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Player versus Player in World of Warcraft. Much has been talked about when it comes PvP and even more will be. No matter how you look at it, it will always be referred to as one of the main pillars of the game. From random world encounters to organized RBG and Arena teams and battles, players around the world face each other, each of them aiding their faction in the eternal conflict. As more and more players decide to participate, there is a greater need for success. That is why Boosthive offers the best WoW PvP boost services in the field.

Before we tell you what we offer with WoW PvP boost, let's take a closer look at the World of Warcraft PvP in general. When players start a new character, the early game is rather innocent, at least when it comes to seeing the opposing faction. However, soon after, players venture deeper and farther away from their starting points. And as such, they start running into the enemy, feeling the tension of a newfound danger as the world of PvP slowly opens its door.


Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, most would say. But there are those who are different. Those who saw the complex beauty that is PvP, deciding to dedicate their time to get better, to fully embrace what it has to offer. Today, they are known as High Marshals and High Warlords, Rivals, Duelists and Gladiators. They are known for their PvP skills, knowledge, and passion. They are the ones that can boost your WoW PvP rating and the only thing you have to do is choose it to happen.


Here at Boosthive, we have such a team. A team of experts, professional gamers with years of experience, players that will help you with boosting your World of Warcraft PvP experience like no other. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or barely got your feet wet, we have a solution for you.


Most organized PvP battles occur in Rated Battlegrounds (RBG) and in the, now long famous, Arena. While in RBG the players fight in larger groups of 10 or more people, Arena is played in much smaller teams, 2v2 and 3v3. Both are different breeds, for they require different kinds of skills, even when they seem the same. Communication, skill and general PvP knowledge are all required, in RBG or Arena, but the way they are applied is not the same. Some people tend to do better in 1v1 situations, making the Arena gameplay more alluring to them. Others prefer the chaos that large group battle offers, using it to gain an advantage on the enemy, thus preferring the RBG.


Whichever group you might fit into, one thing remains the same. As you encounter more and more skilled opponents, the game becomes harder, more challenging, and longer, while the win to loss ratio slowly goes down. This is one of the reasons we're offering our WoW BfA PvP boost services. With us, the games remain fairly easy, the number of wins don't drop nearly as much, and the overall experience is a lot easier to digest and accept.


What we offer when we say we'll carry you in WoW PvP:

  • RBG Wins - reaching the weekly conquest cap or getting 10 wins for the artifact appearance
  • RBG Rating – play with our team of expert PvPers, reaching the previously unimaginable ratings
  • Arena 3v3 Rating – Get invited into a team of professionals, one that will carry and guide you in the process
  • Arena 2v2 and 3v3 Coaching – Learn about your class, getting expert tips and tricks from professionals


Let's not forget about PvP Achievements, Titles, and mounts as well.


That is why we also offer:


  • Mark of Honor – Transmogrification currency, used for old PvP sets, but also heirlooms and their upgrade
  • Battlemaster and Khan titles. The „big daddies“ of the PvP titles, they let everyone know you pretty much achieved all you could on the battlefield
  • Seasonal Mounts and Vicious Saddle – Several PvP mounts are available that you can get by exchanging 1 Vicious Saddle. It's a badge you receive for winning 100 games over 1500 rating. Each season has its current seasonal mount that is available only until the season ends. Doing this regularly ensures you keep your mount list well updated
  • Gurubashi Arena Grand Master – Collect a treasure chest that spawns every 3 hours. Do it 10 times in order to win the title. Warning: Numerous players are trying the same, so prepare yourself as best as you can


These, and much more, are available if you choose Boosthive. One could say you get to boost your WoW PvP self-play with us.

But however, you want to call it, the fact is that we're offering services with such a high level of skill involved, that many of our customers are returning, asking us to „do the Warcraft PvP carry“.

Without trying to boast, we are very confident in our services and the results speak for themselves. So check our offers, see what's best suited for you and make an order today.


In other words, let Boosthive carry your PvP dreams to reality.

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