request or want to create a custom boosting order feel free to contact us via the online chat for more information.

Covenant Assaults
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