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Shadowlands Starter Bundle

Service is for new players to quickly start enjoying all Shadowlands expansion features. Includes all main things to prepare 1 character for in-game adventures. Also, it is a good option for alt characters.

Boost ETA: 2 days.

The bundle is updated for 9.2. patch and unlocks all new content features. If you don't want to get stuck at the beginning of your journey with the green items from quests, this bundle is just for you.

You will get:

  1. 50-60 leveling within 12 hours.
  2. Unlock Maw & Torghast Tower.
  3. Zereth Mortis unlocked.
  4. 1650 Soul Cinders & 5150 Soul Ash (Rank 6 legendary). 
  5. Open all 9.2 content features:
    • Zereth Mortis daily & world quests;
    • rares and treasures;
    • Enlightened reputation hub;
    • flying in Zereth Mortis.
  6. 8/8 Mythic0 dungeons with 2 traders (lots of 262 gear).

You also may be interested in additional options to further improve your game experience and start getting everything done on your character. Please note that all extra options increase the total time of completion.

In case you're using this package for your twink, you can choose the option to decrease the price and we will skip all the unlocking steps on your toon. This is possible only if you have them unlocked on your main.


  • 50 level;
  • account recovery.
Shadowlands 9.2 Starter Bundle