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WoW Raid Boost

Raiding is probably the most iconic part of World of Warcraft. It requires getting a large number of people organized and a great deal of preparation needs to be made. When you purchase WoW Raid boost here at Boosthive, all those potential problems go away. You skip having to look for a group and, more importantly, you skip wiping on bosses. For every WoW sellrun we do, our members finish 100% of the Raid and always get the job done. Buy our WoW Raid service today and never again experience the hardship of PuGs.

First, let's look at the whole picture. PvE has many parts to it and, when it comes to getting good equipment, instances are probably the most favorite way for players to gear up. There are many 5 man instances that increase in difficulty until you reach the infamous Mythic+ difficulty. And then we get to the real gem of WoW. Raids. They require more people, more skill, better gear and a whole lot more of the organization from everyone involved.


This is where it becomes difficult for players out there. Many aren't able to get into such large groups, sometimes due to not being in a guild and sometimes due to having a lower than necessary ilvl gear. The result is the same. They get turned down by the leaders and aren't able to raid.

That's why, at Boosthive, you can buy WoW Raid boost right now and skip the whole finding a group and getting turned down by leaders' process. No more inspecting others and drooling over their raid gear. No more searching for a Raid group, only to have it break down after two wipes on the first boss.


Our highly experienced team members have been through thick and thin, clearing all dungeons and raids with a 100% success rate. The WoW Raid boost you can get by using our services will almost feel unreal to you. You won't believe how fast the run is done. In fact, you might wonder why you didn't choose a higher difficulty raid in the first place.


If you cleared all normal mode raids already or simply want to skip those as they don't have any good upgrades for you, we also provide WoW Heroic boost service. The same, professional, Boosthive service you're used to getting, heroic style. We clear it with a 100% success rate and everything is tailored to your needs. Better loot, same relaxing, confident atmosphere with a totally complete run as you expect.


Of course, some of our customers have cleared normal and heroic raids. They might even get the first boss in a certain mythic mode raid, but the rest is just too hard. After all, it's hard keeping 20 people organized, staying focused for several hours, making sure no one makes a mistake in a situation where even the slightest drop of concentration can lead to a disaster.


This is where Boosthive shines. Our WoW Mythic Raid boost service gets the job done, each and every time. We're fast, efficient and we have dedicated loot traders, all negotiated by you during your order. The hardest mode of raiding turned into „easy mode“ by our experienced team members. You might even have to check if we really turned the highest mode on, seeing how easy we do it.

Essentially, for any WoW Raid, you enter solo while we boost your power and progress with such ease, you'll wonder why the game felt so hard before using Boosthive.




How does this whole WoW Raid boost concept work?


You can take a look at our event calendar and see the available schedules for the raids.

If you'd like to raid at some different times, you can contact our live support and negotiate your needs.

After all your wishes are fulfilled, you place the order.

You will get invited to our professional group of raiders, who will do all the hard work for you.


How long does Raid boost run take, once we start?


After each patch, especially during the first week, runs take from 2 to 4 hours on average, depending on the raid and its difficulty mode. After a couple of weeks, the runs start to be shorter, with an average time of a run being 2 times less than in the first weeks.

Since much depends on the Raid chosen, you can see more information for each sellrun in their description.


Do I need to know anything about the Raids or Bosses?


There is absolutely no need to know anything, either about the Raid or the Bosses. In fact, if you so desire, we can easily do this with you resting in a safe spot, just watching our team members cut through the content like a hot knife through butter. Of course, having any knowledge of the Raid can make the Raid boost faster.


Are there any restrictions on loot or types of Raids I can do?


Loot trading is a thing in instances, thus in Raids as well. We can add several, same armor type, characters which will trade you all the items they get during that Raid boost. As you can see, this dramatically increases the amount of loot you can get during any sell run. Have in mind, characters can NOT trade items if they have higher ilvl than what they are wearing.

Don't worry, though, this is why here at Boosthive, we start loot trading after at least 2 weeks have passed since the latest patch. That way, we're sure our players have the best possible gear so that the run is fast and efficient and so that loot trading presents no problems.


Here's a shortlist of what we're offering:

  • Complete clearing of any desired instance or raid
  • 100% of loot for you, whether it's Normal, Heroic or Mythic mode
  • Ability to choose specific Bosses only
  • Earn various titles that come with clearing the desired content
  • „Glory of the Raider“ meta achievements are available as well
  • Mount runs, transmog runs or any other custom desire

Don't see this as a final list and all we have to offer!

Boosthive believes the customer is always right, which means you are free to contact us and negotiate any kind of custom deal you desire. Our live support will listen to your wishes and find the best possible solution.


Tell us what you want and experience the best WoW Raid boost service on the internet!

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