Are you playing on the American realm?

RBG Rating Boost

Estimated time for boost:  2 days

RBG carry is 10 vs 10 battles with high skilled team which help you to get rating, up to 14 achievements and titles, ahead of curve at the end of season and elite pvp gear. Games is every day. Selfplayed only. 

Buying RBG boost you will get:

  • Choosen rating
  • Selfplay mode is free!
  • 370-385 ilvl item next reset
  • ETA 2-10 days depends on option
  • Elite PVP set for 1800 or higher rating
  • Cloack Transmog and Weapon Enchant for 2100 or higher rating boost
  • Real games no wintrades
  • Titles, achievements, mounts and 340-385+ gear depends on current rating
  • Honor level, honor kills

We use only 1 safe method - play yourself on your account with our team.

Rated Battlegrounds achievements and titles rewards:


  • 120 lvl character
  • 440+ item level
  • You need to  play on RBG and follow the team's instructions to make the process faster and easier for you and our team
  • Service is possible only in EU region atm