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Vault of the Incarnates Normal Run

Vault of the Incarnates normal raid boost provides people with a huge competitive advantage at the start of the new WoW Dragonflight expansion. After buying VotI normal run you will set foot into the dangerous territory of Primals that desire to destroy the Blue Dragonflight. Defeat Raszageth and her servants with ease with our VotI normal boost.

Be one of the first players to loot the new Primalist Tier set, along with the achievements and other great rewards from Vault of the Incarnates normal raid.

WoW Vault of the Incarnates normal boost includes:

  1. VotI normal raid run with group loot mode.
  2. Defeat 8/8 including Raszageth.
  3. Chance to get 389 ilvl (398 from two last bosses) loot and tier items.
  4. Normal versions of Primalist gear.
  5. Achievement Vault of the Incarnates.
  6. Chance to get unique battle pets.

Boost takes: 2-3 hours.

Please note: Raid calendar only displays group loot runs. In order to check next loot-trading raid please contact our managers via online-chat or Discord.

Normal Vault of the Incarnates boost is the best way to get ready for Season 1 of mythic dungeons and PvP at the start of Dragonflight. Before buying any VotI normal sell runs please check the minimal requirements.


  • 70 level;
  • fresh lockout for NM difficulty;
  • no gear requirements.

Vault of the Incarnates Normal Carry

While the normal mode is the easiest one in the game, it still has its own advantages at the start of each new patch. Our raid carry team will be ready to perform full normal VotI runs as soon as the new raid opens for players. It allows players to get the most accessible and cheap gear during the first week of the expansion.

VotI normal loot run advantages:

  1. It is the most convenient and fast way to catch up in the new patch.
  2. VotI carry services for normal mode are cheap due to lack of difficulty.
  3. It is a great way to get acquainted with new bosses and zones.
  4. With this service, it is easy to get loot from the Great Vault.

We have always provided normal raid carries of the highest quality and will continue to do so in Dragonflight. With Boosthive you can always be sure that you are getting one of the best VotI NM boosts on the market. Our teams have 8 years of raiding experience behind their backs, which guarantees fast and smooth loot runs with no delays and minimum raid wipes.

Vault of the Incarnates Raid Boosting Options

You can always buy Vault of the Incarnates normal clear. However, it is also possible to fully customize your order in many different ways to enhance your boosting experience.

With Dragonflight release, all raids including Vault of the Incarnates normal have only one loot option available. It is called Group loot and it can be rather frustrating for players. However, it doesn't mean that Boosthive has nothing to offer for those who are looking for more Vault of the Incarnates hc loot. Here are our options:

VotI normal run options:

Selfplay: This option allows you to personally participate in the raid. However, there is no need to know the strategy or stress out about the consumables - we’ve got you covered! Kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Group loot - there will be at least 1-2+ items that drop from each boss and you are free to roll every item that suits your class and spec assuming that it is an upgrade. This usually results in 0-2 items per run plus loot you get from the Great Vault. The chance to loot is only via rolling. Please remain respectful to others and understand, that other customers are not obliged to trade any items to you. Group loot raids are always shown in the calendar, but we still recommend to confirm the spot before booking.

Armor type priority - there will be at least 10 unsaved players and you will be the only one person for certain armor type and tier token (for example if you're a mage, there won't be any cloth, druid or hunter customers in this raid). Important: offset items (rings, weapons, neck, trinket & back) ARE contested. Our team won't roll for such items unless nobody needs it. 

Please note, that armor type priority raids are not displayed in the calendar, because we need to combine customers properly. Please, always contact our managers in case you want us to organise such a raid. Wednesday-Thursday are the best days to book such raids when a lot of our teams are unsaved.

Item guarantees for VotI heroic loot trading option:

loot mode guaranteed loot
group loot no trades (no item guarantee)
armor type priority 2+ items

Important: all loot that you win is also counted towards the guaranteed loot number.

The loot guarantee indicates the minimum number of items you will get from the normal raid. However, with enough luck, it is entirely possible to get way more items. You can still continue to roll the needed items even if the guaranteed amount has already been reached. 

In case you get fewer unique items than was in the guaranteed amount, we will organize an entirely new bonus run on several bosses next week. Unique are the items with different item IDs.

Thankfully, the raids in Dragonflight do not feature any form of randomized mechanics from previous expansions, like Corrupted, Warforged, or Titanforged. Nevertheless, some of the last bosses in Vault of the Incarnates raid in heroic are dropping higher ilvl items. This means that some of them cannot be traded for the first couple of months.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via online chat! Our customer support is available 24/7 and can answer your questions at any time. They are also available on Discord, as well as Skype.

Vault of the Incarnates Normal