Unlock Flying(Pathfinder) in WoW

Many people ask us: How to fly in World of Warcraft? Flying in WoW has always been a must-have for any player who is interested in saving traveling time on daily tasks. Some locations such as Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, Outland, Pandaria, Draenor, Broken Isles, and BFA zones allow players to buy the WoW flying license in exchange for gold. To unlock flying in Shadowlands or in the Dragon Isles one has to complete so-called pathfinder WoW meta-achievements. They consist of the base progression questlines, zone unlocking, and various faction reputations. Here you can buy any Pathfinder boost to skip the lengthy farming process.

Flying in World of Warcraft?

WoW flying is the fastest method of traveling. When you are a low-level novice player you only get fly access through the special fly-points. The fly master NPC can lend you one of his fly mounts so you can reach a pre-set destination. However, as soon as you reach level 30,  you are able to unlock the real World of Warcraft flying experience. You get access to your own flying mount and nothing can stop you right until you reach one of the latest expansions, where a special meta-task is required to unlock the flights once again.

There are various types of flight licenses that grant you flying ability in different zones. Here is the shortlist on how to unlock flying in WoW:

Purchase of the flying license for gold can be done in the following zones:

  • Kalimdor;
  • Eastern Kingdoms;
  • Northrend;
  • Outland;
  • Pandaria;
  • Draenor;
  • Broken Isles.
  • Kul'Tiras & Zandalar.

Completion of an expansion-wise achievement unlocks:

  • Flying in Shadowlands (Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth);
  • Flying in Zereth Mortis (Zereth Mortis flying unlocked).
  • Flying in Dragonflight (The Waking Shores, Ohn'ahran Plains, The Azure Span, Thaldraszus, and Valdrakken).

The Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder is currently one of the most time-consuming meta-achievements in World of Warcraft, especially if you want to fly right after you leveled up. Most of the fly-access achievements include activities like: reputations grinding, unlocking world zones, completing quest storylines, and even doing class campaigns. It takes a lot of your gaming time even if you are doing it on a daily basis which can siphon out all the fun from this game. That is why Boosthive is ready to help you with this long and at times dreadfully boring part of the game!

Just imagine that after the purchase of our WoW Pathfinder boost, which unlocks flying in the current expansion, our professional booster will complete all the boring but necessary steps in order to make your character fly again. Therefore the next time you log in the game after the completed pathfinder service, you will be able to ride your fastest dragon and do travel wherever you want!

What Pathfinder boosting services do you offer?

We offer all kinds of fly pathfinder services so that you can fly all over the World of Warcraft. To unlock every fly licenses you will need to complete the following single meta-achievements. However, these ones are no longer required to get flying in these previous expansions.

  • Draenor Pathfinder that unlocks super cool flying mount rylak.
  • Legion Pathfinder that increases the flight speed in Broken Isles.
  • BFA Pathfinder that gives Wonderwing 2.0 mount.

To fly in Zereth Mortis you will need to complete several achievements first. Meta-achievement is called Unlocking the Secrets and it takes quite some time to finish all the steps. Now it is possible to fly in all Shadowlands zones and Zereth Mortis after completion of some storylines, covenant campaign and some other parts of this meta-achievement. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to do. Although unlocked flying is a great reward the whole process is a waste of your personal gaming time. Instead of raiding and defeating enemies in PvP, you spend your evenings on completing low-level quests. That is why we offer to let us do it for you!

How to unlock flying in WoW BFA?

As was mentioned earlier flying in Battle for Azeroth zones is unlocked by completing 2 parts of the huge meta-achievement. For more detailed information on how to do it, you can view our BFA Pathfinder product. It will require you to perform the following tasks:

  • Explore each zone of the Battle for Azeroth expansion;
  • Complet the Azerothian Diplomat achievement (Reputation Grind with almost every Bfa Faction);
  • Complete main zone Questlines;
  • Complete more than 100 world quest around the BfA Isles;
  • Finish your War Campaign;
  • Grind reputation in Nazjatar and Mechagon together with the main questlines in those zones.

It is an insanely complex achievement that is not skill-based but time-consuming. Even our professional boosters spend approximately 2 weeks to complete every part of it. Imagine how long it will take a regular player who plays 1-3 nights a week! Don’t waste your precious time and allow us to unlock the slides for your characters! Start flying in WoW today with Boosthive!

Flying changes in Shadowlands

Shadowlands has changed the World of Warcraft. With the level squish flying in WoW was also re-structured. Currently, you unlock the flying at level 60 halfway to your end-game. therefore, after the WoW Shadowlands was out we tested if that was the case there. And here is what we found out:

  • Flying is unlocked at level 30 (Expert Riding);
  • The artisan Riding (Fast flying) is available at level 40;
  • The BFA Pathfinder system still exists and required to fly in Kul Tiras and Zandalar;
  • There is no Shadowlands Pathfinder Achievement. However, to unlock Shadowlands flying, you need to get renown with your Covenant and complete the Chains of Domination story.

Therefore Flying in WoW is not that simple as it seems at the first glance. We at Boosthive do care for your in-game time and therefore offer you a great pathfinder boost from professional players. Skip all that tiresome grind and take to the skies of World of Warcraft stress-free.

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