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WoW RBG Boost

Probably every World of Warcraft player is interested in participating in Rated Battlegrounds. Of course, it requires time, skill and effort to level up your character enough to make this feature available, but it certainly worth your hard work. For those who don’t know but still curious, Rated Battlegrounds are similar to Arena battles. It’s an alternative way for gamers to fight against opponents of similar levels and acquire rating for purchasing more powerful gear. The thing is, RBG rating is available to 85+ levels only, which is pretty disappointing to the new players. But don’t lose hope, you can still power level your character in 12-48 hours and enjoy this fascinating WoW feature! 


In order to queue for the Rated Battleground, first off you have to create a raid with 10 or 15 participants according to the schedule. Regardless of guild association, any player can join the raid and participate in the battle as long as the character has reached level 85. When your raid is ready, you can join the battle in the PvP window. Even though guild members have zero effect on the formation of the raid, if 80% of players are from the same guild, it will result in extra rewards of guild experience.


If you’d like to become a really powerful warrior and take all the benefits possible from the Battlegrounds, you should play only with the best gamers. But how is it possible to find such a team and more importantly, join them in the fight? Sometimes you just spam the chat of RBG group trying to create a raid, but when it’s ready, you’re feeling even more sick as it turns out to be the worst group ever!


The solution to this is Self-played RBG Carry. This incredible boost allows a gamer to join the very best RBG group in Battlegrounds and fight together with world class players. It’s a great chance to experience the most intense and tough battles in WoW! It will help you boost your character considerably without spending weeks of gameplay trying to get some decent gear and rating. Self play RBG Boost will allow you to stand out and join the strongest teams of gamers in a short period of time, so you can enjoy the highest benefits of the game in several hours already!


Choosing the boost type you should take into consideration some major differences between the self-played and piloted boost. Self-piloted boost means that you are the one in control of your own account at all times. It will give you the sense of security which is very important for successful cooperation. The price rate for this kind of boosting is a bit more expensive since our team will have to spend more time on getting rating and boosting your character.


The second feature is the Piloted Boost, for this one to work you have to hand over the access to your account to our top-rated player and he will be in charge of it while playing. This method has proved to be much more efficient, must faster and cheaper than the previous one.


There’re 7 RBG rating options available on our site. The price depends on the amount of rating you’d like to receive. You’ll get all the achievements and titles according to the rating chosen. The completion time also depends on the rating you request, usually it takes from 2 up to 10 days for the service to complete. It’s absolutely safe for your account as it won’t ever be compromised in any way by our boosters. We use the safest ways to acquire rating providing a fair amount of losses, matching natural play-time, providing different team compositions and so on.


Providing you highest quality and safe services is our team’s priority. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to clarify any information you might be unsure about.