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WoW Carry Raids

WoW raids that we have for sale here - are the most indispensable part of the game PvE content. The most powerful equipment sets and weapons can be obtained through loot runs in these challenging activities. Every raid carry service grants players a possibility to greatly increase the character’s item level by receiving lots of new high ilvl gear as a reward. Buying wow raids boost is the fastest and 100% reliable way to complete the full run. No tedious wipes, no struggling just fun, boss kills, and loot!

Buying WoW raid carry

So perhaps you might wonder, why buying WoW raiding boost is so popular now. All of that can be brought down to some basic points which differ World of Warcraft raids from other activities of this wonderful MMO RPG game. Here are the top 5 reasons to purchase a raid boost in WoW today.

  1. Raids are the most hardcore content of the game.
  2. WoW raids are completed in groups of 10-20 people.
  3. Each raid boss requires tactics and team gameplay to be defeated.
  4. To join the raid group you might need a high item level.
  5. All WoW raiding dungeons are time-consuming (4-5 hours).

These reasons combined with some unskilled party, hundreds of wipes on an easy to defeat raid boss, and pointlessly spend hours of your life can definitely make your gaming quite disappointing. Luckily Boosthive has a solution for you. Our raid loot runs for sale can help you to avoid all the above-mentioned difficulties and grant you exactly what you are looking for:

  • a lot of great raid loot (including weapons and rare trinkets);
  • fast completion of any WoW raid in a group of pro boosters;
  • no time spend on wipes and tactics tryouts;
  • first handed WoW raiding experience.


Boosthive has all WoW raids for sale. We offer our raid carrying services on all difficulties and all realms of EU and US regions. Products that you find on this page can include various options for each WoW raid boost therefore check them out and select what suits you the most. In general, we offer the following WoW raid boost services:

  • WoW normal (nm) raid loot runs;
  • WoW heroic (hc) raid carry service;
  • WoW mythic raid boosting;
  • WoW single (solo) raid boss kill.

You should continue reading to get more info about how exactly you can buy WoW raids and if you still have any questions after that you are more than welcome to speak to one of our qualified support managers.

How raid buying works in WoW?

To answer this question first we need to understand what raid is and how do you complete it. WoW raids are large dungeons with a set amount of boss encounters. Each encounter has its own tactics and difficulties. To enter the raid you might not be in a group but to successfully complete it you will require 10-20 skilled people.

This is the most complicated part of the whole concept, gathering the right people at the right time is hard and not everyone has 4-5 hours to spend while trying to defeat a new raid boss. Therefore buying raids in WoW became a popular service. It is convenient and cheaper to hire professional players to help you complete difficult content of the game, while still receiving the full rewards.

Raid carry Advantages over the traditional exploration:

  • Buying a raid saves you weeks of wipes on every boss;
  • Raids are tailored made to your needs;
  • The raid sell runs in World of Warcraft will get you all items you need;
  • play along with the professional players;
  • learn the latest tactics on the hardest raid bosses;
  • the raid will start at the time convenient for you!

Apart from knowing the benefits of buying a professional wow raid carry you will also need to select the raid difficulty for your sellrun. This table will clearly indicate what difficulty WoW raids have and how challenging they are. The information is valid for the currently available raids of the latest expansion. These WoW raids you can buy right now.


WoW raid difficulty

The challenge level

Raid Skill Requirement

LFR Tier Raids


Good for Skill training and class learning.

Normal Tier Raids


Requires a basic understanding of your class and spec.

Heroic Tier Raids


Full control of your class is needed. Know how to play several specs.

Mythic Tier Raids

Extreme (Hardcore)

Top game skill requirement. Some bosses may require you to change your class.

Boosthives sells all types of raid sell runs. We prioritize normal raid carry and heroic raid loot runs at the beginning of the new tier. Later into the expansion, we offer you the unique ability to buy a mythic raid boost to defeat all the bosses at the most challenging difficulty while getting the maximum reward.

However, before buying your first raid carry in WoW read some more information about loot distribution and weekly reset timer so that you can get the most out of your order.

WoW raid reset timer

Availability of raiding content in World of Warcraft is subject to the difficulty level, but mostly all the raid dungeons are refreshed once a week between Tuesday and Wednesday. The time depends on the region you are currently playing in.

Although you can kill the bosses multiple times a week (except mythic raids) you can only get rewards once. Here how it works when combined with boosting of the latest raids:

  • you can buy normal raid boost once a week but then help your friends kill bosses as many time as you want;
  • the same principles go for buying the heroic raid boost;
  • when purchasing the mythic raid carry you will get a raid lockout which will link your character to the particular saved instance and will not allow you to enter this raid with any other party until the weekly reset.

To make it clearer let us give you an example. You decide to buy a mythic sell run to get some top-level loot and boost your character. Your raid carry in mythic difficulty goes smooth and you receive your loot while defeating all bosses in the dungeon. That means that you will not be able to see any of those bosses (in mythic) this week, your dungeon will be empty. 

Also if you decided to buy a solo boss cary also in mythic, you will not be able to do that if you have already killed any bosses in this particular dungeon and won't be able to kill more after the WoW mythic raid carry.

This sounds complicated but it is actually simple. If you have more questions or would like to clarify something related to wow raid boosts on EU or US reals just text us in the online support chat and we will gladly assist you.


Our WoW raid carry team

Boosthive’s raid boosting team has over 15 years of experience in selling the professional wow raid runs to its customers. We have precise knowledge of game mechanics and a great team that does its best to complete all wow raids as soon as they are released. Depending on the difficulty we offer any current wow raids upon their availability.

The mythic sell runs usually start a bit later in the content as soon as our team defeats the final boss on the ongoing raid and gears up some item level for a successful raid loot trading.

It doesn't matter which wow raid carry services you are interested in, Boosthive can handle it with a 100% guarantee of completion. If you still doubt check the 1000+ positive reviews on Trustpilot left there by satisfied clients.

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