Arena Wins Boost

Arena Wins

Boosthive offers to buy WoW arena wins farm with saving your rating. Maintain your rating effortlessly, without stressing and dedicating hours of play. Trust in our skilled players for swift and efficient Arena wins carry. This approach lets you enjoy the perks of your high rating without the risk of losing your rating.

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: ~4 hours.

Arena Wins boost includes:

  1. The chosen number of wow arena wins on your rating.
  2. x250 Honor & x85 Conquest points for the first win of the day.
  3. Progress to unlocking PvP Great Vault reward.
  4. Seasonal mount progress (Vicious saddle).
  5. Guaranteed to stay on your rank.

Please note, that buying arena wins WoW does not guarantee a rating increase. You are only guaranteed to stay on your current rank to get the chosen number of arena 3v3 wins.

When buying weekly arena win 3v3, you can select any number of wins with our flexible calculator. Choose more wins for a bigger discount. 


  • 70 level;
  • DPS spec;
  • Honor gear;
  • wins at 2100+ requires Conquest gear.

Weekly Arena Win Carry Service

Boosthive team provides one of the best 3v3 wins wow farm service on the market. Our professional PvP players are ready to help you to win at any rating and claim the best weekly PVP rewards.

There are some recommendations that must be met before buying arena weekly wins farming.

  • winning at 2100 or higher rating requires having 528 ilvl PvP gear (conquest);
  • please follow team's instructions if opting for selfplay;
  • we will schedule the most comfortable time for you to play.

In case you still have any questions before purchasing arena weekly wins 3v3 from our carry team, feel free to contact any of our managers in the online chat, skype, or discord. We work 24/7 and are ready to help.

Arena Wins