Awakened Heroic + Free Normal

Awakened Heroic + FREE Normal

Get our awakened heroic + FREE normal bundle to finish the new awakened raid in both normal & heroic difficulties. Buy both runs at the price of one! Defeat all bosses and get an opportunity to receive new gear ranging from item levels 493 to 515.

This bundle can be divided into 2 parts. Awakened raids can be completed on separate weeks so Great Vault rewards do not overlap each other. You can also complete normal and heroic loot runs on different characters. Do not forget, that you will also get x1 free tier token at the end of heroic run.

Please note: When you choose any option from the right side, you'll automatically get a normal raid run (Group loot) regardless of your selection. The loot preference you indicate on the right side (Group loot, Unsaved GP, ATP, or Full loot priority) exclusively impacts your heroic run.

Start time: flexible / Service takes: ~3 hours.
This bundle includes:
  1. FREE awakened normal run with group loot.
    • chance to get 493-502 ilvl loot.
  2. Awakened heroic run with group loot.
    • chance to get 506-515 ilvl loot.
  3. Crests for gear upgrade.
  4. Some Flightstones currency.

Service is a perfect solution for all players who want to maximize weekly rewards and get a nice free bonuses on top of it.

  • 70 level.

Awakened Raid Loot Distribution

With the release of Dragonflight, all raids, including awakened raids, have only one loot option available. It's called "Group Loot." However, this doesn't mean we have nothing else to offer our customers.

Group Loot

You're free to roll for any item suitable for your specialization. This can result in 0-1 items per run, without guaranteed loot. After reset, you will receive 3 choices from the Great Vault. Please remain respectful: other customers are following the same rules, and the outcome heavily depends on rolls.

Unsaved Group Loot

You'll roll items together with other customers, it will be a raid with 20+ players without lockout. You will have an opportunity to roll 4-6 items from every boss. You are free to roll any item for your spec. Please remain respectful: other customers are following the same rules and the outcome depends heavily on a dice roll.

Armor + Tier Priority

A selected number of boosters (with a fresh ID) will join the raid. There won't be other customers rolling for the same armor type and tokens as you. Offset items (rings, weapons, necks, trinkets, and backs) ARE contested. The team won't roll for any items.

Even if you "pass" or "greed" for such loot intentionally, it still counts towards the guarantee! Items that lose the “need” roll do not count. If you receive 2 of the same item (items with the same ID), please trade one of them to the raid leader. Otherwise, all received items will count towards the guarantee, even if they are duplicates.

Amirdrassil Bundle loot guarantees:


Loot reservation

group loot


armor + tier priority

armor type + tier


Full loot priority

You will be the only customer in the Awakened raid boost. You can invite and share loot with 1 or 2 friends without any extra payment. All items that drop from bosses are yours!

Thankfully, Dragonflight raids do not feature randomized mechanics from previous expansions, like Corrupted, Warforged, or Titanforged. Nevertheless, some of the last bosses in Vault of the Incarnates raid in heroic are dropping higher ilvl items.

Please note that the guarantee shows the minimum number of items you will receive in TOTAL from BOTH raids. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact our experts via online chat or Discord. We are working 24/7 and will be happy to help.

Awakened Heroic + FREE Normal