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Selfplay WoW Arena 3v3 Rating

Estimated time for boost2 days

World of Warcraft 3v3 arena rating boost is the process when professional PvP players helping other characters to reach a high WoW 3v3 ratings on the arena ladder.

Buying the 3v3 2200 rating carry will allow you to yield the highest conquest and honor rewards, as well as arena 2400-2700 boost, gets the best available PvP gear sets and titles in WoW. 

Boost ETA: ~1-2 weeks.

These PvP rewards are available with the purchase of any 3v3 Arena carry service.

WoW 3v3 boosting includes:

  • chosen arena rating carry up to 2100 in 3v3 bracket;
  • achievements Three's Company: 2000Rival: Battle for Azeroth Season 4;
  • rating boost over 2100+ is available as hourly PvP coaching; 
  • elite PvP set appearance for the current season;
  • elite PvP weapon enchant for 2100+ and a tabard for 2400+ rating;
  • 80 3v3 wins are rewarded by a Vicious Saddle mount.

To get all those cool PvP rewards and perks from our 3v3 rating upgrade service one will have to stick to some basic requirements.


  • 60-level in Shadowlands;
  • 450+ overall item level for BFA;

In case there is no high-level character on your account we offer you the fastest power leveling service for both 1-50 level range and 50-60 specifically for Shadowlands expansion. This way the character will be eligible for a 3v3 arena carry in a few hours and can be geared-up by our equipment boosting services.

PvP titles in BFA and Shadowlands?

Every season brings new PvP challenges in the World of Warcraft. The better you are and the higher the 3v3 arena rating you can climb the better will be your reward and titles at the end of the Season. Currently, there are the following rewards for the last season of the Battle for Azeroth awarder by reaching a particular rating number.

3v3 Arena Rating

PvP end-season title

Weekly PvP gear ilvl

Elite PvP gear set 

1500 rating


455 ilvl weekly item

Bracers + Belt

1600 rating


460 ilvl weekly item

Gloves, Legs, Boots

1800 rating


465 ilvl weekly item

Full Elite PvP set

2100 rating


470 ilvl weekly item

Weapon Enchant

2400 rating (50 wins)


475 ilvl weekly item


3v3 arena is currently the most skill-based and competitive bracket to play. It requires knowledge of PvP tactics and mastery of the class & role. The 3v3 ladder climbing can turn into a complete disaster if you start losing matches. It can result in days and even weeks stuck on a particular rating without any opportunity to move forward.

That is why Boosthive offers you to get a fast 3v3 arena rating carry service. It works well for both: beginners who just want to boost their 3v3 rating and start their PvP journey with better gear or veteran PvPers who would like to maintain the current arena rating and continue getting awesome rewards.

Why choose us for your 3v3 arena rating farm?

Our 3v3 arena boost is a reliable way to achieve anything you want from competitive WoW PvP gameplay, and here is who choosing Boosthive is a great idea.

  1. Play with professional top Gladiator PvP players of WoW.
  2. Learn new arena moves and tactics from the best performing teams.
  3. Have a pro-player coach you during the 3v3 arena rating carry.
  4. Get your character powered-up before the rating boost.
  5. Have a 100% manual time-proven and clean rating boost.
  6. Be always (24/7) connected with one of our managers.

Please keep in mind:

The time required for arena 3v3 services may vary according to the client’s current rating and the rating one is willing to achieve with this boost. Contacting customer support is greatly appreciating to clarify any details and queries.

The time required for all the above-mentioned 3v3 arena rating carry services may be extended at the beginning of new seasons due to the reset and drop in the MMR of the most PvP teams in WoW.

The start time and duration of any PvP session in World of Warcraft is always approximate. We have the rough ideas about the upcoming SHdowlands PvP seasons and would do our best to deliver rating boosts in the time most suitable for you.