Vault of the Incarnates Raid Boost

Vault of the Incarnates is the first 8-boss raid in Dragonflight released with the patch 10.0 on the initial release of the expansion. The Incarnates raid carry will help players to set foot into this new raid in Azure Span to stand against primalists who seek to destroy Blue Dragonflight. Vault of the Incarnates boost allows heroes to run through this dangerous prison of Primals and defeat such bosses as the Primalist Council, Broodkeeper Diurna, and Raszageth the Storm-Eater.

WoW Vault of the Incarnates Boosting

Finally, the Primals prison in the Azure Span will be opened for heroes to challenge the ancient dragons who oppose the Blue Dragonflight and their use of arcane magic. A new chapter of World of Warcraft’s story is being written as top-guilds progress through this new 8-boss raid – Vault of the Incarnates. Located on the east part of Azure Span, this raid will allow champions of Azeroth to learn more about these primal dragons, their goals, and motives, and hopefully to put their scheming to an end.

While some of the details about this 10.0 raid are still not publicly available, we do know that new and epic rewards await players who decide to take on this raid. In particular we already know that players will be rewarded with Primalist class set tokens. It is speculated that these tokens will drop specifically from the last several bosses of the Incarnates raid. Luckily, our teams with lots of raiding experience can already predict most of the top rewards from this new raid.

VotI boost services and sell runs rewards:

  • new Primalist Class Set items for all classes;
  • primal weapons, armor and trinkets;
  • a lot of elemental transmogrification items
  • new Incarnates raid Feat of Strength achievement;
  • boss achievements and mythic titles;
  • high chances for VotI last boss mount;
  • tons of various rewards such as pets and cosmetics from the VotI raid.

We always keep an eye out for all updates related to the new 8-boss raid on the beta test servers. We will soon provide new information about all of our VotI carry services that will be available for sale in patch 10.0. Boosthive has always been a highly-experienced raid carry provider. Our team can guarantee a 100% completion of fastest VotI raid boost from some of the best PvE guilds in the world. Enjoy the cheap WoW Vault of the Incarnates carry runs in a chill atmosphere and defeat Raszageth to loot some amazing rewards from her together with us.

Let’s take a look at the bosses that are lurking within the Vault of the Incarnates raid and dive into the possible story that awaits us in Dragonflight. Please make sure to carefully read the product description before buying the Vault of the Incarnates raid and sell runs.

Vault of the Incarnates Bosses & Loot Runs

Vault of the Incarnates raid will have 8 bosses with new and exciting visuals and abilities. While bosses that can be encountered during the Azure Span raid carries are new, they will most likely be very important for the WoW’s story going forward. We offer both single boss boosts, as well as all of them in a single VotI carry loot run! Here is the list of all the bosses:

  1. Eranog
  2. Terros - Formed from the earth itself, he is ready to unleash his fury upon anyone who dares to disturb him.
  3. The Primalist Council
  4. Sennarth, The Cold Breath
  5. Dathea, Ascended - Commanding the power of the wind, Dathea will not accept defeat.
  6. Kurog Grimtotem - Master of the Primal Elements
  7. Broodkeeper Diurna
  8. Raszageth the Storm-Eater

It is the official list of confirmed bosses for the new Vault of Incarnates raid in Dragonflight patch 10.0. Some details are still yet to be revealed, and some are subject to change. However, we will keep you updated as soon as new Incarnates raid information will be disclosed on the test servers.

Every boss in the Vault of the Incarnates raid can be purchased separately in Normal, Heroic, and Mythic VotI boost runs. It is also possible to create a custom order to maximize the value for any given character. Here is some info about the boosting services in the Vault of the Incarnates that Boosthive has for sale.

Lootrun to the Vault of the Incarnates

Entering the place of Primals scheming to destroy the Blue Dragonflight will be extremely dangerous even to the most experienced adventurers. However, the rewards that are awaiting there are well worth the risk.

Just imagine how powerful and epic the loot from such mighty foes will be. Let’s take a look at some of our calculations about the ilvl of the loot from Vault of the Incarnates. These calculations are based on how the loot worked in previous expansions.

Vault of the Incarnates ilvl of loot runs and boosts:

  • LFR Vault of the Incarnates - 385 ilvl (392 from the last boss);
  • Normal Vault of the Incarnates - 398 ilvl (405 from the last boss);
  • Heroic Vault of the Incarnates - 411 ilvl (418 from the last boss);
  • Mythic Vault of the Incarnates - 424 ilvl (437 from the last boss);

This VotI raid ilvl calculation is based on our previous experiences with raiding in past expansions. However, all of it is subject to change, as new information gets into the beta test. This list will be updated as soon as there is a solid confirmation from the developers when everything about patch 10.0 is revealed.

At any rate, you can always get the best ilvl gear along with tier set from WoW Vault of the Incarnates raid boost. It is the most convenient way to gear up your character at the start of Dragonflight. Our Incarnates raid boosts will be very helpful as always, getting players their new tier set items in no time at all. This way anyone can enjoy everything new added in 10.0 without having to stress out about the gear.

What other Vault of the Incarnates (VotI) carry services do we offer?

All Vault of the Incarnates boosting services will be available on the release of the raid. It will take around 3-4 weeks for our professional raiders to gear up the loot funnels. This will ensure the easiest and fastest loot acquisition for your character of any spec. 

Let’s take a look at the raid services that we are offering for the first raid tier of Dragonflight:

  • full 8/8 run in Vault of the Incarnates (in normal, heroic, and mythic modes);
  • relevant Glory of the Raider achievement;
  • Raszageth the Storm-Eater kills on any difficulty;
  • normal, heroic, or even mythic full gear for any spec;
  • any mount from the Incarnates raid (if there are any);
  • VotI Ahead of the Curve achievement;
  • Cutting Edge: Raszageth the Storm-Eater achievement.

Thank you for reading all the way through. Hopefully, the information about the Vault of Incarnates boosting services was useful for you. We are doing the best we can to ensure you get the latest updates on raids in WoW, as well as provide the best raid carries on the market. We have some of the best prices on the market for VotI boosting. Our team has defeated countless numbers of bosses and has 8 years of raiding experience.

Hope you are enjoying this new and exciting expansion and raid. And to commemorate both the release of Dragonflight, as well as your attention to details, we offer you a 5% discount code for any order. Use code “ILOVE2READ” at the checkout to claim it. We will continue to provide the best services with the release of this 10.0 raid in Dragonflight. Use the discount code to buy Vault of Incarnates raid, and enjoy your fast VotI raid run with us.

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