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Shadowlands Starter Bundle

The Shadowlands expansion has introduced a lot of new content into the World of Warcraft, which can be at times overwhelming for players. Therefore purchasing the Shadowlands starter bundle will let you cover it all and will not let you miss anything important during the first weeks of your Shadowlands journey.

Our boosters have played over 200+ hours on Shadowlands beta, to find the most efficient ways to deliver carry services to you. We know exactly what to do right after you log in to the new WoW expansion and can do it faster than anyone else.

Boost ETA: 3 days. (Full Covenant campaign takes 7 weeks!)

Shadowlands starter bundle includes the following boosts.

  1. Powerleveling 50-60 within 24 hours.
  2. Join one of the 4 chosen covenants: Kyrian, Necrolords, Night Fae, or Venthyr.
  3. Unlock the Maw and Torghast Tower.
  4. 8/8 Mythic dungeons gear run.
  5. Replenish the Reservoir weekly quest on the first week to start collecting renown.
  6. Return Lost Souls weekly quest to get new currency.

This boosting pack will carry your character through all the must-do activities and place you ahead of most of the players right upon log-in to the Realm of Death. Before ordering the Shadowlands Starter’s bundle please check if you meet the basic requirements.


  • 50 level character;
  • Shadowlands expansion purchased;
  • active WoW Subscription;
  • No specific gear requirement.

Why buying Shadownlads Starter Bundle is a great choice?

The Shadowlands Expansion is yet another big challenge who got used to the calm and peaceful routine of late Battle for Azeroth patches. It brings back the leveling, new mechanics and game systems, completely refreshed specks, and a lot of PvE content.

All of those changes are happening at once making it almost impossible for a non-prepared player to follow along and complete all important things during the first couple of weeks meaning that the majority of players will keep lacking and therefore subdue to the minority of hard-core professional gamers.

To avoid that and keep the pace of character development Boosthive and its boosting team have prepared this Shadowlands Starter bundle, that will help you to keep up with top players without even lifting a finger. Our shadowlands starter’s carry will allow you to: 

  • level up fast using the most effective route in-game;
  • select the best Covenant and complete the whole campaign over the course of 7 weeks;
  • unlock the high-level zone The Maw and the Torghast tower;
  • complete the weekly quests to start earning Renown and Stygia;
  • get a full 8/8 mythic dungeon run to get some pre-raid gear.

With such a character boost you will definitely overcome other players who will just start to figure out how to do things in Shadowlands. You will be ahead of them, geared and ready for new adventures while being welcomed to most of the dungeon and raid groups.

Shadowlands Starter Bundle