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The Destiny 2 Seals carry is the fastest way to get the required triumphs completed and qualify for an awesome title. If you have ever attempted the most difficult Triumph types, you know how hard getting those rare Destiny 2 Titles is. That is why we offer you to buy Destiny 2 Seals from our professional boosting team and enjoy playing the game at your own pace.

Destiny 2 Seals Boost Description

Buying Destiny 2 Triumphs can save players hours of hard-trying challenges and completing endless activities to unlock some flawless seal. The acquisition of a particular Triumph Seal brings endless joy and pride for such an outstanding achievement. But at what cost? Hours of your personal time are wasted in unsuccessful attempts to loot it and even more in pointless grind and farming. That is not a fun way to play this game.

That is why Boosthive and its professional carry team now have all Destiny 2 Seals for sale. This way you can benefit from lots of different perks:

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Let us now look further into the rarest Triumph Seals of Destiny 2 and understand their purpose and in-game availability.

Destiny 2 Triumph Seals Explained

The Triumphs Seals in Destiny 2, is a recently updated system that combined Grimoire with the Triumph books. The new system became a clearer version of the previous one and much more user-friendly. The system is based on the character’s Triumph Score, which can be boosted in several ways.

  1. Collectible (Lore) Triumph Seals.
  2. Seals earned for mission achievements.

The first way is straightforward and at times can seem to be easier than the second one. Such D2 Seals are awarded for completing the newly available content and can be gathered in the new destinations, therefore, increasing your Triumph Score and expanding the overall lore of the Destiny 2 world.

The second way has to do with the achievements and accomplishments of your guardian. Every hero must be worthy of his title therefore this type of Triumphs is a hard one to loot.

Some of the most iconic Destiny 2 Triumphs boosts include unlocking every subclass of your character or completing every story mission on heroic difficulty. Sounds grindy, doesn’t it? Hours could be spent to get those titles and we haven’t even arrived at the ones that really count!

More complicated Triumphs challenge title-seeking guardians to complete some achievement or extremely hard and lengthy missions. Such Seals carries include activities like scoring a multi-kill with some additional conditions or blocking out a precise number of motes for the opposing team in Gambit mode.

With all that said the ultimate purpose of any D2 Triumph is to boost your main score and finally earn the Seal, which unlocks the desired title.

Destiny 2 Titles and How to Get Them

With hundreds of different Triumphs leading to the unlocking of the specific Seals, Destiny 2 offers a wide range of titles to commemorate your worthy accomplishments. The Triumph Seal system is new to Destiny 2, however, it is logically divided into several major categories:

Main D2 Seal categories:

Moments of Triumphs:

Crucible Triumph Seals


Gambit Triumphs Seals

Raids Seals

Conqueror Triumphs Seals

Flawless Seals

Vow of the Disciple Triumphs Seals

Dreaming City Seals

Disruptor Triumphs Seals

Ghoul Triumph Seal

Lore Triumphs Seals

Haruspex Triumph Seal

Aquanaut Triumph Seals

Queensguard Triumph Seals

Completing objectives and earning the Triumph Points allows guardians to achieve the Seal and therefore unlock the Title. The title can be optionally displayed above the character’s head during the gameplay, making anyone aware of the great skill and power of your character.

Buying the Triumph Seal carries from our professional boosters will help you to fast forward difficult challenges and avoid spending an unnecessary amount of time on each Seal. Our pro players will guide you and join your team to get you that exact Triumph Seal Title you have always dreamt about!

What Destiny 2 Seals are going away?

While earning the Seal bind it with your Guardian and account forever some of these awesome Triumphs can sail away with every major update to Destiny 2. Some of the titles have been removed from the game while others are still available to achieve. Here we have summed up a shortlist of available and unavailable titles in D2 Lightfall expansion.

Destiny 2 Seals and titles by content table:

D2 Lightfall earnable titles

Titles removed from Destiny 2

Unbroken - Crucible

Shadow - Season of Opulence

Dredgen - Gambit 

Reckoner - Season of the Drifter

Flawless - Trials of Osiris

Blacksmith - Season of the Forge

Conqueror - Grandmaster Nightfall

Wayfarer - Destinations

Harbinger - Shadowkeep

Chronicler - Lore

Enlightened - Garden of Salvation

Some season 5 - 12 Titles

Cursebreaker - Dreaming City


Rivensbane - Last Wish


Beyond Light Expansion Titles


All Lightfall Seasons Titles


As you can see some titles are season-specific and can be removed from the game therefore there is no need to layover their purchase to another time. With the fast and insured Destiny 2 Seals carries offered by Boosthive you can get them in a matter of hours. Let us help you to get the most unique and rare Triumphs of D2 World and show them off among your friends!

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