Trials of Osiris

Purchase Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris boost to acquire exclusive weapons and gear obtained by participating in the Trials of Osiris event. This game mode is highly valued by Destiny 2 players as it not only allows you to obtain valuable loot but also showcases your prowess in PvP. Why test your luck and spend time grinding when you can simply order Trials of Osiris wins, and we'll make you the best.
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What Are Trials of Osiris

This is a variant of the PvP mode in the game, selected by players in the Crucible. The essence of this mode revolves around gameplay similar to Elimination, where your team and the opposing team, each composed of 3 players, must succeed in eliminating each other. The difference lies in the fact that Trials of Osiris involves elimination-style gameplay. While you don't lose access to participating in Trials of Osiris with a single defeat, even one loss within the week denies you access to the Lighthouse location, which requires achieving 7 consecutive victories.

Trials of Osiris Rewards

Every week Trials of Osiris offer players a different map to compete on and a set of guaranteed weekly rewards. This bounty loot includes class items, Trials of Osiris armor, and unique weapons that roll separately for each character. The Trials of Osiris rotation is impossible to predict and it can be only seen when it appears in-game.

As you can see the rewards are powerful and it is the main reason why Trials of Osiris are so hard to complete. The better you are in PvP the better loot you can get from this weekly event. If you struggle with it yourself we can offer you to get our professional help and hire a pro gaming team to help you with completing the flawless.

Further, you will find more information about how to beat the Trials of Osiris and win as many games as possible, in addition to the main concept of this activity and some professional tips and tricks.

How to Get Flawless

In other words, achieving Flawless in Trials of Osiris means securing 7 consecutive victories in a week without a single defeat. Flawless victories grant you access to the absolute best weapons, armor, and materials available in the game.

The challenge with earning the Flawless badge is not just about winning 7 matches in a row, but also dealing with some players who employ various hacks and exploits to secure victory. For example, they might initiate a DDoS attack against you or intentionally disconnect their internet during a victory to avoid facing more challenging opponents.

Fortunately, our experts are well-aware of these forms of unfair play. By entrusting us with your Trials of Osiris progression, the likelihood of encountering dishonest players and experiencing defeats is minimized.

How Trials of Osiris works?

This unique PvP crucible mode would seem very familiar to D2 veterans as many of the rewards came straight from that version of the game. However, some of the rules and features got a reshuffle to make this activity more action-packed and fun for all types of Guardians.

Whether you are a veteran player or a recent one you can enjoy this PvP mode if you qualify for some of its requirements. So what you should know about the Trials of Osiris? Here is a short easy-to-grasp guide on the main features of this crucible activity.

Trials of Osiris basic information:

  • Trials of Osiris is playable every weekend starting on Friday (1 pm EST);
  • the event finishes on Tuesday same time;
  • it happens at the same clock as Xur;
  • Trials of Osiris is a competitive 3v3 PvP mode with elimination rules;
  • the rewards have a random rotation that can’t be foreseen;
  • every week the map changes making Trials more fun;
  • Players will need a pre-made fireteam to join.

Basically to put thighs simply after you enter the trials with your ticket you will have to fight battles against the opposing team and try your best to make 7 victories to earn flawless and receive the greatest rewards of all. However, before rushing into the battle have a look at the requirements Trials of Osiris has and see if you comply with them.

When Does Trials Of Osiris Start And End?

Players eager to participate in the Trials of Osiris event can do so every Friday starting at 10 AM Pacific, continuing until the weekly reset on Tuesday.

It's important to note that Trials of Osiris does not occur during the first week following the release of a new season or when a new raid is launched. Additionally, it does not take place during weeks when the Iron Banner event is active.

Requirements for Trials of Osiris

Being a major competitive PvP mode - Trials of Osiris is a hard thing to get into and Guardians have to show their might before competing with the best teams in the world of D2. Here are the requirements to unlock and participate in the Trials of Osiris.

  1. Players should be at least  1801+ Power level to enter.
  2. The Valor rank of Legend should be reached.
  3. 50 opponents have to be defeated in the elimination playlist.
  4. The Trials ticket should be purchased.
  5. Entry Pending Quest has to be acquired.

With all those steps completed worthy Guardians are allowed to proceed and enter the Trials within the pre-made fireteam of 3 players. As the fight begins there will be no returning point but fighting your way to victory. Apparently, it is not an easy task and lots of players struggle at this point missing out on some powerful rewards.

In order to simplify the trials, one of the passages can be purchased that will allow players to have some bonus perks during their victory run. Here is some information about how passages work.

Passages and What They Do

Passages are the special aid for players that aim to fight their way to the Lighthouse. They were introduced in the late

st version of Trials and greatly reduced the difficulty of the runs. There are 5 base passages that give specific bonuses. Players can equip only one Passage at a time. Changing the passage will result in a reset of the progress.

It is beneficial to purchase one Passage per Trials of Osiris ticket. The price of such a bonus would consist of:

  • 25,000 Glimmer;
  • 15 Legendary Shards.

That is not a cheap thing to buy but it can help players to earn much more powerful rewards while gaining more wind during the run. So what exactly does each Passage do? Here is your answer.

Passage Type


Bonus Effect

Mercy Passage.

Always available.

Forgives one loss per ticket.

Ferocity Passage.

Always available.

If you have zero losses, your third win will count as two wins.

Confidence Passage.

Unlocked after going Flawless.

Grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest.

Wealth Passage.

Unlocked at five wins.

Earn more Trials Tokens from completing and winning Trials matches.

As you can see Trials Passages are a great way to boost your progress and earn some additional loot or experience. And even if you struggle with wins you can still get some powerful rewards using the Trials Enigrams and ticket rewards.

Trials Of Osiris And Saint-14 Rewards

Can’t reach Flawless and feel bad about it? Nothing to worry about there! First of all, you can always get great help from our professional fireteam that will help you to get those 7 wins streak in no time while coaching you in the process. Secondly, there are other ways to get rewards in Trials the best one of them is farming the Trials tokens and trading them at Saint-14 for some powerful loot.

The important thing to note here is that Trials Engrams exchange for tickets can only award you with the item rolls that you have already received during your Trials runs. Meaning the more gear you got from this event the less likely you will get the exact item you need.

Additionally, there are ticket rewards that you can earn by placing more wins on your ticket increasing the quality of your end of Trial rewards:

  • Three wins - Tier 2 Powerful gear (minor Power boost);
  • Five wins - Tier 3 Powerful gear (major Power boost);
  • Seven wins - Pinnacle gear (biggest Power boost).

All rewards in trials are weekly meaning that you can only get them once per week and after that, you only can farm out the random rolls on items with every other completed ticket.

Adept Weapons Farming

For Flawless victories, you gain the opportunity to obtain some of the best weapons in the game, with the only difference being that for each Flawless victory, you receive only one weapon. You can acquire it in the newly opened location, the Lighthouse, where, in addition to the weapon, you'll receive a random Adept Mod as a bonus.

Here are examples of weapons obtained for Flawless victories in the Lighthouse:

The Immortal


Astral Horizon


Whistler’s Whim


The Inquisitor


Exalted Trush

Hand Cannon

Unwavering Duty

Machine Gun

Trials Engrams

In Trials of Osiris, the Trials Engram is crucial. It lets you get weapons or armor from your collection or discover new items. To earn Trials Engrams, raise your Saint-14 reputation by participating in Trials and completing Bounties.

It's worth noting that if your primary aim is to farm Trials Engrams rather than obtaining the Flawless Ticket, you might find Passage of Wealth more beneficial. This passage increases your reputation gain upon achieving third, fifth, and seventh wins.

What Happened To The Flawless Pool?

The Flawless Pool has been removed from the game by developers to introduce two new pools, allowing for a more logical player distribution. Players now have access to the Practice Pool and Challenger Pool.

The Practice Pool enables players without PvP experience to engage in battles with similarly skilled opponents. In contrast, the Challenger Pool allows experienced players with Flawless Victories to compete against each other for the top spot.

Trials of Osiris Sherpa

For the most comfortable Trials of Osiris experience, we offer a sherpa service where experienced players help you achieve victory in PvP and other in-game challenges without significant difficulties. Simply place an order for the Trials of Osiris sherpa service, discuss your preferred playtime with our operator, and after payment, we'll join your fireteam to start a high-quality Trials of Osiris run.

Trials of Osiris Recovery

If you lack time for PvP trials, you can opt for the recovery service. Following all safety measures, our expert will log into your account and play on your behalf. In many cases, the recovery method significantly streamlines the completion process, saving time and increasing the chances of obtaining better rewards.

It's essential to note that we uphold fair play, never resorting to cheats, bots, or exploits. We use a VPN with a location suitable for your city when accessing your account, ensuring the safety of the recovery service order.

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