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Arena 3v3 Rating

Estimated time for boost:  2 days

3v3 Arena rating carry with selfplay mode is safest way to get rating, honor level, 370-385 gear, elite appearance set, achievements at the end of season, azerite, elite tabard and enchant for weapon.

You will get:

  • Choosen rating (higher than 2100 possible only with hourly coaching)
  • Selfplay mode for free
  • Honor levels and honor rewards (mounts)
  • 370-385 items depends on current rating
  • Elite PvP set (full set for 1800 or higher rating)
  • Achievements like Three's Company: 2000
  • Titles: Combatant, Challenger, Rivar or Duelist 
  • Elite weapon enchant for 2100 and tabard for 2400 

2200 and higher arena rating is currently unavailable.

Rewards for Arena boost 3v3:

  • 1500 rating, Combatant - 395 ilvl weekly item +  Elite appearance (Bracers + Belt ) 
  • 1600 rating, Challenger - 400 ilvl weekly item + Elite appearance (Gloves, Legs, Booots)
  • 1800 rating, Rival - 405 ilvl weekly item + Full Elite set
  • 2100 rating, Duelist - 410 ilvl weekly item + Weapon Enchant
  • 2400 rating, Gladiator - 415 ilvl weekly item + tabard


  • 120 lvl character with 450+ item level.
  • You need to participate in battles and follow team's instructions to make process fast and easy

The time required for this service to be completed depends on the PvP item level and the current arena rating, therefore it can vary and can be specified by our customer service representative in any contact manner suitable for you. Also please note that at the start of any NEW season time required for completion of this service may be increased because of total MMR drop of all PvP teams.
Please note that start time and duration of any PvP session is always approximate, but we will choose time sutiable for you.