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PvP in World of Warcraft is all about competition between different teams again each other. Players fight on arena and battlegrounds in order to win the battle. You get different rewards including tons of Azerite power, achievements, gear, unique mounts, pets, transmogrification items for doing PvP boost. The higher your rating – the better and more rare rewards you earn. However, it is not easy to get to the top, because your opponents are also doing their best to win. Your rating represents your progression and gladiator is considered to be the best indicator of your skills.

We offer all kinds of PvP carry services. You can buy rating, various mounts, conquest cap or hourly coaching in case you are new to game or want to learn more about your class and skills. We offer teams of gladiators who have been playing PvP for a lot of years. Either you want highest rank or training, we are always ready to help you. All our arena and rbg services goes with free selfplay option, so you will be see whole process with your own eyes. It is very fun and engaging.

All Rated arena and RBG carry services:

  • 2v2 or 3v3 coaching - you and our trainers teams up and they help you to learn new things about your class and the game.You can also cooperate with our players to reach high results!
  • Arena 3v3 - you get invited by our team of gladiators and play with them until you reach result you want. Our players will also guide you during matches
  • RBG wins - in case you want to play few rated battlegrounds. It is perfect way to do your weekly conquest cap or you can earn unique artifact apperance for winning 10 games
  • RBG rating - you will play with our PvP group to reach 

PvP Achievements & Titles. There are also other activities besides Arena and Battlegrounds, like world PvP, achievements, mounts, titles and other thigns that engage players to fight for the win

  • Marks of Honor boost. This currency is used to buy transmogrification sets and weapons from previous PvP Seasons. You can also purchase and upgrade your heirlooms for twinks.
  • Khan and Battlemaster Titles. These are two giants. If you have one or two of these - you literally did everything in battlegrounds in WoW
  • Bloody Coins was added on Timeless Island in Mist of Pandaria. You can buy Ashhide Mushan beast using thoose. Also there is a Fire-Watch title for obtaining 2000 of those.
  • Vicious Saddle and Seasonal mounts. There are 10 mounts available for Horde and Alliance that you can obtain with 1 Vicious Saddle. This is a badge that you will get for winning 100 games after 1500 rating. Plus each season you earn special themed Seasonal mount that is available only during current Season. If you are a hardcore collector or simply love mounts, we highly recommend doing this each season so you won't miss a single reward.
  • Gurubashi Arena Grand Master service. This Coliseum is located in Northern Stranglethorn. Every 3 hours there is a treasure chest in the middle of an area. Players kill each other and first who loots the chest - wins and earns achievement. If you win 10 times, character gets achievement. This stuff was added back in Classic WoW and still remains popular. 

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