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Firelands Boost

Here you can purchase WoW Firelands Timewalk run. This raid was released in patch 4.2 during Cataclysm expansion and now available in time walking mode where all your gear scales to match 85 character level.

🔥 Next Cataclysm Timewalking Event: 

Run itself will take 1.5 hours, but available only when Cataclysm time walking is active.

Firelands time walk boost rewards:

  • Full run within 1.5 hrs
  • 7/7 bosses killed with Ragnaros
  • Chance to get 415 loot 
  • VPN for account security matching your current location

Please request Livestream before we start if you want to watch the process in live mode. Choose the option "Selfplay" to play on your character your own(recommended).


  • 86+ character or higher
  • Fresh raid cooldown on Firelands raid

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