WoW Dragonflight Renown & Reputation

One of the biggest features of this new expansion is undoubtedly a reworked reputation system. Now it operates with renown levels, much like covenants from a previous expansion. However, there is a big difference. Now players are free to farm dragonflight renown with all reputations at the same time, without having to pick just one. While this is a good thing as it allows players to reap rewards from all of the factions, there is also a catch. Being able to grind all dragonflight reputation means that time investment into maxing out all of them has quadrupled since the last expansion. Our Dragonflight reputation boosting services are here to save you time and help with leveling renown quickly.

How to Farm Dragonflight Renown

Dragonflight rep grinding provides players with many benefits, such as items, QoL features, great cosmetics, and a lot more. Just like legacy reputations, Dragonflight rep farm is mostly done via the completion of daily quests, as well as events, primalist invasions, and centaur hunts. One weekly quest, in particular, Aiding the Accord, provides players with 200 rep points for each faction in Dragon Isles and isn’t recommended to miss out on.

At this point you might be wondering, just how much renown farm there is in Dragonflight. Let’s take a look at the faction list with the maximum available renown levels for all of them.

Dragon Isles Rep

Maximum Renown Level

Maruuk Centaur

Renown level 20 (20’000 reputation)

Iskaara Tuskarr

Renown level 30 (30’000 reputation)

Dragonscale Expedition

Renown level 25 (25’000 reputation)

Valdrakken Accord

Renown level 30 (30’000 reputation)

As you can see, there is plenty of reputation to earn on Dragon Isles. The fastest and most efficient way to get all this done is to get a Dragonflight reputation boost. This way you won’t have to keep track of all the dailies and spend hours of your life on their completion.

Best Dragonflight Reputation Rewards

Dragonflight reputation boost is essential for anyone who wishes to receive major QoL improvements, along with great cosmetics and other rewards. Here we compiled some of the best things players can get from renown grinding in Dragonflight.


Faction and Renown Level

Scouting Ottuk mounts

Level 24 of Iskaara Tuskarr

War Ottuk mounts

Level 30 of Iskaara Tuskarr 

Tuskarr Trader’s Gear cosmetics

Level 12 of Iskaara Tuskarr

Aylaag Windostones

Level 11 of Maruuk Centaur

Maruuk’s Eagle Mail Network

Level 14 of Maruuk Centaur

Aerial Challenges

Level 7 of Valdrakken Accord

Crimson Proto-Whelp pet

Level 18 of Valdrakken Accord

All of this, as well as tons of other toys, transmogs, and even mounts, can be acquired quickly and without stress by using our DF rep boost services.

As you can see having Dragonflight renown leveled has many benefits that enhance the gameplay experience, apart from just expanding your in-game collection. Some renown rewards will allow you to fish in lava, while others will help with mountain climbing and more.

Secondary Dragonflight Reputations

Apart from new and upgraded renown-based reputations, Dragonflight also features some of the factions that progress their reputation in an old way. These factions are Sabellian, Wrathion, Cobalt Assembly, and Artisian’s Consortium. Even if all of these aren’t as expansive as the main four, they can still provide a lot of value for any player. Much like all reputations in the past, the main way to grind these Dragonflight reputations is to complete daily quests. Our Dragonflight reputation boost can also help you with progressing them too!

Where to find Dragonflight Renown Vendors

After learning about the rewards that DF rep boost can provide, you might be wondering where vendors are located for each faction. There are multiple dragonflight rep vendors for each faction, and looking for each one of them might be a little confusing, so we prepared this handy sheet that will help you find all of them in no time.

Let’s start with Valdrakken Accord. Groundskeeper Kama can be found on the east side of Thaldraszus and provides players with two pets at renown level 18. The Transmog vendor of this faction is called Sorotis and can be found on the northwest side of Thaldraszus. His exact coordinates are 25.8, 40.0. Players can also submit Titan Relics to him, and each relic increases the reputation with the Valdrakken Accord by 25. Another transmog vendor is Geira, which can be found near the previous vendor, in the market area of the city. Last but not least is Dothenos. This vendor provides players with crafting patterns. He is located close to Geira, slightly to the right. The exact coordinates for finding him are 37.0, 63.2.

The second one on the list is Iskaara Tuskarr. The first one of their vendors, Lil Ki, can be found next to the big cauldron of soup in Iskaara. Right next to her is the second Tuskarr vendor - Omapurita. They are standing really close to each other, so it’s impossible to miss! The next vendor sells bags as back armor - Tikukk. He can be found on the southern side of Iskaara. For all of your fishing gear needs, you can go to Tavio, which can be found next to everyone else in Iskaara. Players can find Nanu there, which sells weapon cosmetics. And the last vendor can unsurprisingly be found next to everyone else (Iskaara is a small place!). It’s Norukk and he deals with Drakewatcher Manuscripts.

Next up is Dragonscale Expedition. Much like with Tuskarr, all vendors for this faction are gathered in one place and can be found practically next to each other. All of them are located in the Dragonscale Basecamp in the Waking Shores.

And last but not least are Maruuk Centaurs. All of the vendors for this faction are located in Maruukai, in the Ohn'ahran Plains. There are only three vendors for this faction, and all of them are conveniently placed next to each other, so it is impossible to miss.

Get a Dragonflight renown boost, and check out the wide assortment of goods each of these vendors have to offer! If you have any questions about the Dragonflight rep carry, or simply want to add something to your order just contact our customer support. It is available 24/7 and will ensure to assist you with everything. Get your Dragonflight reputation maxed out in the shortest time possible with Boosthive!

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