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WoW Raid Carry

The best available PvE loot was always in actual raids. But raiding requires a lot of preparations, good gear, experienced players and management skills from leader to organize a big group of people. When you buy wow raids at Boosthive you skip process of searching pugs to clear the latest instances, our guild summons you directly to the bosses. You will enjoy a fast boost of any wow raid with all related bonuses like trading loot, mounts, mythic achievements, and titles.

What time starts my wow raid boost?


For your comfort, our event schedule is made to provide most of the runs at prime time. All available heroic raids usually are displayed in our event calendar. Simply choose your faction and book the desired start time. If you did not find a time you were looking for, you can receive an exclusive offers in live-chat.


How much time does it take if I purchase WoW raid boost?


In the first week of a new patch, time may vary from 2 to 4 hours depending on difficulty. In 2 weeks process become more quickly and defeating all bosses goes 2 times faster. An exact lead time of completion is written in each sellrun description. 


In case you have unexpected Force Majeure before the run, you won’t lose money - we will easily reschedule it in the next hour or day.


Why raiding is better with Boosthive?


  • Always fast full runs in any difficulty
  • All the newest raids are available at the start of the patch
  • Confirmed spots are always happening on time
  • We have exclusive offers like 15 loot-traders in a single run
  • We guarantee the result and if it is not achieved you get a free raid
  • Flexible schedule and run go within certain time frames
  • You don’t need any preparations for the run and knowledge of tactics


Booshive team goes forward to be the best in wow raid carries. We are open for discussion to improve the experience for every player.


What you have to know about raid boosts?

Buying loot-traders strongly increase loot from the run. We will add the chosen amount of same armor type characters which trade you all loot drops to them. But note that loot-trade system does not allow to trade an item if your equipped item in the same slot is lower level (example: if you equipped 440 chest, you can’t trade 455 ilvl chest to anyone else). That’s why we start selling loot-trading only in 2 weeks after patch starts, to be sure that the customer gets everything that he paid for.

Managers could create even with 9+ loot-traders at a specific time which is not showing in the event calendar.

Mythic raid boost requires to be on the same realms with guild until Mythic Hall of Fame is full filled on both sides.


We do all wow raid services:


  • Full clear of all actual and old instances
  • Loot from any normal, mythic or heroic raids
  • Single or specific bosses kill
  • Carry mounts from last bosses in mythic raids
  • Any “Glory of the Raider” meta-achievements
  • Seasonal time walking dungeons
  • Old Draenor or Legion raids for transmogrification sets
  • Rarest and most wishful titles

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Generally, if you want anything to be done - Boosthive always ready to help with the most difficult requests.

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