Fyrakk Kill

Fyrakk Kill
Fyrakk kill(s)

The Fyrakk boost is a quick and easy way to kill Fyrakk the Blazing - the last boss of awakened Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid in World of Warcraft on normal, heroic or mythic difficulty. Join our team of professional raiders to slay the Blazing Incarnate before he burns down the World Tree Amirdrassil. Get epic 502+ ilvl gear, stunning customization for your Renewed Proto-Drake and achievements without hassle with the Fyrakk carry from Boosthive!

All awakened Fyrakk boosts are carried out by top raiding guilds. We offer more than 10 runs per day on any difficulty, be it normal, heroic or mythic. See our calendar for available dates and time slots, or reach out to our managers to reserve a spot.

Please note: The non-awakened option is no longer available. All future orders will only be completed in awakened mode in the Pre-patch. Reach out to our manager via chat for more details.

Start time: flexible schedule | Boost takes: 15 mins.
WoW Fyrakk boost rewards:
  1. Fast awakened Fyrakk, the Blazing kill on any difficulty.
  2. Unique title for Mythic Fyrakk - the Blazing.
  3. Chance to get 502-528 ilvl gear gear (depends on difficulty).
  4. Fire Owl mount (guaranteed from mythic difficulty).
  5. Chance to get Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of the Blazing (any mode).
  6. Free selfplay for Mythic: Fyrakk, the Blazing.
Additional option:
  • Fyr'alath guaranteed - we will farm heroic Fyrakk until you get Fyr'alath quest item.

Please note that Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk the Blazing achievement is no longer available.

  • Fresh cd is not required for completion, but is required for loot trades;
  • Fresh AtDH mythic raid cooldown for mythic Fyrakk;
  • Awakened affix active (season 4);
  • No specific gear is required.

Defeating Fyrakk on mythic difficulty DOES NOT require character transfer anymore. Mythic kills are now available with cross server and even cross faction.

WoW Fyrakk Bossfight

Fyrakk The Blazing is the last boss of the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid introduced in patch 10.2 and is one of the main antagonists of the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion. After consuming the energy of the Shadowflame, Fyrakk lost any and all sanity left in him and became hellbent on burning down the World Tree Amirdrassil. It is now up to the champions of Azeroth to stop him.

Let us sum up everything about the Fyrakk boss fight:

  1. The encounter consists of three phases, with a short intermission phase after phase one.
  2. The fight revolves around defending the Heart of Amirdrassil from Fyrakks fiery attacks.
  3. Fight along Merithra and the Green Dragonflight.
  4. Don’t stand in the fire!
  5. Fyrakk kill rewards players with two cosmetic rewards:

WoW Fyrakk Boost Info

Our service is perfect for those who want to acquire epic loot from the Fyrakk bossfight, get the associated achievements and cosmetics, but do not want to waste time wiping with pugs. Take part in an epic fight against the Blazing Incarnate in a stress-free environment. We’ve got the most experienced mythic raiders working with us, which guarantees the best and quickest results. Get a smooth and fun Fyrakk kill and enjoy the rewards.

Our advantages:

  • finish the encounter in under 30 minutes;
  • have fun playing with the best PvE guilds;
  • learn some neat tricks and strategies along the way;
  • no prior raiding experience needed;
  • join at the most convenient time with our flexible schedule of 10+ runs per day.

How to Book Fyrakk Carry

Let us walk you through the Fyrakk boost booking process, so that you have a smooth experience every step of the way:

  1. Decide your preferred difficulty: normal, heroic or mythic.
  2. Check for available spots in our calendar or contact our managers to book the closest time slot.
  3. Proceed to check out, finalize your payment, and provide you character details.
  4. Be online and ready at the agreed time: or team will invite you in-game once they are at the final boss.
  5. Accept the summon and enjoy the ride! No prior experience or preparations needed.

If you have any questions about the Fyrakk boost or want to tweak your experience in a specific way - do not hesitate to reach out using the live chat on the website, or via Discord! Our customer support team is online 24/7 and is always eager to help.

Fyrakk, the Blazing Loot

With our WoW Fyrakk boost you can acquire the best gear and trinkets in the game without any hassle. Here’s the item levels of gear that drops from the final encounter of the raid:

  • Normal Fyrrakk - 502 ilvl;
  • Heroic Fyrakk - 515 ilvl;
  • Mythic Fyrakk - 528 ilvl.

Fyrakk Very Rare Item Drops

Just like in the previous raids of the Dragonflight expansion, some bosses have the ability to drop very rare items with a higher item level and unique effects.

These items have immediately become the most sought after drops, since the higher than usual ilvl gives a hefty boost to the character’s power. Here’s the list of very rare items that drop from Fyrakk:



Ilvl Normal

Ilvl Heroic

Ilvl Mythic


Augury of the Primal Flame





Blossom of Amirdrassil





Fyrakks Tainted Rageheart




The Fyrakk carry is done with group loot enabled. However, you can purchase the full raid clear with full loot priorities. Get more loot with Boosthive and elevate your gameplay experience!

Fyrakk Kill
Fyrakk kill(s)