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Rated battlegrounds are fields of justice where team of 10 players fights against another team and earn points by doing different activities. First team which gets 1500 points wins the battle.


All available battlegrounds in Battle for Azeroth expansion:

  • Arathi Basin (Teams try to capture 5 checkpoints and defend as many as possible)
  • Warsong Gulch (First team which captures all 3 opposite flags wins)
  • Eye of the Storm (Teams try to control checkpoints and capture flags to receive points)
  • Twin Peaks (Team need to capture 3 flags at the enemy base)
  • Silvershard Mines (You need to defend payload to win)
  • The Battle for Gilneas (There are 3 checkpoints and teams try to control as many as possible)
  • Seething Shore (Players mine azerite ores and earn points)
  • Deepwind Gorge (Teams capture 3 checkpoints and capture enemy’s payloads)

We offer all RBG services:

  • RBG wins for people who want to try this PvP content or get artifact appearance for 10 wins
  • RBG Rating: You just choose your current and desired rating and join our gamers on battlefield! Our professional PvP teams play every day on both factions: Alliance and Horde.

All achievements and titles from RBG carry:

Winning on rated battlegrounds you also earn progress toward PvP Season 2 mounts: Vicious Black Bonesteed for Horde and Vicious Black Warsaber for Alliance.

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