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WoW RBG Boost

Whether you're looking at our RBG services because you have no time to do it yourself or don't have enough people to do it with, our RBG carry team of experts has the right solution for you. We have successfully carried many players to their desired ratings, many of which are now returning customers. Now, with Boosthive, you finally have an option to get the wanted ranks, PvP titles, artifact appearances and much more. Buy our Rated Battlegrounds service today and experience the ease with which we accomplish all your goals.

It's almost midnight and you've had only 3 wins out of 14 Rated Battleground games today. Something feels off, to say the least. Maybe it's your group, maybe it's the wrong distribution of certain classes or perhaps it's simply bad luck as you guys keep running into many better-geared groups. Whatever the case might be, the final result is the same. You lose again, while the wins are few and far between. If only you could somehow buy Rated Battleground wins, right?


We all understand losing is a natural component of any competition. However, we're sure you agree, it is never pleasant. This is one of the primary reasons why we included WoW RBG boost as one of our services. Our team of professional experts has been through thick and thin and their moral and iron like will never waver. While it may not always be a 100% win streak, overall you might be surprised at how easy all RBGs suddenly feel like.


Getting a group of 10 or 15 players with the same goal isn't trivial, for there are many things to consider while doing so. You know you're fighting real players, just like you, who will do everything in their power to overcome and defeat you. Good gear, knowing your character, knowing the objectives of the game, good communication, zero tunnel vision while playing and many more variables come into play. All that and much more can easily overwhelm us, making us prone to making mistakes.


WoW RBG boosting by Boosthive removes all those potential problems by offering a professional, expert service. Witness high-quality gameplay, with exceptional team organization and communication skills. The best thing is, you leave everything to us. Full roster, balanced, optimal class mix, experienced players, real-time plan execution, high-rank strategies, we have it all. You could almost say we should have named the service RBG 2400 boost, considering how efficient we are.


Let’s take another example. Every serious RBG player has run into a certain enemy group, after which the chat is full of comments like „Oh, snap, it's them again, we're going to lose!“. It's demoralizing and many fall for it, accepting the so-called inevitable loss, even though the game has yet to start! So you're doing everything you can, using every little trick you know, giving all you got while the rest give up so easily? Why should you endure that? Why should your efforts be wasted in such a manner? Is that really the type of RBG gameplay you want?


It's time to say no more. No more mediocre attempts. No more failing streaks. No more nerve-wracking games where it feels like, not only you have to play your character optimally, you have to tell others where and when to go, what do to, organize and give your best. It’s time you get rewarded for your valiant effort.


In other words, it’s time to check our offers, realize how you can benefit from them and buy RBG boost service today.




Can anyone buy our RBG boost service?

Yes, of course. Everyone is more than welcome to try it out, no matter how high or low their skill and gear ilvl might be.


Does it matter what faction I am?

Not at all. We play both Alliance and Horde.


How does this work exactly?

First, of course, you contact us and settle upon the terms of the RBG boost service. Whether you want wins only, going for a certain rank or have some other, specific goal in mind, you can talk freely to our live support and come to an agreement. After all the details have been decided on, we can begin. And remember, we do all the hard work so you don't have to!


Do I need to play or is this played in a Pilot mode like some of your other services?

RBG boost is a sensitive topic. It’s a serious matter where people stand to risk a bit more if we were to use Pilot/Driver mode. This is why all RBG boost services require you to play your character as a part of our professional, expert group. But look at the positive side, you get to play with experts and experience such a high level of gameplay that you otherwise might never see.


So all I need is a character, gear doesn't matter and skill doesn't matter? Is it really that easy?

Thanks to our professional team of experts, it really is that easy. Contact our live support team and see for yourself!

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