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Fyrakk Kill

Fyrakk Kill

WoW Fyrakk boost is a fast run to kill the last boss in Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope raid in any mode - normal, heroic or mythic. Slay this blazing Primal Incarnate with our team at your side before he burns down the new World Tree. Buying Fyrakk carry is a smooth and convenient way to get Amirdrassil last boss kill, AotC achievement, new manuscripts and some epic 428+ ilvl loot.

All Fyrakk carries are provided by top PvE raiding guilds. We do more than x10 runs per day in any mode: normal and heroic. Check our calendar to book the closest Fyrakk kill or contact our managers to reserve a spot.

WoW Fyrakk boosting rewards:

  1. Fast Fyrakk, the Blazing kill on any difficulty.
  2. Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk, the Blazing achievement for heroic:
    • reward: aotc regular Fyrakk mount
  3. Cutting Edge: Fyrakk, the Blazing FoS for the mythic kill.
  4. Unique PvE title for slaying Fyrak in mythic mode.
  5. Chance to get 463-489 ilvl gear gear (depends on difficulty).
  6. Fire Owl mount (guaranteed from mythic difficulty).
  7. Manuscript: Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of Shadowflame (HC and above)
  8. Chance to get Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of the Blazing (any mode).
  9. Free selfplay for Mythic: Fyrakk, the Blazing.

Fyrakk FoS achievements are only obtainable till the release of the next major update. Please check the basic requirements for this service before booking a spot.


  • fresh AtDH last boss cooldown for normal Fyrakk;
  • fresh AtDH mythic raid cooldown for mythic Fyrakk;
  • no specific gear is required.

Defeating Fyrakk on mythic difficulty will require a character transfer to our team's realm until the raid opens with cross-server. In case there are any additional requirements, we will update all the relevant information on this page.

WoW Fyrakk Bossfight

Fyrakk, the Blazing is the last encounter of the new 10.2 raid. He is also one of the main antagonists in Dragonflight expansion. Consuming a large portion of Shadowflame turned him mad and now his only purpose - to burn down the new growing World Tree in the Emerald Dream.

Let's sum up everything about Fyrakk boss:

  1. It is a 3-staged fight with one intermission phase.
  2. Don't stand in the fire!
  3. The boss drops THREE cosmetic rewards:
    • one is Ahead of the Curve mount;
    • second is Manuscript that drops on any mode with low drop chance;
    • third is Fire Owl - a mythic only reward.
  4. Possible assistance from Merithra and Green Dragonflight.

Now you know more about the fight itself, let's see how you can buy Fyrakk kill from us.

WoW Fyrakk Boosting Info

For those who want to get awesome Fyrakk loot, FoS achievements and cosmetics but don't have enough time to wipe with pugs - we've got you covered. Participate in the final battle of the Guardians of the Dream patch in a stress-free atmosphere. We've got one of the most experienced raiding guilds, so no need to get exhausted over wiping. Get a smooth Amirdrassil last boss carry and enjoy your free time with friends and family.

Our advantages:

  • get Fyrakk AotC & other rewards during the first weeks of the patch;
  • have fun and defeat the last boss in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • slay the encounter within just 20-30 minutes;
  • no need to search for a team and know tactics;
  • join at any convenient time (we have a flexible schedule with 10+ kills everyday);
  • learn some new tricks and strategies in the process.

Ready to join? Now lets see how the whole boosting process works.

How to Book Fyrakk Carry?

It is very simple and customer-friendly service for everybody willing to get a smooth Fyrakk kill carry. We will guide you through the whole process:

  1. Read the description and pick the desired difficulty: normal, heroic or mythic.
  2. Check all spots in our calendar or contact our managers to book the closest run.
  3. Make a purchase to book your slot on the preffered time.
  4. Be online at the appointed time: our team will invite you once they get to last boss.
  5. We will summon you. No need to have certain ilvl, flasks or even know tactics.
  6. Enjoy the ride!
  7. If you will have any questions during the run, contact our managers via online-chat or discord.

If you have any questions about Fyrakk, the Blazing boosts or want to add something specific to your serivce, don't hesitate - simply talk to our managers in the online-chat or Discord. We work 24/7 and will be happy to help you.

Fyrakk, the Blazing Loot

With our fast Fyrakk service, players can get the best gear and trinkets right from the raid opening. Here is an exact item level of gear that drops from this boss on various difficulties:

  • Normal Fyrakk - 463 ilvl;
  • Heroic Fyrakk - 476 ilvl;
  • Mythic Fyrakk - 489 ilvl.

Fyrakk carries are done with group loot mode. However, you can always purchase full raid run with armor+tier or full priorities. Get much more loot using those methods. Our boosts will help to get a competitive advantage right from the start!

Fyrakk Kill