Vault of the Incarnates Full Gear

VotI Full Gear

Vault of the Incarnates is the first raid that has been opened in Dragonflight. All bosses will drop a lot of awesome and powerful gear and trinkets. Raging from 389 in NM, 402 in HC and up to 424 ilvl in mythic, buying full gear in Vault of the Incarnates is the best way to boost the character power and loot some cool-looking transmog & achievements.

VotI full gear carry includes:

  1. VotI raid gear in every slot.
  2. Gear slots will depend on chosen difficulty.
  3. 4 tier sets from VotI raid.
  4. All raid-releated achievement acquired during the service.

Full gear from heroic, normal & mythic difficulties will have the following ilvl:

  • full gear normal boost - 389+ ilvl items in every slot;
  • full gear heroic boost - 402+ ilvl items in every slot;
  • full gear mythic boost - 424+ ilvl items in every slot.

Boost takes: 4+ week.

Please note, that full gearing service might take longer than estimated completion time due to randomn nature of loot drops. However, we will be doing runs until you receive the required ilvl items in each slot (counting Great Vault rewards as well).


  • 70 level;
  • fresh raid cooldown.

When Vault full gear carry becomes available?

In order to gear up in the first Dragonflight season, players will need to defeat bosses in the raid and pray for luck with group loot.

Here is a quick guide on how we will get full VotI gear.

  1. We will clear the raid on the first week when raid releases.
  2. Next week we will start organizing the runs for your character.
  3. We will trade you some pieces during the runs to fill all the slots.
  4. Next week we continue in case there are some slots missing.

Feel free to reach our team to get more details on how to pre-order and get Vault of the Incarnates gear in WoW.

VotI Full Gear