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Flying in Draenor - Draenor Pathfinder

Draenor Pathfinder is an account-wide meta-achievement that allows you to fly in 13 Warlord of Draenor locations on all characters on the account.

Boost takes 2 weeks from the very beginning.

The fastest way to get flying in Draenor in 2020 is to farm Medallion of the Legion that increase reputation leveling. It drops from rare spawn mobs in Tanaan Jungle or you also can buy them on Auction House.

Draenor Pathfinder unlock includes:

The price for service could be lowered if you completed a part of the reputation farm. You can check current progress here - simply add your character and realm name.

If you didn't complete Legion Pathfinder or BFA Pathfinder achievements you can also add these options, that not increase ETA of service - you will get them together with access to fly in Draenor.


  • 50 or higher level character;

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Flying in Draenor