Rated Battlegrounds (RBG) Rating Boost

RBG Rating
Estimated time for boost: 5 days
Estimated time for boost: 5 days

WoW Rated Battlegrounds rating carry service is a fast and efficient help to players from a professional PvP team in reaching the desired standing on the RGB rating ladder. The RBG boosting worked well in Shadowlands and is definitely thriving in the Dragonflight expansion.

Buying the PvP battlegrounds rating boost can come in handy for novice players wishing to join the elite PvP tier, as well as to the veteran PvPers who just want to maintain their current positions.     

Boost takes: ~1-4 days / Start time: 2 hours.

These PvP rewards are available with the purchase of RBG carry services.

WoW RBG boost includes:

RBG rating carry guarantee:

  • clean manual, time-proven boosting method;
  • no cheats, bots, third-party programs, or win-trades involved;
  • self-play the character with a professional RBG carry team.

We tend to provide our rated battlegrounds rate boosting service to everyone who meets some crucial requirements.


  • 70-level.

RBG achievements and titles in Dragonflight?

Rated battlegrounds are the king of the WoW PvP. The 10v10 fights need a lot of coordination and skill to be successful. A lot depends on individual players trying to push their RBG rating to 2400+ but even more relies on a group as a whole. We provide the best RBG boosting teams with years of PvP experience to carry your rating to any levels in Dragonflight. Here are some essential rated milestones to be considered.

Why choose Boosthive for your RBG rating farm? All those awesome RBG rewards are made available for anyone willing to get the Rated Battlegrounds 2100 rating boost. It is crucial to understand that you will have to play with the professional PvP team, follow some of their orders and do all in your power to succeed, especially on the high RBG ratings.

1100 RGB Rating


No upgrade

1200 RGB Rating


No upgrade

1300 RGB Rating


No upgrade

1400 RGB Rating

Senior Sergeant/Master Sergeant

Bracers, Belt

1500 RGB Rating

First Sergeant/Sergeant Major

No upgrade

1600 RGB Rating

Stone Guard/Knight

Hands, Legs, Boots

1700 RGB Rating

Blood Guard/Knight-Lieutenant

No upgrade

1800 RGB Rating


Shoulders, Head, Chest

1900RGB Rating


No upgrade

2000 RGB Rating

Champion/Lieutenant Commander

No upgrade

2100 RGB Rating

Lieutenant General/Commander 


Elite PvP Weapon Enchant

2200 RGB Rating


No upgrade

2300 RGB Rating

Warlord/Field Marshal

No upgrade

2400+ RGB Rating

High Warlord/Grand Marshal

Tabard, title - Elite

Farming RBG rating is a tough process. You will need a great BGteam composition, 10 skillful PvP players, and a raid leader who knows tactics and has lots of Experience to predict the opponent's moves. Plus, you should have some luck and proc for this endeavor to be successful. We at Boosthive can guarantee you the 100% completion of your selected RBG boost due to the following facts.

  1. Play with professional top Gladiator PvP players of WoW.
  2. Learn new RBG moves and tactics from the best-performing teams.
  3. Have a pro-players coach you during the RBG rating carry.
  4. Get your character leveled and powered up before the RBG rating boost.
  5. Have a 100% manual time-proven and clean PvP rating boost.
  6. Be always (24/7) connected with one of our managers.

Please keep in mind that even with all those wonderful RBG rewards and carry perks the rate boosting process can be very tricky and time-consuming therefore please allow the stated time for the boost. You can speak to one of our support managers to schedule the rated battleground carry service to the time most suitable for you.